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I check this site everyday just to see what’s going on with my fellow countrymen.

I have noticed that a lot of jamaicans here are either unemployed or under-employed. So I thought that I would share with u. A lot of us think that because we don’t have a high school diploma the only job that’s available to us are domestic jobs but that’s far from true because I know a lot of people who don’t have a high school diploma but they’re more educated than people who do, it’s just that they don’t have it on paper. And in any case even if most jobs do require a high school diploma there are a lot of schools who offer legitimate diplomas even tho it might be a little expensive it’s definitely worth it. One more thing America has 50 states and if things aren’t working out in one state then try another one. Sometimes we have to let go off tradition, my grandmother would say launch out pon yuh own. Not because ur family is in NY that means you have to be there too.

Where I live I have no family and no friends just me and my child I just moved here because of my job and its amazing how many jobs are here. Sometimes I submit applications and go on interviews just for the fun of it. And these jobs pay very well compared to the cost of living in the area. I feel like I would just go on a campaign to share theses opportunities with my people even tho there’s nothing for me to gain but mere peace of mind to know that I helped change someone’s life. I know that a lot of us would leap at the opportunity if it was presented to us.

#random thoughts#

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  • Observer says:

    dis really random caw mi nuh noe which “nice” job a employ ppl widout entry level diploma fi run dem company please enlighten mi ooooooooooo caw mi waste all my time den

  • :hammer :hammer

  • oh please says:

    Sender. You speak of this place but de place no have no name? Or yuh jus no feel fi taunt us”just for fun”? Yuh seem to be trying to alert us of yuh good fortune but at the same time yuh still no want no Jamaican round yuh it look like.

  • Flex says:

    Condescending cordiality!!!! (cuts eye)
    Whatever gave you the impression based on information presented on this website that “a lot of Jamaican here are either unemployed or underemployed?” I happen to be a Statistician who employs both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to a wide expanse of areas and your deduction here does not seem methodologically robust to me; not even if employing the most subjective analysis. If you really want to assist or motivate people, I suggest you work on that level of “self-importance” that you have so arrogantly bestowed upon yourself. Just come and tell we the people seh jobs deh bout at all levels of the spectrum, of course indicating relevant information such as where and how. This is your first attempt: might I suggest that after reading the feedback you would have received from the metters that you try again. Oh and by the way, I know you may not think so, but like the rest of us there are some grammar points you need to work on (you are the learned one, I’m sure you can figure it out). Better luck next time (LMAO)

  • the girl that cleans for a living says:

    Ok. So whilst I can appreciate your thoughts and believe you had good intentions, but we need to change our way of thinking that it’s demeaning to do domestic jobs. I do housecleaning as form of earning honestly. And that’s not because I am under educated but I like the freedom of not reporting to work on a tight schedule and love the flexibility working on my own and along with the fact that I come home to help 11 year old with homework. Not to mention the high possibility to earn more. As I strongly believe the outcome is a reflection of my input. Of course, if I don’t work I don’t get paid and lose the luxury of a lot benefits. But I make sure I cover the basics like having a family medical insurance plan, I do have compulsory savings (albeit small) and looking into other financial plans for my kids future. We are all capable of excelling at whatever we choose it’s a matter of how badly we want to.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    More scatter-brained, rather than random thoughts in my opinion. You don’t need to have bachelors, master or phd to prove intelligence, but to be illiterate (without good reason, like a learning disability etc) in this day & age is a sin, plus to be without a basic school leaving certificate is self-sabotage, especially for poop ppl who have no links. I don’t know a single person, including myself, who would hire an illiterate person or a person without qualification over some1 who has the bare minimum qualification. Stop misleading ppl.

  • the girl that cleans for a living says:

    Oh btw….I am here peeping every single night. Right before bedtime. Lol. My kids think it’s whack of me but hey right here is my spot. Love love this page. Bless up

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I was trying to find back a job listing I saw last week for a housekeeper & the person even wanted CXCs &/or certificate in something I can’t remember now, cuz ppl expect housekeepers nowadays to be able to help their children with home work.

