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Continued from last week
WE had to move into my house when the bank took over his, which he used as collateral to secure a loan.
He moved out even the furniture which belonged to him. The most shocking was the fact that he moved into one of the flats in his mother’s estate. I was chased out like a leper even in the company of some of my family members.
I made several attempts to correct things; I involved our pastors, but he and his family members insisted that I and my children should leave Sola alone.
Eventually, I kept my distance, though painful, especially with my fears. Few months after Sola moved out, I learnt that he married his mother’s friend’s daughter, a young lady who just graduated from the university and I learnt that they were planning to relocate to the US. I really didn’t know what happened as he did not travel with his new wife again, I learnt the lady travelled alone. All the while, he didn’t ask about his children talk less of being responsible for their up keep.
Even when he married thenew wife, we were still very much married. Some of my friends advised that I should press charges of bigamy against him, but my mother advised against it. Despite all my attempts at making peace. Sola and his people refused and rejected me and my children. They did not stop there, they also employed blackmail against my mother and I. When it came to this, I kept my peace and decided to move on with life. Late last year, I learnt that Sola’s mother was sick for some months. She eventually died in November. My children and I were not invited for the burial. In fact, I found out all these after she had been buried.
I was however surprised when my pastor paid me a visit three weekends ago. His mission was to make peace between sola and I. I was surprised, because this was the last thing I was expecting. I had to ask my pastor if it was his idea or Sola’s.
He explained that Sola paid him a visit and asked that he should plead with me so that we can continue together as husband and wife. I told my pastor to give me some time, as this wasn’t a type of decision one makes in a hurry.
I told my mother and brother, but both of them were against my having anything to do with Sola again. I was trying to plead his case when I later learnt that he was having problems with his step siblings in his mother’s house where he is living. I also learnt that his supposed Americana wife married another man as soon as she got to the US.
I could plead his issue with my mother, my concern is; is Sola actually after sincere reconciliation or he wants to come back to me because he had no choice? Is he a changed man as he claimed or would he continue where he stopped? I suffered a great deal in his hands. I have peace now that I am alone with my children. I am a witness to what incessant physical and psychological abuse did to my mother, yet I don’t want to live the life of a single, bitter and miserable life she lived. How would I know if Sola is genuinely repentant or he only needs my children and I because he had no choice?
Please, Taiwo, what should I do?


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