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Whey day when Water King come pan Onstage him seh him a look fi open plaza wid pool hall and office space and all does ambitious tings deh…. Can we hear the status of the loan please? Because nuh plaza nah build di only ting whey a happen is dat ……………..HIM GONE KEEP SUNDAY NIGHT A PRIVILEGE. Party promoting gone a lead a Jamaica ..One ting doe……Di people dem waa know whey him get di money or di go ahead fi keep party up deh because a bay uptown people …….. it look like when u deh a farrin u automatically change status a Ja. Did the girl whey tek him chain and run whey wid it come back? Kaw dem seh sound did put out fi har and ting dat if she doe bring back him chain , vault a go build…… Water King she seh di pay di short so she tek di next best ting :hammer

Mr David Brooks…….di hannarebble abdaminebble…Mr Brux..Mi a wait from Monday fi si if dem really a go put up di video wid Mr Brooks from di 9 miles festivallllll but choo him neva mek di cut…videos are being with-held..Unno si todeh a Thursday and no video correk!…welll..di people dem seh it look like more ile did waa dash because afta Mr. Brux tell di people dem fi do dis do dat pan stage fi di sound system……….him sound like when cockroach a fight under cheese pan..Dem seh him sound terrible and di crowd stand up stiff like a crate a bakkle jus a look pan him suh! But eeery baddie know seh him cannot perform good pan stage suh mi know people neva surprise……….Dem seh him tun roun and shout affa di stage engineer and a cuss bout people a try stop career and all dese tings………….Yuh need more ile in your life Mr. Brooks..or less…because from dem a try stop career till now……. ..


OH SORRY SI DI VIDEO YERE :maho di crowd a move..whey him did waa dem do swing pan stage?


  • Joncrow Belly says:

    I hate when artistes cuss the band when they know they cant perform. Mavado has no stage presence at all.

  • rrrttu says:

    were the f—ing sound at

  • Brightlight says:

    I don’t even want to watch the video. Vado can NOT perform live on stage. Eversince Adidjah done him a Sting I knew I would never care to watch Vado on stage live. Him easily confused and frustrated.

    Watch Vado——> :tabrakan:

  • coco krispie says:

    Yuh think the video is bad, try being there in the flesh. Ughhhh I was falling asleep while he was on stage worse it was COLD AS [email protected]#$%!!!! Not even a two step I wanted to do so I can warm up. And he wrong for saying someone trying to tarnish him….SHUT UP YUH BIG BABY!!! cause the sound also messed up on damian and Marchell Martano and you never hear them cry and complain. :cool

  • my2cents says:

    Met, Mavado is not a performer, we all know that. Him never sound good but whoever tell u some of the things u stated above is just being a damn hater and a naysayer in my view. All this talk about how d people naw dis and dat and how the girl flop. The girl didn’t sound bad and me nuh see where she flop because I could hear the people making noise for her. Sometimes I think people take it too far and just always want to find something negative to say. Anyway, Mavado, mi know you can do better on stage sir, u just need fi relax yourself and rehearse

  • ladyWoW says:

    Vadoo have no excitement bout him…him probbaly boring inna bed to. like how him put on likkle wait him coulda tek off di shirt buss a dance – something

  • ladyWoW says:

    so water king weh u nuh pay di gyal fah…A wah kinda work she do mek she haffi tek di chain.

  • my2cents says:

    Ladywow, she nuh mussi wuk out di bed and nuh get enough pay and she just grab a chain and cut lol. She shoulda grab 2 a di watch dem weh d fool always a brag bout. bout 2 watch one time, damn neva see come see ediat

  • Observer says:

    yall rong for dis who call di man mr brux wen em seh “look around” millions oooo :hammer

  • good girl gone bad says:

    That was quite boring…Coco mi feel sorry fi yuh if yuh did deh deh, hope u never have on yuh heels. Because to stand up thru 15 mins of this boring ish is torture. Mi ah sit n watch and feel like mi waan drop asleep lol. Mi neva know ah suh vado boring because mi neva really tek him in. Him nuh feel him music and dats why the crowd doesnt. Him do di same ting ova and ova. Jump, walk round, foot pon di box, jump, walk round, cuss di sound, foot pon di box, over and over again. Karian nuh do too bad but for the kind of song they were singing the two of them should’ve interacted.

  • ladyWoW says:

    A dat mi a pree deh. Water king a buy pums – him couldnt just get it – wid all him charm.

  • my2cents says:

    @good girl, that’s what I thought too, they should have interacted more based on the content of the song

  • G says:

    him sound like when cockroach a fight under cheese pan. dwrcl ah wonda if vado deh pon jugs? hmmmmm finally its all starting to add up

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Mi nah lie, it sound like a di rehearsal this. More interaction wid the bands than crowd. Kmrt! Sorry vado couldn’t Mek me stan up a wait fi si him perform. To how him boring mi un follow him all pon instrgram , man just deh deh suh no excitement .

  • Anonymous says:

    O my peeps I don’t think it was that bad!

  • Observer says:

    G__________________________________________________________________ :hammer

  • Kmft but a bayyyy whiteppl ina front row not understanding one shit him a seh

  • Cc says:

    Karian me an yuh need to have a one on one

  • Yep! says:

    I could not even finish watching the last 45 seconds of the video…..and that’s reaaaalllllyyyy bad; mi a try watch the videos dem and mi a buck in and outta sleep; The lady performer wasn’t even dancing to the beat, which leads me to ask a very concerning question….how the f— does someone dance off key? What the hell are you listening to that the rest of us don’t hear??

  • Yep! says:

    No CC…we needa have a 2 on 1, cause I got some shit I needa ask her too..

  • The truth says:

    First of all that was ruff cut bands. Which is not Vado band. Second met he has a show in st Vincent on Saturday!!!! I’m calling u out to post dat video!!! Also Karian didn’t flop as ppl cheered for her ..she new obviously ppl observe more with new acts. As I said before I dare u to post his upcoming performance on his band on Saturday!!!!!!

  • myrassopinion says:

    First n foremost i don’t want anybody who went to the show complaining about it…you people are fools fi tek ur hard earning money $60 fi pay fi ticket go see bunch of people who alrdy got money when ur asses probably living from paycheck to paycheck what sense did that mek…vado has money big house a jamaica n u fools putting more money in his pocket then complain abt his performance guess what he doest give a f— he got paid…you people need to check ur own priorities in life………

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