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Jamaica Mad to Raas!
By Super Heavy
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When did it come to this? Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.

When did it come to this? It’s been this way for quite some time I’m often told. Watching that bloodsport called the nightly news has become as frightening as watching a horror flick. Policeman kills pregnant woman. 5 women raped in one house. Careless bus driver mows down innocent bystanders. Angry mob hacks man to death. And on and on. Where do we begin to look for answers? Turns out that these are deep rooted psychological problems. And what the good Professor Hickling has concluded, might in fact be right. Jamaicans are mad people.

Think about it. Only mad people could commit these kinds of crimes. And only mad people could watch the news, get up the next day and go about their daily lives and pretend as if nothing happened. Only mad people can watch their government massacre dozens of people, and not say anything about it, because they think the mad people who live in Tivoli don’t deserve to live. Only mad people drive public transportation, break every single road law, and when you call them out, they tell you ‘guh suck yu madda’. Then again, only mad people choose to take daredevil public transportation.

Only mad people condone music that talks about Demon worship and killing people in broad daylight, and when the singer comes out in public saying his main target audience are our children, no one gets up and says, ‘this is madness!’ Only mad people support the modern day slavery taking place in the Downtown commercial district, while speaking highly of the slaveowners because we got a good deal on some flip-flops. You have to be mad to hoard your wealth, lock yourself up in an uptown enclave, then ride around behind tinted windows, and still expect people to respect you. You must be mad to employ people you loathe and treat like dirt, then get angry when they steal your stuff. And you have to be mad to bleach your skin and still believe you are beautiful.

A society that loves Bob but hates Rasta, a society that adores Miss Lou, but takes exception to Jamaican language being used in public, a society that elevates ‘shade-ism’ and denigrates Marcus Garvey – must be mad. An education system that dooms most students to failure – madness. Churches that preach more than they practice- madness. A justice system that produces more criminals than it rehabilitates – madness. Dancehall sessions that are drunken public orgies – madness. Boardrooms which have become pretentious private havens for liars, thieves, and tax cheats – madness. Our politicians – ‘mad like shad’. One even refers to herself in the third person. We are violent, ignorant, and savage, not only in the way we treat each other, but how we treat our environment. And like mad people do, we continue to delude ourselves into believing everything irie.

Yet in spite all of this madness, one cannot help but be hopeful. Because uncontrollable optimism is yet another feature of insanity. It’s hard not to feel pride in our athletes, in our children who do well academically. In our creative artists who continue to amaze the world. It’s hard not to feel good about our young entrepreneurs. About our women who are taking on higher education. It’s hard not to feel hopeful when Father Ramkinsoon, and Father Ho-Lung, and countless other NGOS and non profits continue to do such yeoman work on behalf our less fortunate. It’s hard not to feel optimistic about the self-starters, the all-nighters, the heavy-lifters, the hard-working nurses and doctors, and the business owners who take a pay cut to keep everybody employed. Because in a country like this, such dedication and patriotism requires a level of optimism, that only a ‘mad smaddy’ can possess. So I can only conclude like the Professor, that Jamaica really mad to raas.

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19 Responses to MEK SENSE….

  • LUNDUN says:

    i understand what this person is saying, but i don’t think he has given a proper diagnosis.

    if u keep hearing bad news over and over, u become desensitized some what, worse when u feel like there is nothing that u can do to remedy the situation. that doesn’t make u mad.

    jamaicans need to start standing for sumthing instead of falling for anything because of money. money is the root of jamaica’s problems.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Some of it makes no sense. First thing, Jamaica is tame compared to some other countries (don’t make me call names) where killing is concerned, especially by the government. Second thing, is the person kidding me, stupid or blind to the advocacy groups battling like David in Jamaica??? Every day JFJ, Candice Narcisse (Civil Society), the media & several other groups whose name I can’t remember, hell even Amnesty international, put up the good fight. The ppl in various communities put up the good fight, but it’s hard (an understatement), frustrating & Jamaica is such a fast-paced, dynamic country & ppl that we are constantly distracted by various things coming up & out.

