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  • Cindy Royal says:

    Now dat dem saying, in di police man case, dat video dat can’t be authenticated CANNOT be used as evidence, mi a wonda now how di Kartel case aguh guh wid di video weh di police seh dem have. Dem seh dem have a witness, dem betta or else mi nuh si how dem can convict him.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Now I can’t profess to Mr. Palmer’s innocence or guilt but I must say I am beginning to doubt the police organization because if u had the evidenc (which u would need to have before u make the arrest) why is this been drawn out n so much energy is being used to create all these little things if u are sure that he is in fact a killer? Pls serve justice n do it properly n do not mess up someone’s life even if he is a scum n bottom feeder as long as he has not killed anyone try the case n stop manipulating the situation.

  • tell di truth says:

    I think this is a personal vendetta against the artist I really think person or persons are out to get him namely Isaiah liang because why is it a man like the x5killer who we all know murder the young man was given bail but Mr palmer is not able to obtain bail on these circumstancial evidences its clear that they want to teach him some kinda lesson I hope justice will prevale cause god don’t like ugly let’s pray for him #justsaying

  • Foxy Lady says:

    The man is guilty for everything he has been accused of. The trick is proving it when bodies have been incinerated and witness intimidated and complicit in many of the wrong doings themselves.
    Kartel belongs where he is and if the system fails to lock him away, he will only be convinced of his invincibility and there will be many more loss of lives at his hands. Let him cry me a river.

  • Muta should a read ouve the man letter first, him don’t to the letter no justice.

  • Original Goodas says:

    exactly foxy. The GAza followers them a intimidate the witness so them drawing back them statements. The people them fraid fid em life. this f—er is so guilty its unbelievable.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Ahh Foxy how do you know he’s guilty? I would really like to be in the know too? #justasking

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Tawkcheut, I’m intimately connected to this case. It’s what brought me on JMG to begin with. It’s why I first started blogging. I won’t say much more, but trust me Mami, when I don’t know something, I don’t comment or I ask questions. Believe me. I KNOW EVERYTHING.

  • Met says:

    Foxy know fi fi sure chuet

  • Foxy Lady u need to shut up. Them need to give the man a fear trial or release the man. Guilty or not.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I will not dignify a duncebat who cannot even construct an elementary sentence. Maybe Kartel should send you to Jamal. FEAR is what Kartel induces in people. Under the laws of the land, he should be given a FAIR trial.

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Imma say this Vybz may be guilty or not but the police look pretty guilty too. All of a sudden the case falling apart (whether by intimidation or lack of evidence) & dem a try rope him up while they have him in jail. All i know is Vybz betta turn his life around if he gets outta jail. Sometimes God puts you through trials & tribulations to turn your heart & actions towards HIM.

  • Met says:

    same so whey day mi hear di song whey him sing fi mavado whey name barber bwaay.. him go shoot offa vado and sing bout it kmt :travel

  • Met says:

    But Kartel has been singing and releasing songs from jail via voice note so mi nuh understand why the dramatization bout the phone..They know he has been using a cell phone

  • Met says:

    They are not lying on Kartel what has happened is that they have known about his deeds but wanted to use the evidence to extort money from him, he did not want to comply so that is why he was jailed

  • Met says:

    For those who know Jamaica, know that there is no real justice there, many people connected to the case ie. di funeral blah blah ………………blay… and di one whey keep di blah blah ……………… party whey did supposed to provide boat etc..they have all been extorted from what I hear..they paid their ……….. so these things have weakened the case but the basis of the case is not a lie. It is just that they wanted the young man to come up with millions and he rejected

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Ms. Met him lawyer claim sey how along time di sond dem do..see that woman a wonder which part a hell she ago sit down a must the gate wid the gate keeper Kartel..

  • Met says:

    ispy all pan tommylee riddim? :ngakak

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Battered women always chat f—ery enuh Ispy. Is like di lick dem weh dem get tun dem fool, suh nuh watch har.

  • Anonymous says:

    mr palmer a feel it now. him realize dat worl fuget about he. praying 4 us all.
    i dont think muta was effectively able to deliver the tone and the message.

