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Born 05.January.1985, Jemaine Orlando Johnson, Don’t Play is a fast rising deejay who hails from the inner city community of Waterhouse in Kingston. This lyrically potent deejay honed his craft by performing for his peers while attending his Alma Marta, the Pembrook Hall Comprehensive High as well as various community events. Music was Don’t Play’s calling and it came at the most appropriate time as growing up in the harsh inner city streets of Waterhouse was a daily challenge to stay out of trouble and music provided that much needed refuge from all the mayhem around him.

The music of dancehall stars Baby Cham and Mega Banton provided inspiration to the young deejay as he sought to develop his own style and improve his lyrical prowess. Don’t Play showed his class in 2001 when as a young deejay he entered the highly regarded Tastee Talent Trail and was placed as the first runner up which resulted in him making several appearances such as IRIE.FM Road Show as well as many producers and musical practitioners expressing interest in his music.

Presently Don’t Play has a management team which goes by the name Ferronsgroup, and as well as several new singles such as Own don, Buss inna mi head, Touch mi nuh all produced by Frenz For Real Production; for which an extensive marketing campaign will be launced to ensure that Don’t Play makes his musical mark in 2013.

Don’t Play is very pleased with the direction his career is going in and says that he is really living his dream. As someone who likes to connect with fans and supporters, he is encouraging persons who want to reach him to connect with him on his facebook page at
Or send him an email to [email protected]

For Media and Bookings contact my management team,

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  • ZINc fence says:

    sounds good, i like.. but de voice kinda “mavadish” , i dont know if thats the aim but i hope it wasn’t, more over mi will cheer fi it

  • milikeit says:

    yeh mon, milikeit, yes sir. This guy has potential, I only wished he made me here a little bit more of mi ah mi own don. Dis sound good my yute.

  • milikeit says:

    Just listened to own don pon youtube. Good song, mek sense. Fi di independent Don dem. Wi nuh follow back a NO MAN. BAM BAM!! Wi buy wi own tings and nuh travel wid bag a man, kmrt.

  • Yep! says:

    Nice bruk out quint yuh pumpum tune

  • SEXXINESS!!! says:

    im so happy for u my friend, the time has finally come for the WORLDDDD to know who is (DONT PLAY) this is your year.

  • 187 Dem says:

    Him def have a Movado tone when mi first hear di tune, but overall di song nuh sound bad. Wish u all di best inna yuh career & esp yuh come from Waterhouse a my endz dat. Much respect & success my yute.

  • Selassie pickney says:

    chuneeeeeeeeeee and video a shattttttttt…mi loike it!!!

  • bonita 1st lady says:

    Big up Dont play…. ppl tek d time out to watch d artiste…. d video shatt, lots of potential….

  • sexy kim says:

    Mi fren video shot good tune real lyrics it madddd!

  • Lipstick says:

    Sound like him study Beenie Man Catalog though. Not bad the youth has talent.

  • Lipstick says:

    The fisrt song is a bigger hit in Jamaica, but the second song can cross over.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m so proud of u honey, keep doing yuh ting it shottttttt

  • me says:
  • Kerry says:

    Very talented. I know Don’t Play been deejaying for years now, so finally the world will get to hear your talented music. Wish you all the best. You deserved every bit of it.

  • my2cents says:

    Met everytime me come on u site and see the photo of him up top me haffi hurry up and scroll past it. Him couldn’t find a better photo send in? Dash weh d glasses deh please. Anyway, not bad. Kinda like the voice and I liked the little piece I heard from the first song. The next song is ok

  • Met says:

    2cents why? :ngakak

  • my2cents says:

    met mi nuh know, something bout the picture jus mek me feel sick. him look… a way

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