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Press Release:
Snoop Lion Opens Up to Multi Media Personality Nikki Z

Reggae enthusiast Snoop Lion gave the infamous “Diva Of Media” Nikki Z, a very candid interview for both WZMX Hot 93.7 and her syndicated World Caribbean Countdown, “Nikki Z’s Hot 20”, heard in Africa, the Caribbean, and throughout the USA.

In the interview, Snoop discusses his motivation behind doing a reggae project and states, “I’m going to make reggae get so big so the whole world respects reggae music”. Snoop notes and explains the significance of the track ‘Lighters Up’ featuring known musical rivals Mavado and Popcaan. He addresses the importance of artists uniting through music and not separate the masses

Snoop Lion’s career began in 1992 under his official moniker “Snoop Dogg” with the release of the Dr. Dre produced ‘Chronic’ album with tracks like “What’s My Name”, “Gin & Juice”, “Deep Cover”, and “Murder Was the Case”. Indeed, Snoop was more known for his gangsta flare for the majority of his career. In the compelling interview with Nikki Z., Snoop discusses why reggae helped bring him get closer to family and closer to peace. Snoop Lion documented his journey with “Reincarnated” documentary scheduled for release March 15th.

In regards to the controversy involving Bunny Wailer, he simply said, “ I didn’t hear any disrespect out of Bunny Wailers mouth, all I can do is say I love Bunny Wailer, I love him more today than yesterday”.

In the candid interview, Snoop opens up about legendary rapper/actor Tupac and says if Tupac were alive, he would be one of the greatest film makers of our time. He also reminisced with Nikki Z. on the fact that Tupac was at times misjudged, doubted by industry big wigs, and referred to the infamous rumor to the controversial alleged HIV test Janet Jackson requested of Tupac for the film “Poetic Justice”. Snoop says Tupac was ahead of his time and a revolutionist.

When Asked about the interview with Snoop Lion, the ever impressive diva had this to say, “I too was a skeptic, as I told him. But listening to him and watching the documentary showed me at the end of the day, it’s all about love”.

If you missed this eye opening interview on Hot 93.7, you can catch it on Nikki Z’s Hot 20 Countdown, a syndicated Caribbean show airing on FM stations across the Caribbean, Africa, as well as the USA and Online. Nikki Z’s Hot 20 is also available to your mobile device via ITunes. In addition to the Hot 20, you can catch Nikki Z Friday mornings at 8am on Ct’s #1 Hip Hop Station Hot 93.7 ,mixing it up for the highly rated “Reggae Ride To Work”.

She is not your ordinary Diva and she doesn’t deliver your ordinary everyday Interview or radio show! Nikki Z’s journey to radio didn’t happen overnight. She joined the army at age 17 and even did a 6 month tour in Saudi Arabia. She became one of the top media personalities in Jamaica doing mornings on ZIP FM and even went on to produce the hit record “Don’t Cry” for Mavado. Back in the USA, she worked with the Syndicated Wendy Williams show while it was on production in Hartford. She is one of the most respected, hard driven and hard working DJ’s/entertainment reporters/media personalities in the world covering Caribbean Music and Beyond.

Snoop Lion Interview – Talks Janet Jackson/Tupac Aids Test Rumor (Officia Clip) from Nikki Z on Vimeo.

24 Responses to REGGAE SAVIOUR?

  • smh says:

    smh! gweh wid yuh old pimp self and cream hair bout rasta kmt.

  • oh,well says:

    How’s he gonna be the “saviour of Reggae” if it doesn’t seem that anybody coming out of Jamaica right now is close to saving reggae? Snoop needs to recognise that it’s because everybody is following the derivative HIP POP model that he promotes as a money making endeavour and not a love of music why music today, including dancehall isn’t as good as it used to be or could be. If he was sincere, he would be more humble. Then again, out of all of the music pimps, why should I expect him alone to be humble when nobody else seems to be?

