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I check this site everyday just to see what’s going on with my fellow countrymen.

I have noticed that a lot of jamaicans here are either unemployed or under-employed. So I thought that I would share with u. A lot of us think that because we don’t have a high school diploma the only job that’s available to us are domestic jobs but that’s far from true because I know a lot of people who don’t have a high school diploma but they’re more educated than people who do, it’s just that they don’t have it on paper. And in any case even if most jobs do require a high school diploma there are a lot of schools who offer legitimate diplomas even tho it might be a little expensive it’s definitely worth it. One more thing America has 50 states and if things aren’t working out in one state then try another one. Sometimes we have to let go off tradition, my grandmother would say launch out pon yuh own. Not because ur family is in NY that means you have to be there too.

Where I live I have no family and no friends just me and my child I just moved here because of my job and its amazing how many jobs are here. Sometimes I submit applications and go on interviews just for the fun of it. And these jobs pay very well compared to the cost of living in the area. I feel like I would just go on a campaign to share theses opportunities with my people even tho there’s nothing for me to gain but mere peace of mind to know that I helped change someone’s life. I know that a lot of us would leap at the opportunity if it was presented to us.

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