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  • Observer says:

    very sad dis family hav no body to look at and bury wat a sad memorial it’ll be in times to come may his soul rip

  • yoko says:

    sad bad obs…. mi did all affi watch a different news fi really si wah gwaan, an dem sey a bare sinkhole de bout…… me like dem ppl de mi cut star b4 dem drop ina hole 2

    dat area nuh safe non tall

  • Observer says:

    but mi a wonda if dem insurance cova dat kine a damage an if di land surveyor had made that known caw dis is sad beyond comprehension…he must’ve been so frightened outta em sleep….sighs

  • yoko says:

    dat if him even wake star b4 di sinkage.. a doh memba if dat part was clear

    an a pray dem insurance cova it….

    its really heartbreaking news, den ina di news me watch dem show a whole heap a areas wey have sink hole… suh me a wonda if di government caan duh suhn bout dat

  • Observer says:

    yes em cry out “jeremy help me” em bredda wi neva figet dat cry smh omy god hav mercy on dem a gi dem di strength fi move on from dis

  • yoko says:

    no obs i really never heard dat bit…….

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