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_65079307_65079306-OptimizedVenezuela’s Hugo Chavez dead at 58

James Robbins looks back at the life of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez
Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has died, his vice-president has announced.

Mr Chavez had not appeared in public since he returned to Venezuela last month after cancer treatment in Cuba.

An emotional Nicolas Maduro made the announcement on Tuesday evening, flanked by leading Venezuelan political and military leaders.

Earlier, he said the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader had a new, severe respiratory infection and had entered “his most difficult hours”.

33 Responses to HUGO CHAVEZ DEAD

  • Observer says:


  • oney says:

    Dem kill de man fe dem oil..dem soon start kill we for Bauxite.

  • Cc says:

    Jah know star….great leader R.I.P

  • oney says:

    cc deh man great! wish we had a leader like him.

  • Foxy says:



  • oney says:

    Hugo government took back control of the national petroleum company. Use the oil revenues to to invest in social programs to help the poor people of his country. These rich money hungry people days are numbered on the earth.all when the local and international press dog him the poor people stick by him a re-elect him. Now those people’s dreams are dashed away. I hope is government stay in power and nuh call no new election..see all the locust and spreading in egypt and israel..the earth is talking and we not listening.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nah sure if i cyare fi de men deh. me tinks him chubblemecka…..good riddance.

  • sweet says:


  • deme says:

    Met, me heart just a hurt me. Me caan say it better. Me heart just full. Them vilify this man and see it dey him dead. Them caan go and thief out the old and Venezuela now caa a dat them did wan do from marnin . Me heart just full up… and me a fight the tears dem from coming to me eyes… but me know dem nust come. Caaaaa a the poor people dem a go suffer. Da man dey me rate him never figet where he came from….him never figet that he share the same common history with black people and marginalized people. Met him neva perfect, far from it… but I beleive it is truly a lost for the people of Venezuela. RIP

  • deme says:

    “whole” not old an

  • They got Chavez in a way that they were not able to get to Castro…

  • Met says:

    He was half smart but not as smart as he could be…him neva under castro wing early…dont be surprised fi hear seh a dem kill him

  • Anonymous says:

    Any baddi weh fi poor pple a dem mi love
    Rip,Wah goh happn to jamaica an di oil
    Poor we smh

  • Anonymous says:

    RIP Hugo.

  • Little Willie says:

    RIP…..real big man. The natural resources of the country belong to the people. From Chavez publicly call Bush Jr an idiot, mi respect double feem.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    An Anticolonalist gone, but not forgotten.

    BTW, why Jamaica criminal politicians live so damn long? Jamaica have the longest living politrickans…hmm

  • Met, he was killed by the US–so that they can further destabilize Cuba and weaken China’s hand. When it was discovered that Raul Castro was going to step down in 2018, the US took the position that there is no need to broker any talks with Cuba and Chavez was about to die.

    Less than a week later, Chavez is dead and Venezuela will no longer be a Cuban ally and death is going to make life a whole lot more difficult in Havana. China is paying attention as Venezuela is currently paying off their Chinese death with cheap oil…

  • Anonymous says:


  • Do not start the conspiracy theories unless you have substantial proof he died from cancer the end. RIP

  • Met says:

    lalibela from week dem a chat bout raul dis and dat..from last week..u righttttttt

  • Met says:

    there is a lot of conspiracy here… the site and wikileaks

  • no thanks, con innah conspiracy and I am not falling for anyones con.

  • Met says:

    ok…………… lol hugo was not as smart as castro but since u nuh ina di con…………. stay wid di spiracy and watch 638 ways to kill fidel castro….

  • Multiple coup d’état attempts and attempts to influence the Venezuelan elections and Chavez still managed to prevail–all backed by the US.

    He was too anti-American [anti-corruption that is] to be so close the US; hence, he had to go. President Monroe’s manifest destiny and hegemonial principles at work…

    As seen by the American’s Chavez is the reason why Cuba is yet to collapse; so with Chavez now gone and Cuba is still yet to become oil independent, we can extrapolate and conclude what is going to transpire next.

    China can’t go unchecked–hoarding oil from all over the world as they have been doing. Watch and see, Venezuela will start directly shipping oil to the US and all expelled US oils companies that were expelled from Venezuela will re-enter that country.

  • Nah @ met common knowledge that the US wanted castro dead.

  • Met says:

    ok so why u think they wouldnt want chavez dead? lol chavez’s money was a threat

  • DFDR says:


  • Met you really think that america would kill chavez because of money? I highly doubt that, america is the most powerful country in the world and it’s not them money that makes them so. So until I see live and living undebunkable proof then Hugo Chavez died of cancer the end, anybody run in with anything else I find very laughable .

  • Foxy says:

    Some people are comforted by the thought that we live in a beautiful world where the USA is the great peace keeper and the government looks after it’s people and would never do anything insidious. It therefore becomes easier for them to accept that a magic bullet killed JFK, and Osama blew up the towers, yet they cannot explain how 2 planes leveled 3 buildings and are even not aware that it was 3 towers that fell and not two.
    Sometimes I don’t understand what it is that robs people of critical thinking and why they turn a blind eye to the things that clearly do not add up, defies rhyme and reason and are virtually impossible.
    Granted, there is a conspiracy theory for everything, some of which are just simply laughable. However, what I’ve learned is that, the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was intentionally coined to tarnish critical thinkers, but to those who without consideration dismiss any ‘conspiracy theory’, I say, ‘tune in to FOX news’, that might be a more pleasing alternative.
    But don’t you dare tell them that all the mainstream medias are owned by the very same corporation and that the media is simply a government propaganda tool used to mold and shape the minds and thoughts of the masses. No, don’t tell them that, for fear they may label me a ‘conspiracy theorist’.

    But back to Chavez, man with real balls, who believed in helping the poor. Who, like Ghaddafi and Castro knew what they were up against. A real boss that called Bush a f’ing idiot at the UN convention. RIP

  • Foxy says:

    Notice no politician in Jamaica ever gets ‘killed’? There’s no oil in Jamaica. There is oil in Venezuela and we can bring them democracy now like we’ve done to the middle east. Isn’t the commonality here oil?
    First black President and he invades Africa….all of a sudden when oil is found in Ghana?

  • Sett Gudda Betta Than Dem says:

    RIP Mr. Chavez bush finally got to you but decent people neva stay ya long, wi only cum pon visit, hmmm a wonda a wat kind of oil Castro a use, “By Fidel Castro ‘My Life’, ” i wonda if mi can read it again. have mi own troubles but will put out mi own book one day. pictures and videos

  • Sett Gudda Betta Than Dem says:

    A ova one million people live a Cuba but US put food ban & all types of ban pon the entire country for over 50 years now, ova one man, so children and pickey fi dead fi hunga cause dem cant kill Castro right, but US a peace maker and world police

  • Met says:

    not only food type…everything..but the same us people have found their way into cuba wanting to purchase those precious cars the cubans have taken care of for over 50 years. When Bruce Golding did try stretch him palm to Chavez di U.S rush up pan him wid a speed..The U.S ban food and wid di likkle whey Cuba have they managed to share. They have educated many spanish countries bigger than them, provided military to South Africa, America is America, no one can come here and tell them what to do so it is wrong to go into other countries and demonize leaders that want their country to grow and be independent in their wealth

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