  • Met says:

    mi love how uno ansa..because I dont think I would have been as polite ……jamaican people funny eno :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I can’t stand see when they perpetuate foolish ideas to our ppl Met.

    I’ve just now read ‘the girl that cleans for a living’ & have to agree with her that there’s nothing wrong with doing domestic work for a living, especially when u have a family to care for. It beats stealing & whoring out ur soul any day. I don’t care if the domestic helper is illiterate or literate, they will always hold higher rank to me than many other professions, cuz I’ve seen many children whose mothers were helpers come out very well & with more appreciation for hard work rather than get rich quick mentality.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Good Morning Met, I promised myself I wouldn’t log on today as I plan on studying all day but my addictive personality got the best of me. So Met, please do me a favor and kick me off, even block me for the rest of the day.

    In response to the Sender, how the hell did logging on everyday convey the impression that anyone here is unemployed or underemployed?
    What makes you think we are all domestic workers?
    Though I respect every hard working individual and believe it or not, domestic workers make $50 for 2 hours of work and that’s only a nominal amount compared to many working in the upper class neighborhoods.

    You don’t seem very educated to me since you don’t even know the meaning of being educated. How can a person without a high school diploma be more educated than a person with a college degree?
    What an educated person would have said is, ‘intelligence has nothing to do with formal education’.
    A person can be well read and well verse in different spheres of interest without having an institutionalized education, however, that is not being educated.
    Being obscure about where you live and the availability of employment without stating where it is, is idiotic at best and cannot be construed as good intentioned.
    You cannot possibly be educated with a fulfilling career if you find the time to be searching out job interviews for the fun of it. Who does that? Like seriously?

    Being on JMG is no indicator that we are under or unemployed. Some of us are stay at home moms, some of us own our own businesses and have the luxury of entertaining ourselves on here in between clients, others are running up company time by logging on at work and I assure you, every single one of JMG regular bloggers are more educated and intelligent that you fool yourself that you are.
    Only a jackass would send in such a condescending note and fool themselves that it would be construed as some sort of noble deed!

    While your intentions could have been honorable, you’ve got a mighty lofty opinion of yourself. Re-read the threads again and come back and tell me if you see any shortage of intelligence from the bloggers.

  • Met says:

    Foxy :hammer from I was born…………mi nah comment still :maho

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Flex, I posted prior to reading your comments. Had I seen yours, I wouldn’t feel the need to say much more.
    Thank you.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :shakehand2 @ Foxy. Brite sender damn brite! Look how mi siddung pan mi job an haffi teef come ova yah every day an haffi a hide an lawf a day time an senda wah come tell mi seh mi unemployed. :ngakak

  • LUNDUN says:

    mi naah luk!!!!!

    foxy no stop beat dem wid di ledda belt

  • Cindy Royal says:

    An by the way Foxy, I’m not running up company time by logging on to JMG, I’m simply making myself more amenable to my job responsibilities :malu2

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Cindy yuh know how many millions of dollars corporate America lose yearly because oonuh deh pon JMG?

    Later guys, mi really cyaan fail mi exam tonight suh study time…..Dear Lord please gimme di strength to stay offa Met site.

    Morning Lundun!


  • Cindy Royal says:

    But think how pleasant we r to coworkers & customers after a good JMG laugh. Best of luck with ur exams hon.

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    Then go see wha she call good money to nuh…kmt….Sender today my back a hat me and mi nah do no werk, mi a siddung a mi desk and stay pon JMG all day….domestic helpers work hard, cause if mi was a domestic helper me couldnt decide fi no do no work today, mi woulda affi get to cleaning….

