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  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    Dem too frigging wicked..mi feel so sorry fi the old people dem…same so one a dem call mi modda and thank god i was there at the time, i rinse him wid some claat u see..brite

  • LUNDUN says:

    boy mi no know weh fi seh

    diss heavy bad bad.

    hear how di man a threathen di oman, how him one out of order so?

    an di oman fraid cuz she truely believe dem will come harm har fi real.

    jah know diss no right.

  • Riches says:

    mi nah lie, dis looks and feels bad, u si d f000a face wen the reporter walked up? i have always maintained that greed fuels a lot of things but oh god mon these ppl are the most susceptible and vulnerable dis doesnt look good for jamaica, an no wonda dutty Kartel will stay weh im deh a boost up robbing poor ole ppl. eva wonder why we nuh use wi ingenuity for good things

  • Observer says:

    figet bout greencard n citizenship very soon….

    kartel supporters unnuh a set a wikkid luk weh unnuh a defen ehh aye sah

  • BK says:

    bwoy mi feel embarrassed bad, i just hope dem nuh hold it against whoever over yah a look bout dem documents

  • ANONY says:


  • caaa badda says:

    boy oh boy dem neva stop until it reach federal, i want dem catch every body involved coz the old ppl dem work hard fi dem money , have bills and ting and now watch yah….mi shame so ’til

    hey met and everybaddi, mi been busy bad bad but mi still peep at times

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    OMG dem all a bad up the poor old people dem a send threat…f000a a run him nuh start run yet, sad part about it most of them nah put the money to good use just a floss and a hype…mi feel it it fi the victims dem

  • Real says:

    jlag need fi come split di justice…..weh bredda baracuda deh???

  • new new says:

    I agree its wrong to take advantage f the less fortunate and Alot of u might not agree with my statement but I am tired of U.S coming down on Jamaica and Nigeria about scams when U.S themselves steal from there own ppl more than anyone else.

  • Real says:

    kartek kartel…please pu dung di singing ,……and di camera………………because see it de now yu tun ambassador of di scamma………u know se is a ten yr dat pon yu hundred yr sentence

  • pmrm says:

    Why don’t they change their phone number ?. If someone is calling and scaring them. Change your number.

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Dis nuh look good ahtall! From 1800 to over 30,000?? Di frigga dem ah work overtime smdh…It’s a pity all this badness and i bet nuttin to show for it but big house and pretty car. Di whole ah dem is a set of nastiness smh. It goes to show u how naive a lot of americans are. Ifeel so bad for that old lady and the rest of the elderly weh dem tief from. smh

  • myrassopinion says:

    That’s why these damn scammers who thief people nfo n good credit n go buy clothes n shoes then come people dance a try floss pon honest people fi go prison talk bout champagne boys we need to bun dem out… long dis boy popeye n gucci man. dem….popeye need to chill his ass out talk bout don soon touch road again..batty boy no man fi call next man don it seems gucci is ur boss then…we should all be bossrs u dumb f—…….n t

  • ... says:

    Unoo see why they could possibly be holding onto Shirley… things are not always black & white. same so smaddy ask mi when mi go dung if mi nuh have nuh old credit card weh expire can give dem smh. Crimes against the elderly is not ok.

  • We spoke about this very concern in this blog some time ago and we are now realizing our worst fears.

    Now Dan Rather and the AARP are blasting this negativity left and right:

    ”Dan Rather and his team traveled to Jamaica where the scammers have set up a thriving organized-crime network to prey on unsuspecting Americans. What he does he think of the perpetrators? “These con artists are cowards who prey on the most vulnerable members of society.”

  • Met says:

    vulnerable and dem nuh add seh a greedy but nigerians more dan scam di world and no bill neva pass..yet llikkle jamaica dem want bill pass

  • Anonymous says:

    A lot of the legitimate businesses are eating a food off these victims. The car dealers and construction related businesses all know where these cash money is coming from and turning a blind eye. Now some of the scammers are calling and collecting the money right here in the US.

  • With hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, phone recorded threats and a pending Federal grand jury/congressional hearing–this will not bode well for Jamaica…

  • NUFFY says:


  • fabulous69 says:

    Hi met, mi feel shame mi nah lie

  • Anonymous I am not following you…


    Me shame like daag, i swear.. shirley u fi get 10yr added to u already existing time…

  • honey says:

    This is bad but this country is scamming us right now as we speak, its called taxes and the sad part about this social security shit is that by the time most of us get old we’re not going to benefit from it…

  • gudgud says:

    look here!ANU JAMAICA ONE SCAM ENU…it sad but i think america should look at ALL countries n not single out ja

  • Met if you want a good laugh YouTube “Jamaican scammers” watch the (irishbuddah ones) one suh stupid im hire the american wheh him call fi work wid him fi get number fi him. The caller tell him ( the jamaican) fi sen him $us 50.00 to western union (but just to show how stupid they were) can you imagine an illiterate country man a try twang? “Sir I’m calling fram di megger million claim dipawtment in Los Vegas nevarder”” I’m dedding..

  • bitch says:


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