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13 Responses to TAILOR MADE

  • Belly Bang says:


    :cool Met, ah want yuh leave Gregory alone. Him ah nuh nuh tailor or dressmaker, him ah fashion designer and him mek clothes fi ebby bady, from woman to di cross dresser dem. And him move among ebbybady, very very popular inna untown, downtown, inna dancehall etc etc. Yuh memba the series wah run wid the whole heap ah cross dresser dem “He Say She Say”, well ah him ah di designer.

    If yuh nuh mind sharp, ah mussi him rub up dah outfit deh also fi himself and the woman. :nerd

  • soap opera says:

    more like hand made, literally sewn by hand

  • goodso says:

    The design concept of the dress is not bad..but the execution of it needs work…

  • ISpy... says:

    ISpy met thats gregory and Deandra famous killer weh stab and kill har man..but met yuh nuh she a not even 27 yet ohhhhh..from ´wah deh mi see she a promote him clothes dem hard

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    Ok, the 2 in the front didn’t finish make their outfits, but what’s going on with the lady in the back of them? What going on with the bottom part of her outfit? Somebody please fill me in on this one.

  • pretty says:

    This man is such a nice person, i’ve been knowing him years now although we are not close nor where we ever friends i just see him he is handsome

  • Just a Fass says:

    Mi nuh knw him but ni knw that gyal yah good good. She kill mi friend brother and did deh a jail. old rass murderer….RIP mi fren

  • Taliban says:

    All mi know him get very very brown cuz him black like MC nuffy (FACTS). I know nuff more tings, but if mi ever open mi mouth him family ago know sey a mi….good yuth doh, dispite him short comings

  • Taliban says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Gregoryyyyy :peluk

  • Observer says:

    a wol heep a made deh ere suh yuh hav “chemically made, surgically made, and artificailly made” :nohope:

  • Anonymous says:

    excuse me miss are you wearing bottoms?

  • Taliban says:

    As wah mi sey a good yuth, him look affa him madda …a from him a go a school mi know sey when him mek it, him madda nuh go suffer atal…mi respect him fi dat

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