  • Cc says:

    Blessed day everybody….idk of a thirdworld country weh di judicial system nuh corrupt…cases like dis nuh easy fi get dun cuz yuh dealin wit a person who is a superstar and a boss who is very influential in di streets, suh yuh find seh nuff ppl aguh Fraid fi com forward witness an dem family, frens etc. get intimidated, ppl within di system a tek bribe fi pervert di course of justice and anyweh di money slow dung it affect di progress of di case, a nuff man remand longer Dan kartel wid no trial date in sight but jus cuz dis is about kartel ppl ready fi trow tempa tantrum…as fi di fone ting comon son really? Lol kartel a di most important prisoner in deh (interms of status) suh him more need to communicate wid ppl a road

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Cindy yuh know mi dey yah a wonder if a she har husband di beat and bruck har hand..mi just ask mi co worker if a she enuh..thank you Cindy mi know why she like talk fart so

  • G says:

    suh hw smogel ah duh up har body and kartel nave no money fi pay lawyer?
    hmmm i wonder if him jail cell gwine ketch fiya? kartel mine dem mek solder beat yuh agen yup di same shit up jamaica system turned him into what he is and wen he gett too powerful he gets locked up jus like alwaysdi same cycle repeats itself in that country and always will. di shitsem nuh luv ghetto yute if hes in jail why di police dem weh did ah tek di bribe from how long nuh diddeh?

  • G says:

    some many yute look up to him as a ghetto yute dat mek it so if y take that away what hope do they have. yuh soon start hear did wikkid ppl waan extradite bolt dem jus dying fi seh him ah tek summn

  • front row seat says:

    Good day Met and metters. As much as I didn’t want to make a comment, I have to after listening to this letter being read by Muta. The Jamaican justice system NEEDS to get their shit together. Let me say this, I am not a Gaza fan, nor a Vybz kartel fan either, but what is really the hold up. Is either the man guilty or not. From 2011 dem have him lock up, every time him guh court him case get put off. I am sure there are other inmates that are going through the same situation as well. What the hell is going on down there. Dem get more than enough time fi bring forth the evidence weh dem seh dem have pon di man. As I said earlier is either him guilty or not but dem have him and others lock up like dog dung a pound. Right now it look like everything a fall apart and nobody have nothing to say. The family of the deceased need closure and this need fi move on now.

    On the other hand Kartel thought that this was gonna be a breeze because him get lock up already and him walk free in days. I mentioned this in a few post before this one, this is a clear sign that man have no power. He has now gotten the chance to look into himself and figure out and question “who am I?”

    The bottom line is this can this case and the case of others please proceed. We have to do better, this has been going on for far too long. Him fi guh trial now, the world wah know Is either him guilty or not!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jamaican people like hears say they not even lookin at the big picture let`s take out the fact that it is VYBZ KARTEL how much more people are in jail who is not getting a fair trail…..and most of the vybz kartel hater`s are main once when his song come on in the dance deh bruk out hypocrites i get to realize if people in Jamaica do not like u they wish for the worst for u i would like to hear the victims family`s speck more than people whom are bias and consumed with hate.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Buckfield Residents Happy Cop Freed Of Murder

  • Anonymous says:

    Is either Kartel caaan write…or Muta caaan read…jah kno rasta, di man dem need fi guh back to JAMAL.

  • PPL busineSS says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh ok Foxy I can understand on your part but be it Kartel or any one they should be afforded a fair n timely trial. Metsy thanks for answering I took the day off but can I stay awake lol tyiaad work get real busy these days but the project will be done in a next week thank God

  • Riches says:

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, even if someone was present at d “murdering” according to Kartel, if the evidence is not presented, which assuming in this case cant be presented, justice cant be dispensed. Kartel or no Kartel dis speaks volume abt the state of our justice sytem. God will gi im his judgement if im guilty but let the law take its course too much of us are judge,jury and executioners

  • Keisha london says:

    @ Riches, it was so good to read a comment from someone who sounds intelligent. I’m not a Kartel fan, however if one is certain of another man’s guilt, it should be proven by a fair trial. We Jamaicans love to judge without knowing facts, and if you weren’t at the scene that means its hear sey. And this is y Jamaica will never get better, due to instances such as this. Each man to their own, sinners leave all judgements to God.

