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61 Responses to WHO WORE IT BEST

  • Observer says:

    Good morning Metty and Mettyers :peluk

    #1 definitely…melissa not lavish fava wet puss everybaddi a shop from di same set a ppl poor ting bare uniform a guh inna dance now

  • Yep! says:

    Ebay–$29.95 plus $2.95 shipping and handling :hammer

  • Met says:

    morning yeppie u fi gwaan betta :hammer

  • Yep! says:

    Ding dong pling :hammer :hammer :hammer …Metty I had the all black one on my Ebay watch list, but betta mi si how it look pan dem 2 shape bad dummy mannequin ya before mi waste mi … Hold on lemme calculate the total……$32.90

  • BK says:


  • Saucy Baby says:

    Then if pic #2 need to wear spans under a. See through body suit, my girl I don’t think you should be wearing it none at all. I would go with pic #1

  • Saucy Baby says:


  • Yep! says:

    Melissa rock it betta cause she looks more fierce, but the extra belly bottom skin/ pumpum flap/ whateva unu wa call it, nuh mek it when ya wear see thru attire.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Boy oh boy don’t like this outfit at all but if u twist my arm n stand on my toes ok #1 cause if u need spans that mean ano ur ting dis.

  • Yep! says:

    Yuh right BK…the price does not matter, and that’s why I had it on my EBAY WATCH LIST!!!. But now that I see what it actually looks like on them…. I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE…

  • Yep! says:

    I didn’t even notice that Meli had on a girdle underneath hers…okay then I’m gonna go with # 1 cause a thong/ g-string is all you need to wear, but Meli still has a more fierce attitude to pull off this look

  • REDBONE says:


  • Observer says:

    chuet usa a wikkid y dem haffi torture yuh suh #1 luk nice n humble melissa will be fierce caw a suh puss luk wen yuh wet dem :nohope:

  • #1 she wore it better. People wear these outfits not realizing that : u don’t wear a bra with it and a good pair of stripper thongs. If yuh nuh have the body don’t wear it.

  • Yep! says:

    DWMFL Observah… A suh puss look fierce fe true when dem wet :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  • Chocolate says:

    #1 has the body for it. #2 does look fierce as “Yep” said

  • Observer says:

    yeppie wet up a puss an luk pon melissa slavish :hammer

  • kgn13 says:

    i would easily walk up to # 1,and start up a conversation. as fe the next one,not on my team.

  • Observer says:

    13 #1 shy so what will you say?

  • kgn13 says:

    how u know she shy observer?

  • Observer says:

    har demeanor

  • Original Goodas says:

    no1….. but something bout her look like a no fi her thing that. she would a look better in a suit on wall street.

  • kgn13 says:

    always memba the quite ones r the one filled wid surprise,but the convo would affie base up pon how i feel at the time me see har,but it would a start wid a hi how u doing,coulden help but notice u looking like u would a rather be some were else.

  • Observer says:

    an den somewhere else yu wudda gawn wid har ehh tink yu easy

  • kgn13 says:

    memba a me say ,never das it out pon the first link.

  • Observer says:

    ahrite sir

  • Ratty says:

    Lavish pussy stink when she sit in my car that night deh gal deh need fi go take care a har self

  • Observer says:


  • Observer says:

    melissa yuh c seh a nuh lie doah caw wen yuh did deh a florida a run up n dung a same way di ppl seh bout yuh ole it have a stench :nohope:

  • LUNDUN says:

    #2 wore it best to me, but she spoil it wid di big draws.

    di next girl luk too simple in di outfit and she does not have the body to rock it, nor did she accessorize well.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Ma gawwdddddddd Obs meck unnu bad sooo Ratty Wat whapppen she defecate in ur car?
    Young ladies when washing ur coochie u need to pay special attention to the “hood” of ur vagina which is the top of the flap of skin than houses ur clitoris so u know how ppl say men have cheese on their penis well that is where women gather their cheese so to prevent getting sentiments like the one Ratty gave wash properly

  • Met says:

    what is dis? :hammer :tkp

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Met den no mus wash she nah wash har crotches properly meck it a report smell in two states

  • #1 u cyaa wear girdle unda see thru and di maternity bra flap di outfit

  • why she neva wear a black bra smh

  • LUNDUN says:

    tawkchuet she probably a wash it too good. sum oman no know seh dem nuffy use soap up inna dem pums, an when di soap give dem smell, dem fraid fi go in cuz dem tink a sumting sexual dem ketch.

    maybe she ave b.v an no go get treated.

  • Freeza says:

    dem cheap polyester material mek u pumpum smell frownsy if it nuh clean already once sweat touch dat u dun

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Lundun u know say they are women who actually push there washcloth wit soap inside dem coochie not understanding that dem harming instead of helping dem selves ah boi and mi no know how u think say someting wrong n fraid fi go doctor then no worse it ago get?????? Mad ppl ting ya man

  • Just Saying says:

    Really neither, but if I had to pick… then I would go with the first girl, although I feel she should not have worn panties and the high boots. The second girl has way too much going on bra, girdle, jacket and necklace. With this outfit less is more.

  • goodso says:

    #1 has a better body for she wears it wit the right under wear

  • Baby Girl says:

    #1 wears it better, but #2 shoes goes better with the outfit.

  • Espute says:


  • 187 Dem says:

    Mawning Metty,

    @Chuet yuh know say u is a madd rass, lol… Yuh a give instructions on how fi was di pums mi gyal. Some a dem young gyal & big woman nuh know dat & dem a f— from devil was a bwoy. They both look decent, preferably #1doh

  • Met says:

    afternoon 187

  • Sum1 says:


  • Foxy Lady says:

    What’s up with this Beehive hairdo? Celebrities can do anything because they are in character. Does this look stylish just because it’s labeled ‘new style’?
    And this Keisha Ka’oir lipstick color! Is that cute?
    Are men attracted to that?

    Just questions I would like the men to answer honestly. Because without knowing this is supposed to be ‘style’ they look a bit crazy to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    #1 look way better

  • yes says:

    #1 look much better if #2 did put on a black bar she could of pass

  • Yep! says:

    Ratty what did you say????? ____________________________________________________________Did you have your car seats detailed to get out the odor? Have you tried Febreeze?? :hammer

  • Very Blessed says:

    nun ah dem. both ah dem fail.

  • Observer says:

    Chuettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt you are nuttennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :hammer

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Obs lol

  • Little Willie says:

    Yep!….. Mi a beg yu come tell mi weh di “pumpum flap” locate. Please and tanks.

  • Little Willie says:

    Yep!… is one mad raas woman. lololol.

  • fool says:

    dat deh hair is a hot mess lavish me know a nuh donette duh yuh hair

  • Innocent says:

    This is jus wrong! I don’t know this girl but I really don’t agree with your guys comments. Stick to the clothes and not her underneath. This is not a good look for her. What if she has a family aka kids, husband and them read this? Come on meters, I know you guys would want this for yourself. Just remember she is someone’s child ok… :kacau:

  • Innocent says:

    Honestly, I really don’t think this outfit is appropriate for non of these girls.. Wrong wear…

  • nice says:

    mb were it best … looking real nice Mb

  • Anonymous says:

    number 1 has the better body, but number 2 looks more confident and her hair and accessories are better

  • simplicity says:

    dont av a clue

  • Pretty MF says:

    I just can’t with #2 her Shoes are cute tho, #1 rocked it properly!

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