    In some countries the media heavily controlled by their governments that they can’t even carry the stories of police/army killings & corruption much less for persons to protest. At least we CAN protest, we CAN ask questions, we CAN say how we feel about these situations, but there is a process we also have to follow, eg the police man kills the pregnant woman is now in custody awaiting a murder trial, so what would this writer have us do in the interim? Not to mention the fact that we are not letting the Tivoli incursion matter go (if that’s what this writer was referring to), but maybe the writer is too busy NOT WATCHING the news to know all this & is therefore incapable of writing a true account of what’s really happening, thereby discounting the struggles of family & groups fighting for justice in Jamaica. Just my 2 cents.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Good morning Lundun. R u in England? London to be precise.

  • LUNDUN says:

    yes miss royal

    top of di morning to u too.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Ok good. Do u know the pound (£) store? If u do, do they sell good things? Cuz a swear to God a doe want me an mi fambily memba fall out fi sending mi crap enuh lol.

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi bloodcl______________________________________________________________________________

    wait deh, cindy mek mi an u ave a proper convo likkle bit. so are u saying ur fambily tell u dem a buy sumting sen u from di pound store?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Nuh me, mi mom bredda a tell har suh :ngakak Bout him aguh send some “nice” tings fi WE (mi nuh know how me come eenn) from di £ store :ngakak . Suh wen she a tell me, me a seh “£ store! Dat soun like some cheap crap tings”. U know I’ve never asked any family member to send anything from overseas for me or mine, suh a doe know Lundun…

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Suh mi a research now fi tell har my honest opinion. Weh yuh a flatline fah? :ngakak

  • LUNDUN says:

    cindy weh him seh?

    him ago send sum nice tings from weh? :hammer

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A wahappen tuh yuh Lundun? Jus gimmi di 411 man.

  • LUNDUN says:

    sorry, but u a kill mi :ngakak

    ok mek mi try get serious now an ansa u…but its gonna be hard cuz,a grung mi deh!!!

    u ave many pound stores, many owned by the pakis, di only ting mi buy from dem is book and pencil.

    u have a decent one name poundland, fi dem tings still cheap,but betta dan di ress a pound stores in my opinion.

    di only ting mi si inna poundland fi buy is, liquid hand wash soap, shower gel, q-tips, foot scrub, bath soap, cheap make up, biscuit, cornflakes etc.

    cindy poundland sell odd bits and pieces, but mi no shop deh cuz di tings aren’t quality.

    if u a keep party u can get nuff confetti and party cups, disposable forks and plates etc.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Good morning ladies, I am in total alignment with both of you though I agree with the author.

    The problem is, it’s unfair to isolate Jamaica, the whole freaking world is comprised of nothing but mad people. Jamaica pales in comparison to ‘the beast’ country. The nightly news serves it’s very function, which is to sway mass perception and drive fear in the heart of people.

    Any society where cable in introduce becomes a violent society in 10 years. We are a desensitized people, not just Jamaicans. Consider how the media here exploits all the school shootings and sensationalize mass murders. Prior to cable, kids played in the streets, no one had to worry about where you were as you could be at any neighbors house, they would feed you, help you with homework and the community was an extended family.

    Now no one plays outside, because television introduced rapists, kidnappers, and all the evil in our home.
    Prior to the introduction of cable in Jamaica, homosexuality wasn’t so rampant, while there were killings, they weren’t so barbaric and frequent. Women had a sense of self respect, they weren’t wearing bathing suits to the dances, they weren’t skinning out on video. The society has gone to the dogs.

    Here’s the real problem, most people are brainless zombies with no independent thought. They follow the crowd, their are no real leaders, they are weak and lost. They have no sense of self, so television forms an image of who they should be and they become this image.
    Rhianna wears red hair and they all do, Beyonce does ‘single ladies’ in a body suit and they start wearing it to the dancehalls.

