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  • yoko says:

    dem documentary yah have mi lokked fr mawnin metty….. i’ve never understood politics much but ‘ the cost of corruption’ made it a lil easier, thx.

    this one really pissed me off 2 an extent bcoz alot of them feel their ready 2 do road again an they not…. in a sense mi glad dem have a place like dis fi dem nasty ppl yah dem fi dash wey di key.. all is well bout 2nd chances but dem nuh deserve it non tall

    the councillor man said ” they never chose to be paedophiles” so wah dem a try sey? they were born like dat?
    jus like di nasty battyman a lesbian dem ‘try’ say dem born wid it?

    f— dat shit… an mi nuh wrong di ppl dem fi nuh wah dem ina dem neighbourhood bcoz if a me, i too would feel da same

  • Londoner says:

    This is sad, if a bastrad raped or molested my daughter is swear to god I would personally kill them with my own hands then hand in myself at the nearest police station.

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