  • 187 Dem says:

    Great Morning Met,
    reading this really came off as being very condescending & uncalled for. First of all, alot of the bloggers on here are reading & responding from work, like myself so idk what gave you the idea that “alot of the bloggers here are unemployed or under employed. Secondly, people can have their opinons on how you view a person with or without education but, having a degree or H.S. Diploma does NOT make you better than the next person. If you really were trying to be helpful, you could have directed the same readers who you feel is unemployed how & where they could try to find a job.

    Also, there are alot of professional people that come on this site as well, but because self praise is no recommendation, it would be totally unnecessary to say oh I’m a nurse, lawyer, house cleaner etc… Whatever it is someone does for a living, it shouldn’t make a difference.

    @Flex :sungkem

  • Met says:

    but 187 mi nuh think she is being condescending at all because as much as how mi doe work and not educated……mi correct one a di error dem ina di email because mi a seh she mus be genuine and den mi seh mek a lef di rest….just because mi seh di person might mean well kaw mi wudda like know what toppa top job dem do…………….wid di 1+1 whey dem know

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met yuh want a :hammer. Youse an entrepreneur – bout yuh nuh work. But yuh right, senda not being condescending at all, senda actually believe in dis bullshit sent in.

  • Met says:

    nothing nuh wrong wid no form of honest living and domestic work a foreign but a whole heep more dan some office jobs so mi nuh really know what the sender aiming at

  • Met says:

    cindy :maho

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    After mi go back go read, mi doh think she a talk us here on JMG enuh…but in anycase Sender I believe you are the one associating yourself with non progressive elements….metters me nah disrespect anyone and what dem do…mi just a mek she know that there is a lot of successful Jamaicans in the states, and also smaddy affi clean the streets, be housekeeper, u fi leff di frigging people dem, as long as dem nah teef and dem a work a honest bread

  • 187 Dem says:

    Met yuh know wah, yuh duh di right ting by not answering dem luddy.

    @Foxy, yuh know mi luv how u reason doh big up yuhself my girl :thumbup

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Metty, mi have a story outta Britain weh a gwan from las yr, but jus get concluded few days aguh. It is a classic case of y man mus stop gi bunn an y women mussen be vengeful an malicious bout dem love life.

  • eyecandy says:

    Das y mi affi love foxy suh innuh,comments are always precise,dir
    ect,colored with intelligence and subtle humor. NOT to mention “facety” :D

    Met hunny bunny :peluk Cindy baby :peluk

    Metters :)

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    send it cindy ooooooooooo

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Candyyyyyyyy :peluk

    Just sent it Met.

  • Real says:

    Right yah now mi ova employed …so mi cah go sidung inna nuh interview wid nuh bwoy fi 45 minutes unless him a pay mi …….And ppl live inna different parts a di world on here not only America….mi wah share something wid yu to nuh go roun a do interview fi nutten ,,,try find a paying job

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Fi real Real. Mi si 2 diffrant directory companies deh pan mi baxide fi get meeting from las yr fi advertise inna dem book an mi tell dem email mi an mi will mek a decision, afta mi nuh have time fi waste siddung a meet meet nuhbady fi di fun of it. Smaddy postpone a meeting pan mi yessideh an mi glad suh til, cuz jus fi fight di traffic did stawt dramatize mi.

  • Real says:

    Helpers and domestic workers help nuff pickney tun inna doctor and lawyer ……right now if somebody and clean and do it well a fi dem calling dat ..because a nuh everybody can do everyting ……so mi nuh know bout some ppl but mi love a person weh can do professional cleaning ..big up di man weh tek off di dead dog offa di road …him know seh di place wi full a disease if him nuh do dat….and di man weh clean out di sewer …….and di helpa weh protect di little boy and girl inna di big ole house every evening wen dem mada and fada gone pon business …. Helper a real profession some a dem a God sent ..message to a gyal weh nuh used to …..Everybody have dem place inna di world

  • Real says:

