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  • sexyteeready says:

    This is beyond sad…this little girl vocab is horrible.

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    Disgusting beyond words. Poor lil girl must be thinking this is how I get adult attn. and make them laugh…wow, these parents should be visited by child services. I hope someone flags this video and can identify this lil girl. If something doesnt change in her life, the future will not be bright…

  • LUNDUN says:

    this is sad, and they are laughing, like its funny.

    and its men doing this.

    she can’t even speak properly and hear the words coming out of her mouth!!!

    everyday our ppl get more lost.

  • Oh Dear says:

    This is disgusting, poor kid, i wouldn’t want to know her parents.

  • milikeit says:

    They need a beaten before they get locked up. Some people don’t need to be having kids.

  • Met says:

    the baby all a talk bout knife smh

  • notrite says:

    met mi ignorant bad and it look like she sit in between di boy leg dem a laugh tink it funny real dutty yanky dem

  • talkthetruth says:

    This is so bad, likkle girl like dat ah talk so much fowl language & b4 the pple tell her seh she wrong dem ah film & put it pon internet. The other child looks like she so used to tht the poor child will probaly grow up same way smh.

  • reallythou says:

    this is in Fla

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