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    Nikki Z the dancehall mattress aka pass round donkey

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Very well stated @Oh Well

  • Met says:

    mi jus waa know if dem nuh f—ing know reggae is a jamaican thing…so mi waa know how him fi mek our thing di biggest and it older dan him????????

  • Met says:

    Mi did supportive when him come and seh him good fi di music but all like dis now bout make reggae blah blah..are u f—ing kidding me?

  • Met says:

    Rap is not authentic. Reggae is and mi sure there is no where in the world where a rap artist is more respected than a rap artist coming out of America so mi waa know is when Reggae send call some a dem?

  • Met says:

    Yuh si why yuh cannot open door fi some a dem doe because when u bring a dog ina di house him jump and lick yuh mouth and all dese tings..some mongrel fi tan outa door dem cyah pass di step

  • smh says:

    alright! from cream hair walking with the magic stick and gal a grammy a walk like a dog.hey pimp yuh try gawn go look fi yuh bitches them and continue rap bout money and tap that ass and leggo affa jamaica and rasta shirt if yuh know weh good fi yuh dogshit.

  • Met says:

    him a get tuh much like dem a move ova and gi him too much room…all now mi nuh si him up close and personal a try reggae-fi himself a ja

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I feel the same Met but if you go back into the history of hip hop, reggae was the foundation on which it’s laid. I take personal affront to him acting like he has put reggae on the mop. Even if another reggae artist never comes out of Jamaica, my husband BOB is a legend and will be remembered when Snoop and all memories of him fade from this earth. Snoop is looking a resurrection for his 90’s name. Snoop died when Tupac did and cannot come back. A decade ago my husband Pharell gave him a bit of CPR and that was it for Snoop. He is riding on his 90’s fame and his affiliation with my husband Tupac, and frankly I find his attempt to hijack a culture with so much rich history in our music that he would never be able to comprehend without proper translation, pathetic!
    (And onuh don’t dare ask mi a how much husband mi have)

  • smh says:

    niiki z u please me a beg yuh mumma just try go and have a seat cause me wouldnt even waste my time on a f— truck like u the whole entertainment industry a yard know of u that u are a under cover prostitute

  • Met says:

    Foxy u know Snoop a di only rapper mi will listen to..just because of how smooth his voice is..But him a get too brite now and mi nuh waa haffi go dig up di history and trace him..He wants to do a form of music that already has a level of respect..The most he can do is show more people why people respect our music but fi make such a statement..Him fi go sit down. Yuh right as usual , he cannot even comprehend the basic language of the music nor speak it..What time did he give himself to commit to Reggae?

  • good girl gone bad says:

    I agree with ur 726 comment totally met!! I find snoops comment to be disrespectful to the reggae greats that first brought reggae music to the world and continue to bring it, Bob, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Beres, etc. And like foxy said hip hop comes from reggae so how can it not be respected?? Him need fi get real.

    Mi nuh know how Foxy ah run in pon mi husband dem smh. lol

  • Met says:

    3gb this what u call flying way past ur nest him rude man

  • Anonymous says:

    All of a sudden niki z a saint. A whore is just a damn whore. Who knows how she landed this interview.

  • Met says:

    lawd man….suppose she change har ways? if someone change u cannot keep them in a place where they aren’t

  • Cc says:

    Snoop nuh too smart enuh suh prolly it nuh comout di way him ment it to, most Yankee si America as di world, is jus in di 90s nuff a dem realize seh basket ball is not the world biggest sport, African American dont giv reggae di respect it deserve… a mean white ppl respect reggae music more so Dan dem, African American only wi jump pon somn weh popula in di dancehall and even so dem dont giv us di credit, mi tink dats di perspective him a view it from, suh him a try be di one fi teck it to dem

  • Cc says:

    One ting com cross my mind wen mi si snoop a pass chalice wid di Ras dem, mi wonda if dem even know di amount crotchies snoop mouth corell lol