  • Anonymous says:

    When someone kill a family member of urs,hope this will be your statement

  • G says:

    if someone kill my family member and they claim to have video evidence i wouldnt want the case to take 2 year or more to got to trial

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Asking a man not to judge is asking the man to discard common sense and his God given capacity to use his brain. What we do on JMG everyday is to cast judgement one way or another by picking sense out of nonsense.

    When you drive, you use judgement to determine when to brake, accelerate or swerve. If you have a personal opinion, that’s fine, we are all entitled to it, though you know they’re like assholes and pure shit comes out.

    But walking up in here to spew some nonsense about leaving judgement to God just irks the crap outta me. When they murder your ass, we won’t judge the killer, we’ll give him a free reign to go kill again.

    Some people just have a way of making emotions cloud their capacity to use their damn brains. People a tell yuh sey dem know facts and yuh still a chat shit!

    Anyday they throw your ass upon pink wall lying cold somewhere, know now, that we won’t be judging the killers sins, dumb ass.

  • Met says:

    But mi seh people like use the term ”do not judge” loosely u si man. You cant judge something that can be proven or what is infront of your face..Judgement in the bible means making a conviction based on on your assumption which is prone to fault because we are human..That is why God says to leave it to him. Kartel should be given a fair trial but what a lot of people missed from what I said is that many of the witnesses were extorted and of course dat a go mek di case weak at the end of the day murders did happen and if sitting in jail fi a small amount a time a all one person a go get……oh well. If this man’s own dog bite him just because he was running trying to get the other guy who had scaled the fence…Greater powers were at work right there and then so as unfair as it may seem to many there must have been a great amount of wrong doing going on. Which pet attacks its owner that is seemingly defending himself?

  • Cham says:

    Muta cyah read

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Muta just decided that he will read the letter but not with the fervor n conviction that Kartel would have liked it to b read

  • Chocolate says:

    some things came to light and some things are still hidden. If only “Waterford” streets could talk

  • Too much says:

    Really don’t matter if we think him guilty or not. They will have to prove it, and he does deserve a fair trial. every man facing charges is to be given the right to be heard. That is a fundamental right given to any man facing the court. With him now…….they continue to drag it out. I don’t care either way about his guilt or lack there of, but rass man, if u have the evidence they claim to have….send it to trial and let a jury decide. Every man deserves that.

  • ace says:

    Don’t worry dj even if you get life it was written and that’s the way it should be. If some ppl that say they are involved in this case is on the internet talking shit they need to stop, plus what will the police do with the wickedness and them family after the trial is over. Are they going to protect them from not you but your so call “thugs” that will be looking for pay back. What I am thinking about is if they found three phones in your cell you should have known about it and your layer would not even think of applying for bail.

    Muta dem need to open back jamal again with you at the top of the class not as a teacher but as a student. And if you did not want to read the man letter you should not have done it because you reading it sound as if you can’t read and I am sure if this man did not respect you he would never ask you to let the public hear about his situation via letter. So duty bear foot bobo dread go brush you teeth, put on shoes and go sit down at the front of the class!

  • Humble says:

    Met, i don’t know if Kartel is innocent r guilty. But the JCF is very corrupt. The same Caribbean search team came to my house, n found nothing. They held my vehicles, which they later released. Intimidate my spouse, threaten my bro and even tried to assassinate me. I av never been arrested, or do i av any criminal records. Met, the moral of my story is the JCF or fabricators n liars….

  • ace says:

    The funny thing about kartel case and his situation is that even before he was arrested many of the so called “FACTS” about the case was on the internet. So to me it seems as if the ppl dem that say they are close to the case was in the planning of these charges. Just thinking to myself bacause I have been following this case for sometime.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Ace, how could people be in the planning of the charges? Couldn’t it be that when many people are involved in wrong doing and those same people turn against them, that they will likely talk to others out of fear and just in case anything happens then this is what it is. People don’t keep their mouths shut, when they may not go to the authorities about crimes, the streets are usually very well aware of what is transpiring. Look how many people die everyday and while the police have made no arrest, half of Jamaica can tell you who killed who and over what.
    Look at the Dudus case, look how many people came right here to talk of his many transgressions and things they knew of, yet none of those people had gone to the authorities out of fear of their lives or because they themselves were involved in some form.
    This ain’t tv,, this is real life with many lives on the line and believe it or not, no matter how bad a man is, nobody wants to die.

