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‘Lock Him Away!’ – Corporate Area Businessman Heads To Court; Cops Hope He Will Remain Behind Bars
Published: Tuesday | March 19, 2013 20 Comments

Police Commissioner Owen Ellington
Arthur Hall, Senior News Editor

The Corporate Area businessman arrested by the police last week in connection with several major crimes is to appear in court today, and the police are hoping that he will not be granted bail.

As reported by The Sunday Gleaner, Uriel Humphrey James, better known as ‘Rooksie’, was arrested by members of the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Task Force in connection with incidents of murder, shootings, money laundering, and other crimes.

It is believed that some members of the force are on the payroll of the businessman-contractor, and the Police High Command has vowed to go after the dirty cops.

“We are concerned that there has been improper association with this individual by a number of police personnel,” Police Commissioner Owen Ellington told The Gleaner even as he indicated that he did not want to break the spirit of the honest, hard-working policemen and women in the Kingston Western Division.

“Because this is an ongoing investigation, to say more could hurt the investigations, but I have tasked the ACB (Anti-Corruption Branch), which is part of the task force working on this case, to conduct the probe,” added Ellington, who declined to give any details about the cops under probe.

Ellington argued that if he were to say more at this time, he could tip off persons who are the subject of the investigation. He added, however, that he was concerned about Rooksie’s “corrupting influence on members of the police force”.

He said that the police were concerned that once Rooksie was on the streets, violence increased in and around the south St Andrew community of Rose Town, where he allegedly leads the deadly criminal group called The Discipline Gang.

“My concern is about his ability to return to the streets, and once he is free, there is an upsurge in violence,” said Ellington.

It is alleged that at least seven persons, who have made allegations against Rooksie, have been murdered. While the police are yet to confirm these numbers, investigators yesterday pointed to a least one witness who had been killed. They also raised concerns about the alleged gangster’s access to information about witnesses.

The investigators said during a search of Rooksie’s upper St Andrew house last week, two witness statements, which implicated him in a number of murders and robberies, were found.

“The possession of these witness statements is very troubling, particularly in light of the fact that one of the witnesses has been murdered, and the other is the subject of several threats,” charged the cops.

The cops also alleged that a police station receipt that was intended for the victim of a shooting incident was found at Rooksie’s house. “(He) was not the victim in this shooting, yet the receipt was found in his possession, and he had no satisfactory explanation as to how he came by the receipt.”

According to the investigators, whenever Rooksie is taken into custody, public support for the police in and around Rose Town increases, and fear of crime is noticeably reduced.

Taking no chances

Investigators probing several crimes allegedly carried out by Corporate Area businessman Uriel ‘Rooksie’ James made two bizarre finds at his Kingston 8 house and the house of his mother in Rose Town, south St Andrew.

According to investigators, the names of four persons who have given statements implicating Rooksie in crimes were found written on pieces of parchment paper and placed on ice – literally.

At his upper St Andrew house, the parchment paper was found stuffed in a cho-cho, which was in his deep freeze. At his mother’s Rose Town house, the parchment paper was found in a cucumber.

The explanation given to the police was that this was intended to keep the witnesses cool – that it would have the effect of cooling them down. Investigators said they were told this in clear reference to the practice of obeah.

Several Jamaicans going to court have resorted to the centuries-old practice of obeah to see them through.

From the oil sprinkled over the body or in the courthouse, to the padlock on the mouth of an animal, or spending quality time with a “monkey”, persons have gone to the obeah man in an effort to avoid prison time.


  • Foxy Lady says:

    Never heard of him and the obeah obviously ain’t too good.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Boy Met, I sure to God hope all those corrupt police officers are taken down with him. It’s one thing to worry about criminals coming to harm you but to have the police on the payrolls of criminals is too much to deal with.
    Having access to witness statements and knowing who they are and where they live is giving those witnesses a death sentence.

    Burn him and all the cops right along with him!

  • LUNDUN says:

    who is this guy?

    never heard of him :nerd

  • goodas says:

    the poor cho cho and cumcumber…

  • Riches says:

    Never heard of him until now, it is funny i was just talking about Police Supt Delroy Hewitt in my office and how im very corrupt! no surprise, a lot of police men and women are on criminals payroll literally, that’s why ppl dnt trust the police overall for fear of what will happen to dem, now can u imagine how a witness receipt reach inna fi im possession, mumma need fi change obeah man, oil nuh trang, a wah dem lock im weh fi gud

  • Anonymous says:

    Alleged gang leader denied bail on murder charge
    BY TANESHA MUNDLE Observer staff reporter [email protected]
    Monday, June 06, 2011 | 9:19 AM

    URIEL James, the reputed leader of the deadly Rose Town-based Discipline Gang, was denied bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on a charge of murder Friday.

