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This is for STRICTLY LADIES ONLY …… If you are a MAN .. DON’T READ

Guess what a woman often does if a man is not quite up to her standards?
She actually thinks she can turn him into that type of man. Many women feel they can change a man over time.
Can you believe in this day and age, there are women who still think this is possible?
Scores of women think they’ve found The One. He is Mr. Right. He has it going on. So here we can ask them, “Why are you waiting to talk to me? If you have met ‘The One,’ then you don’t need advice from me.” Then they shall start telling their stories. I listen, just hoping they’re not going to say those words I truly hate to hear women say: “But I love him. I really want to make this work.” Or, “I think he can change. He just needs someone like me in his life.” Right. Just like you need another hole in your head”.
Not all men are relationship material. Many of them are not quite ready to settle down. They’re perfectly content being bachelors. But you are ready to settle down in a relationship. However, the men you meet, well, you either settle, or you throw your hands up and give up. And during that phase of getting to know one another, there are some things that are just not adding up. I’m going to do you a favor and break it down so that you will be able to identify a man who isn’t worth your time. If a man tells you that he isn’t interested in being in a relationship, then guess what? That means not with you, either. I don’t care how many times he has taken you out on a date, sexed you really well, and given you late night conversation. True, his actions are saying something totally different, but, if he says he is not interested in a relationship, then he is not interested. Let him go. Don’t get your hopes up thinking you can change his mind. Because the truth of the matter is, everything he is doing with you, and all the time he may be spending with you, he’s doing the same with other women. They are getting equal amounts of his time. Let him go and move on. It will save you untold time and aggravation trying to figure out why the two of you are not a couple.

If a man tells you that he has a girlfriend, or that the woman in his life is just a friend, but he is always looking for more female friends, run, run, run! He is not faithful. That is a tell-tale neon sign that he won’t be faithful to you, either. Some women actually think it’s cute to be dating a man with a girlfriend, or many lady friends, and they think they are getting one over on the unsuspecting girlfriend. Trust me, there is nothing cute about it. There is a thing known as karma. You may not feel its effects immediately, but trust me, honey, karma will come back and bite you in the b*tt. Leave that man and drama alone.

If a man tells you that he just came out of a relationship, ladies, then you’d better believe he isn’t ready to jump into another one. Let him have his time to grieve, mourn, or celebrate his way out of his situation. Trying to get someone to commit into another relationship when they just came out of one is a disaster waiting to happen. But some women will try to convince that man that they are not like the ex-girlfriend who did him wrong. She will not nag him like his ex, and unlike his last girlfriend, she won’t require a lot of time and attention. Lies, pure lies, I tell you. Think about the amount of time you needed to get over your last serious ex. If you don’t allow him the time to heal and let go of his ex, she will show up in your relationship with him. Trust me.

If a man only calls you after midnight to come over to his house, well, this is an easy one. I shouldn’t have to go any further and explain. But just in case you don’t understand, Ms. Honey, it’s a booty call. That’s right. He does not see you as a woman he would like to be in a relationship with. He only sees you as a s*x partner. If that’s what you are looking for, then knock yourself out. If you are looking for a good man who respects you, move on. This one only thinks of you as a s*xual being.

If a man isn’t willing to define the relationship he has with you, then you’re not in a relationship. If every time you bring up the subject, his response is, “You’re cool,” “We’re just hanging out,” or “Why do we have to define this?” this man is clearly not the one for you. He cannot be honest or open enough to express how he feels for you. Why would you sit around waiting on a little boy? Only a small child cannot clearly articulate their feelings. The man for you will not hesitate or clam up when it’s time to share his feelings and emotions. He will certainly be able to express if he is into you, and that you are his one and only lady.

If you’ve been seeing a man for over six months and you’ve never been to his home, haven’t met any of his friends or family members, and you’re still not sure where he works, this is a clear indication that you don’t have a relationship. You know nothing about this man. Why is he being so discreet? He’s obviously hiding something. Let him go and move on.

Why would you want to be with a man who’s not willing to share his personal life with you? It’s not worth it to play detective and explore his background. (And I know some of you will, because you like snooping and being nosy.) If he is not forthright with basic information, just let him and his secrets go. Some things you’re better off not knowing.

9 Responses to LADIES ONLY!

  • Foxy says:

    ………..and I agree with all the above. Women are the more powerful gender if only they would respect themselves enough to walk away and refuse to either be disrespected or accept substandard treatment from a man.
    What women put up with is what they get. I can scream, set your standards and stick to them but the self respecting woman is almost a thing of the past. Women have relegated themselves to floor cloth, perfectly prepared to accept just about anything for an occasional warm body and some monkey money.
    I have stopped blaming men a long time ago, even the weak worthless ones waiting around for women to support them. These are the low self esteem females that create the number of faggots around. They spoil these men and inadvertently rob them of their manhood by assuming the role of the man in the relationship in being the financial supportive one bringing home the bacon, all while still too scared to walk away when the very man has 200 side chicks, brings home an STD and treats her like crap. All for what?

  • Anonymous says:

    met u neva see dis? oooooooooooooooo :maho

    Rohan Marley Defends Lauryn Hill Against Wyclef’s Allegations

    Speaking with Open Magazine, Rohan says he was very heart broken for a long time after his split with Hill, who he shared five kids with.

    “I feel sad that I loved her so much and I faltered in expressing it to her somehow,” Rohan Marley says. “It was my fault that she did not understand how I felt, and it was sad that we did not work out in that relationship sense. I was heartbroken for a long time.”

    After his split with Lauryn Hill in 2011, Rohan Marley got engaged to Isabeli Fontana, a Brazilian model, but says that relationship didn’t work out.

    “That too did not work out. Now, I am just engaged to myself,” he says with a laugh, “It is tough, but we are not to ask ourselves, ‘Could you be loved?’ but to say, ‘Yes, I am loved’.”

    Unlike his brothers who are mostly musicians, Rohan Marley is a former professional football player and is now a businessman.
    See also: Rohan Marley Tell-All On Lauryn Hill Breakup “I Wanted To Marry Her”

  • Met says:

    a draw him waa draw back fi lauryn lol

  • Anonymous says:

    c’mon on Met, give the man the benefit of the doubt. He probably still love Lauryn all this time. Us men doesn’t get it right the first time or even the second time around….don’t be a pessimist! Took a lot of loving to produce five kids…don’t you think? :capedes

  • Anonymous says:

    met him say him wan married Lauryn to eh nuh me caah badda wid dem man yaa lol

  • Anonymous says:

    SO why we as women get it right more time…don’t wanna run around making multiple men sample our pum pum but you loser sperm donor of a man can’t?? kmft no excuse! unun just love sling y’all cocky sometimes in any & everything like its your daily job.


    who cares

  • Little Willie says:

    But a weh di raas du Met doe sah, bout don’t read. Den how man aguh know how woman a plot and scheme? Wi hafto know what woman looking for suh we can aim to achieve the expectations. Now….as fi di one Foxy she….why mek woman haffi a pree man money? If you independent why the money argument? As long as di man nah leech affa yu, why yu hand open, wid yu sireen going?

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    :ngakak yu si di wan likkle willie him…mi a read an tek dis ting serious only fi read him comment dwllllllllll mi agree wid foxy eno ooman a gi whey wi power tuh di male species too easily ladies fi memba dat pumpum is power!

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