  • Keisha london says:

    @ foxy lady, to use your common sense does not mean to judge, especially in a case as this. What we sometimes do on JMG has nothing to do with this. This a serious case, as lives has been lost. As I said before I’m not a fan, however don’t assume that someone is guilty due to hear sey and to know the facts is either you were there r Kartel Himself tell u. I don’t give a fppk about what irks the crap outa u, like Met said God sey leave it to him. FYI when intelligent ppl make judgements they evaluate different evidence and in this case there’s none been presented. I’m just saying give d man a fair trial, whether him guilty r not. Was not having a go at anyone, just casting an opinion as u did, however u got personal. As I said before know the facts before u pass a judgement because at the moment your looking like the dumb ass to be responding so personally to a situation that has nothing to do with the I.

  • adwa says:

    den…a so satan a flop him big time, all-powerful disciple so? mek di teacha all haffi a cry cree to muta? but see yah!!! what a difference a year and a half makes….mnl

  • Trouble mekka says:

    On some real if y’all don’t knw the justice system just plz stoping talking . A case like this can take years to be fully prepare not just jamaica America does this all the time and some time without bail… Study the laws of the land… All Jamaican need to do if them want to keep him lock away give him a excessive bail which you know he probably can’t afford.. Nex he does deserve a fair trial like we all do because not man knw really what took place. When you try to leave the life of a don in jam this is what come with it which we commonly see accur in jam….listen clean up the system implement a system where as if you threaten a wickness 15 yrs no question ask if you tamper with evidence or a case the same thing… Jam need if put so real punishment on the bully and badman mentality… Some a dem fi guh jail fi some simple shit then they with know not to intervene in real situation….

  • ace says:

    Foxylady I will not say he is innocent or guilty however, if you don’t have a good case stop wasting tax payers money. If he is as bad as they say he is he will do it again and you will catch him in the wrong with a solid case. And those same ones that run come to tak as you say out of fear they are the same ones that was ok with what was going on when they were on “his good side”. I have yet to hear kartel cry about anything except wanting a fear trial or bail which I must add is due process to all citizens. Question if someone else had killed kartel would some of you guys still say that his killer should go to jail without bail.

    I have seen comments on this site saying that cop that killed that dude on camera did nothing wrong and no matter what that guy did you don’t kill him like a f—g dog and then walk police or gun man and trust me is they have kartel and his boys killing that kid an tape like that he deserve to be locked up but don’t just say show the public because they can do that and it will not hurt their case.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Ace, we all know life is not fair. We all know that people’s opinions and perspectives are skewed based on their involvement or emotions one way or another.
    There is no such thing as a fair trial. Trials are swayed by money and people’s ability to afford a top notch Ivy league schooled attorney. I can tell you of many big judges that get paid off by defendants through their lawyers. I can tell you that the jury pool can be swayed in the defendants favor or against the defendant. There are too many variable involved to ever delude oneself in thinking that there is a fair trial or judicial system. After-all the burden of proof is only ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’.

    I can’t remember a time when anyone on here has cried for letting a killer go free except in the case of Dudus and Kartel.

    The same ones that talked, the same ones that still to this day refuse to talk, the same ones who are being hunted and in fear of their lives and lives of their family are no saints themselves because prior to shit going wrong, Kartel was God for all of them, they knew what was going on, was heavily involved and felt he was invincible and could get away with anything because of who he is.