    Cindy some times ppl wah flaunt wen dem get a ting…Like a Job weh pay 30 per hour..right now true my responsibility great mi cah schedule certain business outta my house a yasso all work gwaan … it up to me how much mi a go mek and it is like that for other ppl mi have more dan one profession but as the girl seh ..shi haffi look bout ar yute first …so she clean house not a damn ting wrong wid dat only ting seh somebody inna marketing and business admin woulda turn it roun and have ten ppl a work wid dem and collect offa it …dats di only difference…….wi already can learn from each other yasso it up to di person weh dem tek outta it …

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mi seh Real! :ngakak Can I tell yuh how 1 time di garbage ppl dem did a have issue as usual wid NSWMA an neva come fi weeks. At firs mi did awrite, but suh di garbage stawt pile up a suh body-come-dung stawt tek cuz a cyaah stand filth. Mi seh, di sundeh mawnin wen di garbage chuck roll eenn to mi avenue was like di 2nd coming to mi. Mi neva eve disrespect any level of workers yet, but mi seh, dat day I had a new found appreciation for garbage collectors.

  • Real says:

    ye man a real ting …if everybody a doctor and di garbage pile high and sewer nuh clean disease a go tek dem out and di baby dem a go dead so di world would end ..but u have some ediat jamaican weh a tell u seh rae and a laugh afta ppl …and dem nuh deh nuh weh near success as a matter a fact di gate leading to success lock pon dem so dem chat shit in excess

  • deme says:

    Sender is very condescending but I am happy she has her good-up job (KMT). All joke aside oooman your sympathy is terribly misplaced. I am in my early 30’s, a graduate of York U in Canada, a post graduate and living in the suburbs while married to wonderful man who is very much employed (and takes care of his family and community). One more comment before I leave, I currently on mat leave because I can bitch… what R U jealous?

    P.S. You only need a quick glance on this site to know that most Metter’ are employed. You fake social scientist where did you get your stats from?

  • Ms.B says:

    I guess this coming frm a good plance but y didn’t the sender say where she is?
    And maybe I am think too much of the ppl who on here regular BUT it wld appear that most ppl here work –
    Then again if job so Nuff and u ave one u shld know teh value of time y wld u be going on interviews just for fun?
    It wld be better if u come here and send on the random jobs ar go on twitter and send out a tweet saying check out this job

  • Ms.B says:

    Cindy! I had a similar problem the other day . De. Sanitation workers deh will lock down a country ! Y u think the pay so much just if throw garbage and dem health benefits well up there too.

  • kgn13 says:

    a wonder a how much a year the sender deh pon. :siul

  • Cc says:

    Mi love how unu a deal wid da senda yah still lolll

  • Jules says:

    First off unsolicited advice is never a good ting. Di majority a ppl a log een from dem wuck, or dem have a day off. Who da hell meck u judge and jury of the people on here? is like you nuh know how blogs or di internet work. Ppl form communities and become regulars on blogs and log een daily fi check up pon what’s new. U muss rahtidhole dis get intanet, u dis come awfa dial-up and ketch pon wireless and feel u know it all. Furdamore, if you can surmise who and who nah wuck den u rass nah wuck eeda and hab too much blasted time pon u hands. Galang guh tweeze di hair dem out u batty if u waan sitten contructive fi do.

    p.s. ppl wah a do domestic work nuh really waan dweet. Nuhbaddy nuh siddung wen dem likkle and dream bout dem fucha as a helpa inna ppl house. A circumstances cause ppl fi ketch inna some places. Guh volunteer someweh and be of use to somebody and leff bloggas alone.

  • Met says:

    Jules :nerd :tkp

  • Deme says:

    Jules I’m sitting here, just nodding in agreement with every phase, you place so neat and proper fi nassy up di likkle claffe…

  • Addicted says:

    Underemployed or unemployed.Hahaaaaaaaaa. Foxy Lady & Flex broke it done already so there is no need for any additional comments.
    I am only wondering if you understood the comments seeing that you are more educated than Flex & Foxy because from what i have noticed they have a degree/diploma and you stated that a person without a high school diploma is more

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