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9 Responses to BRAVE HEART…STARRING……………

  • Observer says:

    weh di hair deh :mewek fram i waz bawnnnnn yuh is a real dogshit yu n em match

  • LoL says:

    Ice put it up and tell dem fi “Pink wall it” dwl. She know seh dem jealous a she and har baby.
    Me woulda like fi know why Gucci groupie dem no go get a life and stop gi ice free publicity ova ya. Matie/ Groupie why yall Mad??/
    No baddie no wah Gucci So i’m sure that’s not the case of your submission. I think it is more out of jealousy that Ice get all this attention and you didn’t when you had your turn. I neva see Gucci a kiss no baddie ina picture and Ice weh clean up all a di man getting that privilege. Dwl :kimpoi :ngakak :maho

  • Just Saying says:

    Wait so this dude not worried his wife might see this pic. Disrespectful on all levels.

  • front row seat says:


  • karma says:

    just plain disrespectful dats why mi cant deal wid jamaican man dem too brawling or maybe him nuh no bout it yet? i believe she did this cause she want it to be on the pink wall and to get to the WIFE but her title is WIFE and your a side piece is that what you really want to be ice someone side piece and mi nuh sorry fi gucci nida di wife shoulda lef him rass inna di jail if i were her i would divorce him right away no papers for him or maybe she getting paid so she dont give a f000 i think thats what it is gucci is giving wife the big dollars$$$$$gucci mi lose of ah yuh big time you low class and deh wid gal where everybody f000 out

  • Observer says:

    karma yuh rite a she same one cuddly sen it enn caw she nuh too rited enuh mad ppl dem

  • LUNDUN says:

    karma don’t say jamaican men, say the jamaican u are attracted to, or the ones u attract. how cum i’ve never cum across such jamaican men?

    not all of them are like that, some men, no matter their nationality, are very immature and stupid.

  • sexyslimmaz says:

    This is irrelevant

  • Spying says:

    Why was his new bride in newyork with a baby and not by her husband side

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