    We need to stop defending bad men and known murderers because when they kill your child then you don’t have a foot to stand on. You cannot come here and talk about how corrupt Jamaica is when people like you are rooting for a known murderer. Why? Because he sings lewd lyrics that make you gyrate?
    Is that all it takes to get the masses to defend you?
    How is it no one is championing any substantial causes in Jamaica but you lot are all so vocal about ‘Freeing World Boss’.
    The fppk has world boss done for the youths, But to lead them astray? He needs to be made an example of.
    We should not accept this from our entertainers who, by virtue of their platform have the capability of leading an entire generation astray. You want to be an entertainer, fine. You want to be a gangster, know that the outcome is death or prison and make your bed without the support of the masses.
    It is highly reckless and irresponsible on the part of any person supporting Kartel knowing damn well he is a serial killer!

  • Kiki says:

    I am biased on this because a nuff bad man mi have inna mi corner and I would not like fi dem serve no time. I am not proud of this, but it is the truth, so in good faith I will sit this one out.

  • Tantanbless says:

    Foxy lady am sure you are one of the officer that put kartel in jail how you no so much? Where you present when this killings took place? Stop referring to kartel as KILLER we don’t no for sure if him guilty or not!!

  • Irrelevant says:

    Kartel is still creating a buzz indirectly through his letters to various media outlets. Every prisoner deserves a fair trial, and Kartel situation only highlights the lengthy delays some prisoners endure for a trial. There is people from “third world” Waterford that will tell you Kartel is no saint, and others that will profess his “sainthood”.
    I am not a Kartel fan, however, everyone deserve a “fair” trial.

  • G says:

    We need to stop defending bad men and known murderers because when they kill your child then you don’t have a foot to stand on. i i assume you are speaking about the jcf in this sentence
    You cannot come here and talk about how corrupt Jamaica is when people like you are rooting for a known murderer. Why? Because he sings lewd lyrics that make you gyrate?
    well i dont know bout anybody else but im on his side because he is a hetto yute and a victim of the shitsem as my previous comment stated artist dont make no money through jus music sad but true
    How is it no one is championing any substantial causes in Jamaica but you lot are all so vocal about ‘locking up World Boss’. how will that help Jamaica?
    The f— has world boss done for the youths he helps the youth in his area and shows them its is possible to make it from poverty and aside from his lewd lyrics he does try to give some positive messages through his music he is far from a saint his skin look revolting but he doesnt deserve to be crucified

  • miss lee says:

    not every body who can talk a good talk can read n vice versa. both muta n kartel can talk a good talk. is either kartel cannot express himself on paper as well as he does verbally, and/or muta cannot read. didnt muta read the letter before going on air? sounds as if he is reading ahead of his mouth to select what to or not read. it doesnt even sound as if the letter was read in its entirety. y does kartel feel the need to write a letter to various parties? what is his attorney there for? is this “letter to the public” a strategy to influence potential jurors when the case finally goes to trial? no witness, not enough jurors etc is suspicious. if he is confident in his attorney/defense team, he should just b quiet n gwaan write tune instead a letters. all corruption will come to light at the trial. mine it look like him nuh have no faith inna di country justice system? if no, a wonder y?

  • ace says:

    @foxy lady the you just made prove any point that kartel supporters are making.
    1. You said no fair trail and if so I guess he should be locked up and not be treated lik a human.
    2. You said money and big time lawyer so I guess if kartel money is big enough to pay the lawyers and buy out the jury he should be locked up.
    So I guess for all the youths that get locked in jamaica and are innocent should just stay there because the can’t pay to get out. Baby half of the ppl that were around kartel was just there for a belly full, you also mentioned his music that he sings and clearly you are not a fan because if you were you would know that he don’t sing only about sex.

    What do you think of the cop that killed this man and walk today please let me know because it seems like you come from rich jamaica and ghetto youths life means nothing to you and the powers that be.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I’m not a fan of any music that is not uplifting. I would never dare waste my money on the likes of Kartel. Am I questioning his lyrical or musical ability? No. I think it could have been put to more beneficial use.

    Nothing that you’ve stated makes any proper sense.

    1. Where on earth did you get that he should be locked up and not treated humanely. You cannot just make things up that were never implied or expressed. So I will dismiss that.

    2. Again, you make no sense when you say if Kartel’s money is big enough he should be locked up. What a normal thinking person would have said instead is, more often than not, those with money have a better chance of beating a case as opposed to the ones who must suffer the substandard representation of state appointed attorneys.

