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DI SENDA SEH:Met u need fe tek a luk at de Star wan knw who a tifa stylist..she an grace tan very bad



10 Responses to I CONCUR

  • Rawtid …spice look like she roll outta bed n decided fi show up lol,
    Tifa yuh jacket need fi be more tailored… Looked oversized

  • Observer says:

    Everbaddi inna di top pic did hav oda plans an smaddy lure dem to di awards kmt…bwoy tifa mi noe yuh disability lies in the feet but why yuh tan up suh cmonnnnnnnnn

  • LUNDUN says:

    can they afford stylists?

    a dem dress demself cuz mi naah pay nobody fi mek mi look bad when mi can do dat miself.

  • Taliban says:

    Tifa jacket look like dem mek it fi a man…it just str888 so and hanging.

  • goodso says:

    Suh why she haffi a bend up de foot come on now spice…big awards inna newspaper an u luk suh a guh deh

  • goodas says:

    Dexter strikers again…

  • miss lee says:

    a really dat spice sell a spicy couture? it look like mi stand a better chance shopping at a wholesale. what’s up with tifa n the bra-showing. this is like di 5th pic mi si wid ‘ar a advertise bra. if so b di case, y not wear a bra alone?

  • Jules says:

    Laundry day dressing dem yah. You can do casual and look good..dark jeans, a white tee and a smashing blazer wid some nice shoes and accessories and you good to go. Wah Spice inna too common fi an awards show, di likkle sparkly band a di front caan help it.

    Tifa actually look like she put some thought into her outfit, but ti still nuh work, the jacket needs tailoring as mentioned by another blogger and the shorts are too truth, the print of the fabric is not good for a shorts suit, it would have looked better as a peplum dress, skirt or a bolero jacket which she could have paired with black pants.

  • ... says:

    Then nuh Dexter a Tifa stylist?? What happened here?

  • Jay says:

    Mi know tifa seh har foot bend up but a fi fuss mi asee dem……..MY GAWWWWDDDD!!!!! *twin of twins voice*

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