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  • Observer says:

    one inna di shawts yah..a tattoo dat betwix har foot an di one inna di nude tites need a size bigger

  • Yep! says:

    Dat black n’ white catsuit a seh one…. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kgn13 says:

    so whaa happen to the zebra and big bird up a top.

  • LUNDUN says:

    yes zervah, an to how she place di tattoo, u know a di buss up from di bleaching she a hide.

    dem gal yah luk like sum strong body tranny.

    since when wearing these bad luking drag queen hair become fashionable?

  • HONEY says:

    The woman in the yellow seh `BIG BIRD AIN`T GOT NUTTIN ON MI!!!!`…The woman in the last pic should have put the tatoo pon her belly instead of having it going up her legs..

  • Observer says:

    yes lundy deres no hope ooooo

  • If this is what is called good I am forced to believe the bad is tragic!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    May I have the definition of “looking good” please.

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont wanto say anyting mean but big birds grandmamma
    patchy pleather catsuits
    couple of dem look decent

  • Just Saying says:

    The one in the black and white look like the zebra from Madagascar. All the others… smh no words.

  • Anonymous says:

    No words but lo the ppl dem mek them wear wa dem wah wear if dem wa fava zebra or hippo a fe dem business yes donna look good now u can go buy couple gucci now btw where was Tom Donna birth man

  • Anonymous says:

    Donna hair dresser u couldn’t mek dem tek u full measurement comin like u draws a drop offa u fava chink pon line duty gyal weh done out all a wild bunch man them

  • I know where Tom was!with his other babymadda.donna u look like big bird that color is not for u.where is shinig star.

  • Anonymous says:


  • go says:

    Good morning just wake up n see dis bwoy bou Donna a best dress kmt mek me just name a few fashion trendsetters fr the 80s them nav fe mek clothes them can put on anything and still look gd let me name a few treva wife , dr sista joyce , sexy , paullete n marie them a original dresser the future dresser dem fe philly a flippa mafia marsha , keisha jaguar , one blood zulica , sunday best sheron and give cesar wah it dew to neive and sofia and go check out them ppl closet deh ca clothes always in tact N them style nah go out a style who do like this go drop dead

  • Anonymous says:

    They look a mess sorry

  • Anonymous says:

    That black and white or off white suit look nice on her,quite a few times she miss the mark but she get it sidda best dress chicken…pardon me a mean big bird

  • CFranks says:

    Philly nah have one good hair shop… I’ve never seen one good hair style yet.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    How dem gyal yah deh a foreign and look so coarseeeeeeeeee dem need fi go to the spa man and get a massage facial and chemical peel seriously..bad to bad Jamaica a get tough but every three months mi go a mi Dr. Yapp. Mi know nuff gyal a Jamaica would give unnu a run fi unnu money!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hateraid says:

    Bleachy from bag man get snitch pon an gone a jail u Juss look sicc and pop dung. You bleaching haffi stop and you cah buy no more clothes. You Juss a repeat you uniform dem from woodland ave,, a wah him did a do fi you soo Meckk you drop right dunng?? All burgs a feel di pain bout dem tow ur car. Fassy if dem tow ur car dat mean u never did A pay ur ticket.dwbl. Burgs tell Tracey fi stop play pon ur Otha gal dem phone cause fb get all a di stress last nite. U a big up Tracey now cause a she alone continue to teckk care a you. Glama ketch har sense ya now and kaydian move on. A only bleachy a gwann like she depress ova you. Glama. A hope you still go thru wid did man freedom and don’t spite him regardless of the situation dats ur bbyfada.. Leave Tracy to time because. Every month she get a new and better competition that is what keeps her fire sparking. :hoax :kimpoi

  • Observer says:

    gwaan chu philly unnuh juss a wake :clock:

  • new new says:

    Obviously the senda BLIND!!!! only one could pass is the 1 in the black n white bodysuit it looks different.