    3. You speak rubbish when you say the youths should stay locked up because they have no attorney. Again, what you should have stated is, that many youths that are impoverished and aren’t able to afford top notch attorneys are left to feel the wrath of an unfair judicial system.

    4. Telling me Kartel don’t just sing about sex is tantamount to saying a man doesn’t murder everyday, some days he goes to the beach.

    Though I’ve never lived in the ghetto I feel the plight and sympathize with the ghetto youths and I know it’s being disenfranchised why most choose the path of least resistance. I understand lack of opportunities and needing a way out, however, some of the most successful people I know came from deprivation, they didn’t take that, become menace to society and then blame society and cry about ghetto life.
    If being from the ghetto means that one must condone murderers because of a “belly full” then I can never understand that mentality.
    If ghetto youths life meant anything, there wouldn’t be so much damn crime in the ghetto, they wouldn’t be killing each other. They wouldn’t come to the US and pack barrels of guns and ship back home, so obviously their lives don’t mean much to them.

    I had read the story of the cop and felt it was a miscarriage of justice for him to walk on killing the man, however, upon further reading, the story did state that the man threw a rock and hit him in the nuts (I believe). Again, this youth clearly didn’t value his life. Why on earth would any sensible person throw rocks at an armed individual? Tell me you’re gonna be armed with a gun and have a criminal busting your shit up with rocks and not pull that gun.
    From the account in the paper, it could have been self defense and it could have also been an overuse of power. Now, the man was given a ‘fair’ trial and a jury of his peers acquitted him. That’s the thing about the justice system as I’ve clearly stated above, it is not fair.
    Now do you understand what I meant?

  • teddy says:

    only if we could see the ppl behind these computer jah know!!!free up world boss their is a god. :beer:

  • G says:

    “Though I’ve never lived in the ghetto…” SUH HOW YOU AH MEK SO MUCH COMMENT

  • oh dear says:

    Kartel sounds like is crying out for the public’s help, he is trying to rally up an army in his defense. Since he is an atheist i wonder who he prays to or what faith does he rely on that he will be seen through his time of trials and tribulations?, if oonu nuh mind sharp gi him couple more months and he will be reporting that he got saved and is a born again christian. I think he is trying to prey on people’s emotions while keeping himself relevant. I hope this teach him a lesson.

  • Real says:

    I did not yet listen to this yet. However, this is always the case. If you don’t pray you will pay.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    It f—INMAZING how onu love run come defen fukery. Onu gwey…de people dem who a mourn fi de victims is who justice a go serve!

    Me see sey some people love when people throw bone gi dem afta dem dun nhame off de meat an grizzle…NIGGER MENTALITY CAN NEVER DIE! Kartel and him fallaraz are a plauge. Behin computa an inna yu face onu ‘worl germs boss’ freedom is condem in life an death….

  • Real says:

    so mi it look like kartel si sitten in deh weh him like……or him a lose him head?? weh di hell him a call out di ppl dem weh have him captive…… mi know seh da bredda yah far from reality …………..he really thinks any one cares …he ha called out di police plus soldiers…he has also breech the act that is suppose to keep him innocent until proven guilty……KARTEL A YU WICKEDNESS AND DI TUMP AND KICK DEM WEH U GI KIM AND THE COUNTLESS AMOUNT OF WOMEN BLOOD AND SANCTITY WEH YU COMPROMISE A DAT HOLD YU HOSTAGE ……..SO BECAUSE DEM TING DEH FINE DEH CANNOT BE PAID …BECAUSE THEY ARE AGAINST HUMANITY ALL IF U COME OUT …YU A GO WISH U DID STILL IN DEH ……..PS …AND STOP SEH U NEVA HAVE NUH PHONE CAW U IN DEHA RECORD AND U DO DI AUDIO PON DI PHONE DEM

  • Keisha london says:

    It’s so sad when ppl that writes intelligent chat so mch rubbish. Sometimes before some a we press post comment, just think before. Everyone have an opinion on every situation, therefore each man to their own. Not because some a we have an opportunity to live a ‘foreign’ we ago criticise another person’s way of life. I, myself have never lived in the ghetto, but I’m aware of what goes on there. No one says free a guilty man, what most ppl r saying is that no matter the consequence, give the man a fair trial. Especially in a highly publicised case like this. Sometimes we Jamaicans know too mch and when it’s all down to the wire we don’t kno f— all. If he’s guilty, of course him arse need fi go prison. All I’m saying is bring in the evidence and stop d f—ery.

