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  • ... says:

    Thanks much… been waiting :2thumbup :2thumbup

  • ... says:

    big up Knife

  • Met says:

    :kiss how u doing dotty? the sender always look out fi mi..big him up

  • ... says:

    Good enuh Metty I shall never complain. Thanks sender I been trying to watch this fi so long. Much appreciated!

  • kgn13 says:

    seet deh. a from 1966,dem f— it up,and now dem a try blame portia.

  • Yoruba girl says:

    The whole point is still missing , we have had a steady population for the past 15 yrs meaning no growth at all from 2. 8 million , this problem goes beyond money it’s about mentality and understanding simple human rts in this island, the rich families did not just get rich these ppl have been rich before I was even born its Asif we are blinded by this IMF deal while the genocide continues, you hardly hear a A family member dies or a M those are 2 families that has been prominent from when when . It’s time for us as a nation with the majority being poor to use strength in number to conquer this mental slavery , we can provide for ourselves we can educate each other , but lets face it we are very selfish and still lean to the crab in a barrel lifestyle instilled in us by our grandfather and mothers ! Him cyan betta than mi or him cyan equal we are our own enemy!!!

  • adwa says:

    yeah the corruption will never end. here’s a prime example….met, remember a couple years back, you ran the story about the cop who killed the little 14 year old and dumped her body in the sea after their “relationship” had been discovered? well, the people asked for his hanging, judge only gave him life in prison. see for yourself

    now if dat nuh deserve hanging and death sentence tell me what does? can bet seh di judge have a likkle schoolas weh him a f— off too why him mek di man get weh wid “hard labour” kmt

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :2thumbup Unuh tek eenn the part that speaks about Operation Pride good & proper.

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