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  • my2cents says:

    I think Cecile shudda just ignore her because it’s not like she was saying anything relevant or really worthy of a response. Seeing that Cecile responded, why the fool fool gal a change her tune now and a say is not cecile she was talking? Cecile right, she is lame, which is exactly why she shudda ignore her from the start. Suppose Cecile was in the shoes of Kim Kardashian or one a dem big celebrity weh dem always a bash? That’s nothing. I wouldn’t give that lame ass the time of day with her silly comments. It just really funny how d ediat gal a deny it once cecile responds lol

  • my2cents says:

    But wait, metty, u nuh put up the right tweets. U betta run back over deh and copy some more. Me run go check the char person page and me see cecile all a tell har bout har motha! Metty oooooooooooooo!!!!! Twitter mash up!

  • Met says:

    2cents send dem come because das all di sender send..memba cecile block mi :hammer

  • Met says:

    mi neva expect cecile fi ignore har 2cents memba she block mi and did mek song bout jmg…dem is only cele ………dem nuh reach celebrity status yet :hammer

  • my2cents says:

    met me neva know she all mek song :matabelo . dwl me gone look again

  • Met says:

    yes she mek song ooo a tink she ansa because christopher martin name mention :hammer

  • my2cents says:

    Met u lyin. a so she love tek on people?

  • ... says:

    Cecile is acting like one from she ansa the girl, its twitter….this social media thing really a mad people :travel There should be a coalition to limit entertainers on social media, or maybe an app can be developed that will help them not to look like idiots in social media. Test it on Vegas & Cecil, Spice & who ever else cyaan contain demself. Cecil supposed to a mind pickney & work on her career, how she have time a answer this person?

  • Sum1 says:

    Cecile should have just ignored her. Who is this girl tho???

    She might be a hothead, but I like Cecile’s music and style, she alight!

  • goodso says:

    Who troublin big bembe headd??????…..

  • Met says:


  • Dis Gyal says:

    duppy know who fi frighten. weh she nuh go cuss har man and d girl weh jus have baby numba treeeeee fi missa martin. ole ediat gyal dat man

  • Info says:

    Yuh neva see smoke without fire! Just decide fi tek a prip pon this girl Shar in Wonderland twitter page and it turns out that she use to attend the same high skool as Christopher Martin (St. Jago). Luk like some feelings a carry or sumn

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