  • realthing says:

    I love the law, i love my civil rights n liberty. Even though he is an asshole he deserves a fair n speedy trial, as you all would want for your self and your loved ones. If the X5 man can out pon bail…the same courtesy should be extended to others, the law should not be bent or curved, the law should be blind!

  • Anonymous says:

    He deserves a fair trial but if this dude never get some time to reflect he would be worst than any don ever created inna Jamrock…..jus couple months daddy devil satan soon release u

  • Real says:

    His actions put him behind bars and his actions is what is keeping him there. He has been sending threats to people while in prison and that is the reason why he is being held. Everyone can say he needs a fair trial and he is being held “captive” illegally. However, there is no such thing as a fair trial anywhere in this world. Innocent men are killed because of the emotions of others and are sent to prison also. This man should have been imprisoned a long time ago for the beating of that young girl Kym. He should have been imprisoned for all the pornographic pictures he had circulated around the island. He should have been imprisoned for the other crimes he was involved in and confessed to. At this time only the mercy of God can save him. Which will not happen because he says he is God. Obviously he cannot save himself.

  • Foxy Lady know everyone, go b d witness den nuh r shut d fuk up!!!


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    RMREDBCM…YAH! Fair trial, Speedy, bail? kmbct… hmm, were the victims giving a fair trial? Are the witnesses living in peace until trial? NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

    Cinda block a bum inna yu head like ball and yu getting set on fire while alive….is that a fair deal? I hope the trial is in deed fair and the death sentence is re-established…that is when the scales of justice is balance (wishful thinking).

  • Tantanbless says:

    Foxylady u believe too much and feel u no too much….wondering if you one of the gal him f— and duck…..ease of the man we don’t no if him guilty or not you no so much and can’t present your evidence

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Keisha london says ” It’s so sad when ppl that writes intelligent chat so mch rubbish.”

    Keisha London, it’s a pity you can’t write intelligent and just chat rubbish!

    Tantanbless: You alone can relate to being f—ed and ducked so keep your business to yourself.
    First off, mi nuh f— wid hood rat and if you ain’t college educated, you can’t gimme a phone number let alone touch me.
    Secondly, I would be embarrassed to be seen with such an ugly f—er on my arms, much less to be in bed with idiot.

    Ugly niggas that bleach and have no class or principle may be your thing and that’s fine, after all, some men wouldn’t even look at you so you must take it where you can get it huh?

    G, mi did rate you more than asking such an idiotic question. I know you have better sense than that. A doctor who speaks on Aids, must have aids to know? A lawyer who defends criminals must have broken the law? Don’t be a jackass, I can speak of the ghetto and the frame of reference can be an educated one and not a personal one as in me having lived there.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Big up @ Real

  • Real says:

    Foxy nuff ppl a celebrity by association….Nuff yute deh a jail nah get nuh bail and nobody nah talk fi dem …but dis bwoy weh try him best fi reach a jail everybody a blame govament ….dis a di fairess trial inna history ….WORLD BOSS GET LOCK UP INNA ISLAND JAIL….AND di lawyer oman is so good shi a pretend fi care bout kartel letter writing neva help good good mandela y it a go help dutty annie

  • Keisha london says:

    @ foxy, I’m not even gonna satisfy your ego by answering your dumb ass. Might I add don’t think my comment on intelligence was about you, as your obviously not. ‘Kartel u really a beat dem baddddd!!!

  • F000 u says:

    Unu needs to start talking what you’s kno r stop discriminate. Ya’ll r talking some bias shit.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Keisha London, you just answered didn’t you? But you’re obviously a bit too slow to realize that you can’t respond to say you won’t respond. So once again, my inference has been validated. You’re a retard that ain’t too smart. No surprise there!