  • two mouth gutter fr bronx says:

    Lo rass michi n glamour this a nuh bou them dis a bou d big ole grandma aka big bird donna so what the f000 if she repeat r clothes she a try atleast she na go store go tief she black n beautiful uno love stray argument n stop call up d man name him must come bk a road jail nuh mek fe dog him prolly a live betta dan u n yes philly av a gd hair dresser r name rossy who no like this post can follow me on Twitter so me can cuss out uno rass @2mouthfrbronx

  • LadyWoW says:

    yess senda dem look like dem get some rest. I really am nit feeling the Big bird body suit. tooo much goin on there

  • Anonymous says:

    dont forget pinky when talking about fashion trendsetters because that big woman always look better than most a phil.young gal dem

  • Anonymous says:

    nasty nickie from the bronx reach a philly now

  • Yah yah says:

    Style a style & fashion a fashion dem Nuh ready yet big bird a look fi u cause u want tek over him stardom further more that dress maker mess u up the 1 wid the tattoo pls tek she down her foot look like burnt cow foot pls nobody don’t tun up deh so,

  • two mouth gutter fr bronx says:

    As a matter mi woulda pull out my gun if one dress maker mek diss ya big bird out fit ya ca me wouldn’t walk out look so who ever mek dis wicked smh him couldn’t show u one betta style elmo outfit woulda look betta

  • Anonymous says:

    Shining star an tyesh stop call up Donna Gucci an blackie name, just true unuh Nuh guh a di ooman party unuh a send in file an chat shit. Tyesh talk bout how yuh nearly get yuh ass beat a junior party Saturday night an boops haffi defend yuh cause yuh did fraid. All u you horing star bobby left yuh horing ass a gwaan tuh him young girl weh betta Dan ur horing ass. Yuh Nuh shame, no mi fi got seh hore like u Nuh have no shame. Yuh new crew weh u an Chrissie an tyesh a hang out now lol if I laugh I pop up. All unuh worthless an gay anyway. Mi wauh Kelly beat all a unuh all yuh duh a chat di girl.

  • Anonymous says:

    too bad marsh dont look good,most of the time she look like a nice old lady u should have said kelly name instead when talking about fashion trendsetter

  • EPIC fail from one to all not one person on here look good…jus my opinion!

  • Anonymous says:

    @HATERAID-Bitch shut the f== up bout Burgs car get towed because him nah pay ticket. Bitch you didn’t know why his car got towed and he never once disclosed the reasons on FB, so shut the f=== up! As far as Tracey playing pon ppl phone ur just going off assumption, Keisha never once seh who was playing on her phone but yuh wah come dash out false news. F== off!! Is it a f=== yuh a look from Burgs or what? Yuh siddung a watch di ppl dem page before yuh go find sumtin fi soak yuh done out p== inna!! Ya’ll bitches disgust me!!

  • Anonymous says:

    PS- None a dem nuh look good a bloodclaat!! a bout time dem stop go a dressmaker and start buy clothes instead of paying $50 to make that piece a trash weh dem a wear. Keisha Glama-Please start stay home if yuh dont have nothing to wear come a road!! I am tired of seeing you in that Blue dress, it dont matter how much different way yuh wah wear it, it is the same f0000ing blue frock!!
    Blackie-You do not look like Rihanna and surely not her size so please tell me why yuh affi swagger jack the zebra suit(RUDEBOY VIDEO).
    Donna Gucci-No words fi yuh, yuh mussi did a audition fi replace Big bird off a SESAME STREET.
    Tia Quality-Nuh matter weh yuh do the tattoo nah go hide the stretch mark dem pon yuh thigh. How the f0000 yuh get stretch mark on your thigh????
    Overall the whole a unnu need fi pack up inna one barrell and get rolled down one hill!!!

  • Hellooo says:

    @any 1:42
    You either got ur info wrong or you need goggles fi see betta. Tyesh was not warring wid no was boops and verna. Unuh need fi stop chat f0000ery and tell ur family/fren fi loew di gal. So what if she f0000 woman and she Neva yet meck a move pan ones unuh junior yet. Obviously unuh too crawney or unuh. Ano fi har type. Donna mi tink you wah fukk Tyesh cause it bunn you di most Meckk. You no stop carry feelings fi di gal. You are a big woman ole enuff fi be har madda a nd you a gwann like you neice dem when you see di girl. Go get a life man. Matter a fact go look fi you mate dem and go teck out ur stress pon dem.

