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f+++ out ,rotten ole,shit up ole, suck p++,sharon a mi (beat chest) nicole (friend) send in yuh pic dem to JMG ano sheba r whoeva she want be, big p+++ gal u mek dem hold on pon mi fren but memba u affi cum a bloodclaat jamaica n mi ago shit up yuh bloodclaat a de airport and any weh mi see u mi a s+++ u up and u ago get a fine p++++ b+++ from mi and har family dem u ago see weh we do informer a jamaica,but look pon u weh a bay primark clothes u wear a nicole mek u start wear clothes wit name and u still a wear de china imitation dem yea u love buy de fake gucci and LV dem, u bad mind mi fren becus she av har assets dem sump weh u doe av except yuh clothes dem,u need fi shop sum weh better fi bigga so him look better,brazmite sharon u cum a jamaica and use de (Edited) money do belly and it doe do good u use dem money again do batty and dat neva do good it go inna yuh hip dem,u inna government house and yuh man nuffi live deh,hw much dat mi gone fi send (Edited) de two a unno days dem a shorten very quickly, sharon we knw u full up a bloodclaat mouth a action we deal wit mi ago (Edited), wen u a cum de date u a cum a jamaica me ago knw mi affi knw,tell batty boy bigga sey him must always remember weh him do and weh him work, and just fi mek yuh knw mi nuh partial pon NOBODY. Mi knw unno luv obeah but wen dem a dash back de obeah pon unno mi sorry fi unno nastiness cus a everybody fi unno a get it so all de gaurd u and bigga a put on it nah go save unno bomboclaat once more memba unno av three (Edited)
by de way a weh f+++ dis u av on dat cud neva be fish tail a must lobster tail r a de fish fin sharon u ugly nuh bloodclaaat enuh a de pic wen yuh black mi wan get a hold of mek dem see yuh hw u de beyond ugly to p++++,one more thing cover yuh face, wen bigga a beat u de next time

16 Responses to ENGLAND ROUND 2

  • Observer says:

    Morningggggggggg metty n mettyers :peluk woosahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :nohope:

  • Met says:

    good morningggggggg

  • Anonymous says:

    weh de pic wen she inna de white dress met

  • Mmmmhmmm yes jah jah looool mi fone naaa com affa charge tideh it is rite ere suh with my maternity leave

  • fancy gal says:

    what sharon going to say about this now!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting

  • Anonymous says:

    boi sharon u ugly bad nuh bloodclaat no mon dem empty u like a gun sharon u must shame fi walk inna england everybody knw u and yuh battyman suck pussy man bigga de ppl dem knw unno a wicked and a long time unno a obeah ppl ano just now a God a show unno up but unno soon get unno reapings mon

  • Monica London says:

    Dats a surgery f000 up, NOTHING no look good pan dah gyal yah. To me she did look betta before cause at least har big body did match har big head,wid har big face and big bloodclaat lip. Lol, mi a wait miself fi hear wha she ave fi sey.

  • Sth londons finest says:

    Ugly and shape bad I don’t see how surgery enhanced her figure, I keep on saying ugly people should leave everything until they fix their face!!

  • This serious says:

    Sharon it’s really sad that a mother of 3 have this reputation, all you do is walk and friend ppl who you things going on for as if you never get cratches of your own its totally ridiculous to know that you dun Sheba because of her shop. I notice in the previous post ppl were saying if papers ah stepping up in life, here in the UK having ones papers open lots of gates for individuals, but sadly most so called friends like when u stay illegal so they think they have something over u, all Sharon do is walk from Josephine shop in Peckham to Simone shop in Camberwell causing mixup with her sideway lean mouth when she should be home tidying her house and being a mother to her kids

  • Iipgloss says:

    Whoooiiii mi bady England tun up again
    No lawd u lots wicked pls stop sey UGLY, I love
    Di word Extoic lookin but really & truly Sharon
    Nasty looking bad. Mi nuh blame di people dem
    Dun har yes yuh mout Sharon yuh mout do
    Sumthin bout it LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Hi Hi Senda! please to leave yu chimmey a shit inna yu garrison an nu bada come out a airport wid de ratchet behavior o. wait fi Sharon exotic a onu tenament gate or dung a de obeah man gate. lololol me wouldn’t min she tan a englan doe Jamaica ago through a slow beautification and fi all de stray dog an donkey dem whey leave me a beg onuu fi tan whey onu de. AMEN.

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    phantom :hammer :ngakak

  • Observer says:


    is yu dat

  • Belly Bang says:

    nuh love nuh deh inna Sender heart…..Sender, smile a while and give your face a rest.. :peluk

  • Keisha london says:

    Agatha d ppl dem put u up again pon pink wall. U f—er u, a tru u waa sen home 2 mch ppl.

  • suck yuh mother says:

    BIGGA PUSSY STOP WRITE PON YUH FB AND CUM PON PINK WALL shit up ole sharon a u mi a chat mi wan dem bruck yuh hip fi yuh mek u caan walk u too mix up and yuh dutty man weh walk and suck every pussy u can think of him a de next one mi wan dem bruck up him nastiness unno is a disgrsce inaa england

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