    The 41-year-old businessman of Lonair Close in Kingston is alleged to have murdered security guard Errol McGeachy in 1999, with the assistance of members of his gang. McGeachy is alleged to have been murdered for refusing to purchase a gun from James.
    On Friday attorney Tom Tavares-Finson renewed his previous application asking for James to be released on bail. The attorney argued that his client should be offered bail as he was earlier granted bail in the Gun Court, where he is facing a charge of illegal possession of a firearm.
    But the application was refused and James remanded into police custody until June 22 after the investigating officer told the court that James is being investigated for another murder, committed earlier this year.
    In relation to the 1999 murder, it is alleged that on December 8 of

    Read more:

  • Anonymous says:

    Man Charged For Killing Of Law Student

    Published: Saturday April 30, 2011 | 11:28 am0 Comments

    The Police have charged a man they say is a member of the Discipline Gang out of south St. Andrew in relation to the February 24 killing of a law student at Queen Hill in the Kingston 20 area.

    Courtney Grant otherwise called ‘Woody’ was charged on Thursday for murder, conspiracy to murder, illegal possession of firearm and robbery.

    It’s reported that the law student, Latoya Murdock, was at home when Grant and his cronies entered her home and robbed her of an undetermined sum of money then slashed her throat before leaving.

    In the meantime, the police say they have charged another member of the gang, 40 year old security guard, Noel Williams otherwise called ‘Squid’.

    He’s facing illegal possession of a firearm and shooting with intent in relation to an incident that occurred on March 27.

    The charging of Williams and Grant follows this week’s charging of the reputed leader of the gang, Uriel James with illegal possession of firearm and shooting with intent.

    The police say charges are pending for at least 12 other members of the gang who were taken into custody in the wake of 20 guns being seized from the gang’s stronghold.

  • Little Willie says:

    Bout time.
    And that f—ing Ellington know seh nuff Sup. inna murder for hire. The corpie dem tell yu straight up seh “thanks cyaa guh ah Hi-Lo”, and the little salary nah stretch like one time.

  • Little Willie says:

    Anyone here ever wonder why every f000ing lowlife criminal in St Andrew and it’s immediate surrounding parishes is represented by SENATOR Tom Tavares-Finson? Any questions why the scum he so willingly defends, and accepts blood money from, infests his daughter’s p—- hole? This man’s lack of integrity is boundless.

  • Espute says:

    Rooksie seh him run rose town. During the dudus saga the police dem ban him from dung deh but has soon as thing cool down him run fi go tek it back over,some of the man dem was not having none of it and that cause a up stur a violence. Ppl a dead twenty four seven wid a bag a police on his payroll.long time him a run dung deh..well him time expire now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Very difficult to find any senior police officer above the ranks of Police Inspector is is clean. Even Ellington himself (according to the WikiLeak documents) have a dirty cloud over his own head. It is surprising that he was even given the top post. There was some issues in Mobay when he was in charge of that area. Why do you think “they” all conspire to get rid of the Police Commission before Ellington?

    When the Black Roses Posse was in full swing and the Don’s Motorcade was moving about town, it accompanied by police escort. Most high level criminals in Jamaica have moles within the Police Department and get classified information at will.

  • devon green says:

    all a this is nothing new, rooksie father is a retired senior cop,a bet nuff a oonu didnt know that. ellington know all the dirty policeman dem.DUTTY BIGGA FORD a number one,if the price is right him will kill fi money and a whole heap a people him take money from fi get them gun licence and him cant. him and duddus a bench and batty after all a craig town him grow.him kill certain man and let others live #2 HUSK a the next one #3 williams who used fi be the head of norcotics #3 dutty harry bundles who people see a bawl last week because him get off.remember people a bungles say the man father owe him.people oonuh know who is the man ather???? a notiourus badman/gang leader/clangs BONGO from linstead/rosemount. so tell me now you think the police dont know that???? #4 laing used fi smuggle the most cocaine go a england and north america,#5 AMOS a the next one fi him thing cant hold inna book. a same police kill the senior police pon hope road a few years ago becaused him did ago expose them. bigger ford and all a dem a coward,dem never kill a gunman inna shootout yet a pure murder them murder people.but respect to trinity when him kill a man a real shoot out,97% a police a pure thief and coward.the great adams uset to take momey from criminal pure corruption.the great BULBIE never used fi hide,all a the police dem used fi see him regulary,him used to drive up and down inna st catherine.if him never box PETER PHILLIPS inna the big man yard dung a mandeville him would a be alive today.people can talk all them want but it naah change, me follow a sistren go a waah dead yard 2yrs ago inna north st catherine,mi have to ask her a who she say dead again,because the amount a police mi see,from bigga ford right down mi think a police dead yard only to hear say a one gangsta turn buisnessman mother have all licence gun and him a big ray ray man inna califonia.POLICE TOO LICKY LICKY.

  • ... says:

    oh wow

  • Lou-Lou says:

    I likes when Devon come tell wi di tings dem…. :iloveindonesia

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