    They are ignorant and they have no idea of the harm it does to deplete the very melanin in your skin that was put there to protect you from diseases. That melanin is found in every living thing on earth and in the universe itself except the albino and diminished in the white man.

    They have no idea that they came from Royalty and were once the rulers of the entire globe and that there is an agenda to have black people self destruct, so they are led to the slaughter and they go willingly.

    They, being ignorant pervert the minds of their own children by exposure to the violence in video games, the overt promiscuity they are subjected to in the media and via the music and being ignorant, they have no qualms about this.
    They have come to accept that stealing and selling drugs is a right of passage, that their very worth is dependent on what they wear and who they can impress superficially, meanwhile they lack substance. No education, no foundation for the youth and no concern for filling up the penitentiaries.

    They do not read so the media tells them what’s happening in the world, the media selects who is to be glorified and who is to be vilified and so it becomes.
    They kill each other over a vote without realizing all the politicians are buddies and they are the pawns.
    They send their sons to fight wars in the name of freedom, not realizing that all wars are fought against other people of color, none against the white man and it’s all about oil and the rich man’s son is sent to Harvard and Yale and theirs to the cemetery.

    A lost set of people with no sense of self identity and no value for life. Can they be helped? In this case, they are too far gone.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :ngakak I’m laughing too Lundun so I don’t blame u. I don’t know the conversation they had, if they were discussing any item(s) in particular, but she said he said he found the place inexpensive & that it carry some nice things. I’m looking at Poundland website now. Thank u!

  • LUNDUN says:

    cindy ur uncle great,

    mi cyaah stop laugh, cuz him a tek di piss royally.

    mi buy airfreshner from pound store already an mi smell it fi one day den di smell went.

    mi buy coffee from dem and it neva taste right. dem pepsi kinda flat and di list goes on.

    u can get a few bargains in there, but not a trolly full of good good stuff.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Bwoy Lundun, mi a si some tings weh a peak mi interest. Body wash an Dove’s shampoo for 1£ etc. No man, dis place looking good.

  • LUNDUN says:

    cindy mi tell u seh a only dem tings deh mi woulda buy from dem. but is not all di time it work out, cuz sumtimes di stores weh sell the proper quality stuff have sale and u will can get dem same tings for less dan a £.

    while poundland sell everyting for a pound or more, nothing below.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    That’s what I fear Lundun, ppl sending me inferior stuff, cuz with me, if somebody bring me 1 & only 1 quality thing (not necessarily expensive, just quality) I’ll appreciate it more than a crocus bag of inferior products. And that’s y I’ve never asked any1 overseas to send anything for me, if I can’t get to shop for myself whether by travel or via internet, only 1 other person gets my money to shop for me, my besty, cuz she like me nuh buy fi quantity, but fi quality.

  • LUNDUN says:

    cindy alot of dem packages don’t luk di same as di real deal. sum packaging luk fake.

    poundland is ok, but di poundstores operated by the Pakistanis is no Bueno.

  • Yawdie says:

    Years of reading JMG and one of the best articles i’ve come across to date. It hurts to read but you know what, the truth usually does. No direspect to the metters but deflecting the writers point by talking about what other countries do does not change the facts. This article is abt Jamaica and Jamaicans- not other countries!! Posting unrelated comments in order to distract from a potentially useful dialogue doesnt help us either. Dare i say, if we can comment on the party people etc at a moments notice and with an abundance of opinion, lets flip it sometimes and talk about the more urgent matters pending in Jamaica. We’ve probably all had some experience similar to those mentioned by the semder- lets not wait until the next time around (ex another family member or friend get shot, or police run in pon a garrison community n kill innocent youths, or politicians f–k us over, or….. U name it!!) to realise that some shit is real and demands URGENT attention.

    PS. Sender, agree with pretty much eveything but memba sey some a di poor people that take the bus arent necc mad, they simply may not have a choice.

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