  • Anonymous says:

    @3:32 shut the f000 up an stop suck dutty tyesh p–, tyesh is a f— punk from long time seh think true she a hang wid lesbian dem cyaa save are. Lol oh please all y’all bitches need to get a f– life Instagram an Facebook alone unuh bad pon. Yuh notice dem Nuh really guh out Nuh dem fraid fi get beat up from blackie dem.

  • Old ass donna gucci u need to stay home now.u hav how many grand kids big bird?

  • No Joke says:


  • Kel says:

    They all look ah mess. Donna dat Neva wear gucci what the hell you was thinking when you made that outfit. Yuh know yuh fat suh stop wear clothes fi show it up. Yuh duh the lap band and it was a waste of money. Donna yuh stay bad. Blackie I’m not feeling that outfit on you. What is that dripping down Tia’s leg? Veachy aka bleachy why you and yuh crew stay wearing black? Guess yuh aware black Mek people look slim and hide most of the flaws.


    @Met, WHY DEM PHILISTINES YAH SO AWFUL MAN???? As a post go up bout dem, all hell bruck lose and everybaddie name get dawb up!!! sass chrise man…

  • Observer says:

    mi seh a dem seh mixxxxxxx


    @Zerva, dem nuh ave nutten bout dem.. no loyality no nutten, dem juss mix, cus and blend di whole entourage, all who nuh ina di pic or story to…What a set a kancrow dem eeh???

  • Observer says:

    kancrow too nice a wurd fi dem


    di girl inna di black/white onesie outfit maddddddd it up (don’t know her atall) but di 2nd 2 last picho shoes a bun are to claaat….yung gal wear yuh size, yuh no see yuh look nervous like yuh a tremble from di agony!

  • Empress B~ says:

    [email protected] 6:47, dat mi dida pree tuh smh. Dem comments ya a beat Kiladelfia bad lol

  • Little Willie says:

    Di black and white body suit looks good. Mek mi guh look pon di lady weh a wear it. Neva even notice her.

  • Addicted says:

    If Rosie Bogle a the best hairdresser a Philly i dont want to see the worst.


    Shining star not even di young boy u caan hold something wrong with u pussy OLD gyal shining star stop trouble di young pretty girl on Instagram true a she bobby want

  • dick r harde says:

    is it a strange form of poetic justice with the girl in the black and white outfit?…..i mean…am i di only one dat notice di heart is right which part her pum pum deh?…..lmfao

  • Anonymous says:

    if i laught i piss up my self them say under THIEVING TIA look like when ice truck a drip a jamaica , and she need to fix are rotten teeths in are mouth , cause are mouth stink bad , are is the different different sperm juice them that she is swollowing why are mouth so stink ?

  • guhsukyuhmadda says:

    bwoy even wen di girl pictcha nuh deh pon yah and unnu still a call di girl name!!!!!!!!!!! it look like yall mad she neva ask fi suck unnu dutty hole….all unnu a talk di gyal a wuk and mine har pickney dem…some a unnu a suck dick everynite and unnu still live home wid unnu parents…question is weh unnu a suck dick fah.. nuh dance nuh miss sum a unnu!!!!!!!! and nuh live nuh weh…da mon dem inna dance nuh stop f— unnu and come a road and talk…all bleach out donna….yuh ugly nuh f—k…yuh tooo f—ing ole fi still a duh young gyal things…guh sit yuh ole big bird looking ass dung, fi yuh time up!!!!!!!

  • yes man says:

    I’m here just laughing my ass off, you see how the Junjo family love trouble people and you see it now you run go post the picture them on pink wall thinking you going to get a good reviewand a talk bout how Philly gal dem look good. Well a good fi yu. From Donna Gucci (big bird) in the yellow do the surgery and lose the 2 pound she think she hot with her old ass lol and as fi Blacky (the zebra in Madagascar) black and white body suit do her breast and get the butt shots she think she on top well see deh you guy flap yuself.

  • Real Talk says:

    Somebody need fi tell bloodclaat Donna say fi tek off dah f—ing lipstick deh now,, f—, mi tired fi see on her rass mouth is not like it look good.

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