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8 Responses to ALL R WORDS

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Mwanin metty oooooooo
    yuh know it too rass early fi dis..
    whey yuh find dis reptile / overgrown picherri jancrow
    why as woman dem longtime ppl yah nuh look inna dem mirror..
    Den again wat kindah mirror she couldah rass have
    Lotion stap sell now n look whey yuh live lady yuh could tek summen out a di bigjil a oil n rub yuh self..
    Ooman yuh look worst dat a madd smaddy a parade park..
    Unuh fi buy make up fi fit unuh kin tone..look how cheap tings sell a town..look how much wholesale dung deh n steeet vendah…all hair stule whey a shawt yuh can get to pon road side a town ..
    chi bloodclatte den yuh tinl yuh look good yuh goodly all call yuh two farrin fren dem n tell dem yuh look ” mi fren mi shawt mi tek di night” longtime big ooman yuh look like shit f— man unuh fi duh better man rass

  • goodso says:

    Good Morning met and metters..has de young ppl would say “rachet”..very rachet

  • Goodazzzzz fi dem says:

    I see dead people…………… DEAD!!!

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    Nuh Look sounds like yuh have something personal against this woman. I see worse on a daily basis on this site, she is not the worse by any means….

  • NAH LOOK says:

    @lazy fi sugn in
    wtf must i have personally toward dus ooman n whey yih si worst
    i dont know di ooman but if yuh read wid understanding yuh would see mi a tell wah fi duh fi mel tings look better fi har..
    Dont come perplex mi dis is jmg n this is war we do it is all in fun a wah a yuh family mek it touch yuh suh…
    Gwan yah not today….

  • MsShyOuttaRoad says:


  • miss lee says:

    RONG, RONG, RONG, RONG, RONG, RONG….She is so wrong for leaving the house like dis.

  • pretty says:

    u know honesly i dont see anything wrong with his lady so people love to class and disgrace people too much even if she looks old u know how much gal a road she look better than totally not right people y’all need to do better ill agree on a real drag queen but not this one

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