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SENDAH:Neil yuh pocketbook a gwaan wid bare tings






  • Observer says:

    dam a dem big man yah neil a get em tings fram wow batty price gawn rite upppp

  • NeilsGay says:

    he should just admit that he is Gay we know Neil you are gay and licky licky. You are dirtying up the Womens Hole with you Shitty Buddy that is not Fear Neil. You need to just let the women know you go both ways cause you need man and woman mind you we get it you love tings and you licky licky. Now stop palluting the Women with you shitty Buddy and come out and admit it. You are nasty for what you are doing

  • Good M says:

    I am sorry to say but dis bwoy yah gay, no man nuh suppose to be inna dem tings yah–and one more ting, him jacket bigger than 1/2 him body. All dem bwoy yah gay/suspet…mi nuh wan nuh shit cocky park inna mi nice clean garrage

  • Jackson says:

    Well him girlfriend ina a pyjama suit

  • Just Saying says:

    So what is up with this dude… did he just come back from a weekend getaway and didn’t have a chance to go home first, or going away right after the party and don’t want to miss his flight, or plan on changing clothes during the party, or brought his puppy to the party, or plan on sleeping over… which is it, cuz who brings a piece of luggage to a party, like where they do that at?

  • Anonymous says:

    suspect AF

  • Anonymous says:

    Neil is a shameless self promoter. He is so sick in the head, he will send in is own pictures, then sit and read all the comment to pass his idle day. A woman who take this nonentity serious is really a waste themselves…

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I’ll never get it, going to a party with travelling bag smh.

  • soap opera says:

    so does this mean he is out the closet….

  • No Sah! says:

    Neil is inching his way out the closet right into the chessa, as Jamaicans would call it. A beg unno mek way fi mr pearl and his school of fish.

  • Met says:


  • Chocolate says:

    I wonder what’s in the bag? Dildos maybe?

  • Met says:

    chocolate ? :tkp

  • GWIZZ says:


  • Chocolate says:

    @Met…mi really haffi ask mums

  • tamtam says:

    so what the bag glue to him hand?

  • kgn13 says:

    a so time a move,das all pjs get fashionable now.


    @Met, mek unu can do pearl suh??? chocolate ina bag mah??? do, me caan stap laff. *I dies****

  • Met says:

    Highly not me oooooooooooooooooooo

  • mello says:

    rayyyyyyyyy mi bad mind a go kill dem

  • Bakkle says:

    LMAO Chocolate ketch mi off gaurd wid dat question haha pleasure chess for the after party. NEIL PEARL YUH NEED TO STOP PEEP AND JUST JUMP OUT THE CLOSET! Look how him fit right ina di fish sandwich

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