  • Tantanbless says:

    @f— & duck lady aka foxy badmine lady..hush u r so bitter hush you must be one of the corn kartel step on.regarless of his exotic looks and his bleaching that has nothing to do with the topic we are discussing ….you keep on saying he is a killer he is guilty ok miss judge & jury what or where is your f—ing evidence ??? All now you cant produce it. I bet you one of those bitches that will tell lie on ppl and send them to prison. Better you shut the f— up and wait for the out come!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Tantanbless……….the funny thing is, while everyone else on the thread was discussing their perspective on Kartel you were the only one wanting to discussing his f—ing!
    You are such an illiterate that revels in throwing around overused words whose meaning was lost upon you.
    Badmind? huh? Should I define that for you?
    Badmind someone who has no freedom, doesn’t know if he’s a man or woman, a person who has no self identity that he must resort to wearing weaves and bleaching his skin, a person who would make me barf?
    I bet you look just like him!
    Why would I wish to appease your desire to know what I know by divulging any information to a nobody as you?
    Check yourself and assume your position, you nobody ass!

  • Observer says:

    lorks foxy dem out fi tek u on but chu mi noe yuh well educated gwaan chu dear

  • Good heart says:

    There is a god above and he knows the truth and everyone will be punished for their wicked act.

  • Real says:

    kartel have di wrong lawyer ……him a get more defence yasso dan inna courthouse…kartel de a jail and he will get no bail….unu fi stop it man unu know seh di man nuh straight and in deh a use cell phone ….di man walk and love ///threaten ppl and hype up him self …..but now him kill di wrong yute and him jus nah come out …..and he is not a fair man so how him fi get a fair trial?? when him deh a waterford and and a kip court and a sentence ppl fi dead dem trial did fair ?? di bwoy all run weh wah journalist and she seh to how di man dem did a gwaan di night because dem call mavado name her life was in danger …..Kartel in deh a nuff yute him sen go a prison so him can do a meet and greet…Who is he why him cah go jail?

  • f u says:

    Observer a well educated person don’t just take on another who simply says fair trial for all. A well educated person don’t go around judging people on the basis of hear sey. A well educated person would look on the contents of this case, then give their opinion if he/ she has one without getting personal. Mayb Kartel has done something to one of his/her family member. But everyone should be able to cast an opinion because that what we’re here to do.

  • Tantanbless says:

    @ foxy lady you are a educated fool. What is your hate for kartel ? that fact that he is a killer as you no and claim or because he bleach his skin and wears weaves like many of us & yourself ? Or the sex song he sing about? you are so educated and yet you straying from the argument .bitch nobody gives a f— if he bleach or wear weaves only you look like you hurt cause when you go to buy your bleaching cream and weave they tell you sorry kartel just buy out the stock . Rest your fingers bitch..will address you when kartel touch road!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Tantanbless……….If I’m gonna be a fool, I opt for an educated one. You idiot are just that, a duncebat with no reasoning ability that fails to see the correlation in anything I mentioned. I must speak ‘rat, bat and cat’ for you to understand but I refuse since I vehemently believe in edifying the ignorant.
    I don’t have to bleach, when the doctor slapped me on my ass when I was born, it was because I was born with everything you lack and desire. No bleaching necessary here, natural complexion and beauty tun up loud!
    Seems like Kartel has been feeding you and your daily sustenance is dependent on him being freed.
    Poor you and your hood rat mentality, but I’m sure you can’t help it. Live in hope and die in despair DUMBO!

  • Anonymous says:

    Give it to them Foxy Lady, a suh dem always waan tek might and beat right as my mother would say. Why should he be exempt from bearing the full brunt of the Jamaican legal system, if he has committed a crime he should pay like everyone else. Yes there are major problems with our legal system, but if one is becoming a menace to society and it’s well being then one should be dealt with according to the laws of the land. Kartel should have picked his choice of being either an entertainer or a gunman, obviously he picked the latter, hence he is rightfully where he deserves to be.

  • Brightlight says:

    Foxy is the best!

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