  • Malaika says:

    Bless up @Anonymous just to satisfy your curiosity she landed the interview by scheduling it with the management company

  • Anonymous says:

    Hllo Met, and follow Metters. Que pasa mi amigos? bwoy i am not telling nuh lie, me kina like snoop still. i am looking into what he is saying in a different contex, at the end of the day him naa really lie still, me teck whea him seh bout “respect” as that, in the music industry, reggae music generate a hugh following yet still how many reggae acts feature pan mtv? look how many good reggae artist out there and still yet them naa feature them inna main stream. You nuh seh when grammys are giving out, the reggae section is not even shown on national tv. you only seen it in the written credits. that is bad and totally unacceptable!! Is that yuh call disrespect. Therefore, prabably weh him a seh is that himma guh advocate feh a change inna the circumstance meh just mention. Snoop large whatever way weh waa teck it, and he will have a lot of influence, in life is not what yuh know but who yuh know. Jamaica a wan blessed country is, just that yuh have some little idiots out there a gwan wid tuh much violence. The music weh come from deh is world reknown, cause weh have it lock like dat. For our music feh impressed an artist like Snoop as a yakee from back inna the days kind a good still. The more exposure weh get feh it is the better, cause little local artist might be able to get an easier bus, as more people start gravitate to it, it will cause more demands feh different artist. Plus meh dont feel nuh way seh himm a gravitate towards rastafarianism, its all good, a rasta meh seh. When yuh look at the bigger picture, yuh seh our little dot weh deh inna the carribbean sea, weh name JAMAICA , is an extreamely influential place when it comes to music. Gwan through Snoop Lion, yuh large. Dont feel nuh way still, one day soon, My artist and yuh ago get nominated together fe a grammy, and is then yuh a guh seeh the real deal.LOLOLOL… A music weh seh.”music alone shall live, never shall die”

  • Met says:

    If I am your mother how can you think that you are greater than me when I gave birth to you? It is this kinda thinking why people question God. it is because in their mind they have seemingly made strides that are of value to them but don’t see that there is and was a greater force behind them. Come into our music yes and respect us yes…make way that people will appreciate our music more yes. You cannot make something great that gave birth to you the offspring. Before rap was recognized worldwide Reggae was universal. Our strides to get compensated for our music does not defeat its greatness and that is the only thing Snoop can bring to the table for us. More money. At the end of the day, Reggae was the music of poor people and the culture was that of the slaves that dug its foundation centuries ago. Snoop has no bearing whatsoever on that. So that is where I will draw the line. No matter how far I get I will always have to recognize my mother I cannot look back and say I will make my mother greater than me because she already is…Just because she gave birth to me. As I said I really do not want to get into a lamentation on this because America like Jamaica and many other cultures have a culture of disrespect, some in different forms but most of Americans feel like people like us Jamaicans are beneath them..even though they emulate and are secretly jealous of how we are to an extent because in the twinkle of an eye they will not fail to unleash their disrespect..and you cannot love someone or something and want to be like it in some ways..and disrespect..dat mean your feelings are twisted. This is the main reason why I have kept my patois close, you will never hear me trying to yank because I love my culture way too much. I speak clear English which is good enough. Reggae is not like rap that has the underground oolalah and the glamorization of a certain lifestyle. It is a music with a history of the people, their stuggles and strides put in song and if you who were never a part of that think your spin off is greater than that wellllllllllll..I close my door to you

  • Real says:

    Basically …they are looking to reggae to produce another genre of music dem can teef it and seh they created it like they did rap music aka toasting

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Aaahhhmmm Snoop said “I’m going to make reggae get so big so the whole world respects reggae music”.

    Robert Nesta Marley already did that, so what exactly do we (Jamaica) the creators of reggae music need Snoop for. He needs to get the f000 outta here with that crap & stop discounting what my many artistes have done to make reggae what it is.

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