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30 Responses to WELLLLLL………

  • Anonymous says:

    Di Teacha suppose to be sooo proud of his students…

  • Joncrow Belly says:

    mad schoolas clash

  • Riches says:

    Met, this is almost bittersweet for me, they are both really talented lyrically, but too much exaltation of violence and gun dis an dat suh as a result too much inna d tune dem, dnt know wat else to say, wish the lyrics weren’t so dirty, otherwise mi nah guh lie an beat dem down they r talented but lyrics foul bad

  • Cham says:

    all wha gwaan a di youth whe a beat di riddim mi rate, it sound like is computer him deh pon a mix, ting SHAT!!

  • Belly Bang says:


  • troubles says:

    the youth waa sit down a him lyrically bad,, him remind me a aidonia

  • adwa says:

    every last one a dem shotttttttttttttttttttttttttt from di two dj dem to di mixer…..madddddddddd

  • stunnerdv says:

    d yute them sick

  • ... says:

    met u si di one bout maths? that one funny but sad at the same time

  • Cc says:

    Cant see di vid can I get a link plz

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    dem sick n thr lyrics crazy

  • LUNDUN says:

    umm….well……dem talented no doubt, but di badwud dem an suck pussy f— batty gun shot diss gunshot dat a kill mi.

    hope dem no get inna no problem fi diss cuz dem juss did a ave likkle fun still.

    di one weh stand up an ave on him bag pon him back and di wata inna him hand win in my opinion. him lyrics dem sharpe and kill quick, di next yute weh sidung pon di railing was good, but neva bad like mr. bagpack

  • front row seat says:



  • dont care how ppl live there life says:

    mi nah lie dem badddddd at d end of the day they r just having fun hope dem nuh get inna trouble

  • talkthetruth says:

    Bwoy mi nah lie dem youth yah baaaaad. Mi jus hope seh dem bad pon dem book same way.

  • Them can spit yes , but what them a spit no wright it’s wrong. Kill baby suck muma suck pupa suck p—- . Guns guns guns. Change up the lyrics . And a tem a come so just imagine what’s its go be like down the line . Reggae music get f000 .

  • watsitnotsit says:

    lawd if dem nah do it inna real life den it doh matta, anyway LOVE THESE YOUTHS! THEIR IN SCHOOL DOING THEIR THING AND HAVNG FUN!

  • PPL busineSS says:

    me a hand it to d 2 a dem me na lie it remind me a when me a go high school – me no like d ole heap a vulgarity doe but dem can go true cause i think we all can relate to dis , my yute unu still tek in unu education same way but unu have talent still :2thumbup :kr

  • ice man says:

    the youth dem at war what others worlds can you use in a war?

  • Sum1 says:

    They are really talented, but too many expletives and obscenities! Hope dem nuh get inna trouble fi true! lol

  • eye&eye says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Calabar boy dem Addi students a gwaan.Wonder if dem good inna English class?

  • kgn 8 says:

    good old school days.. how fun was it to be young…hope them cherish these days as out a road a one wicked and lonely road dat you alone can travel…

  • Cham says:

    mi affi listen to it over and over, di youth dem BADDD!!!! and i youth wha mix mi can’t even find words fi him, di way how di youth a mix u not even kno say a di bench him a knock

  • milikeit says:

    :travel This is one of those moments when I truly doe know wah fi seh

  • yoko says:

    dem yout yah bad mi nah lie, one addi time mi affi remind coz dem soun like busy an aidonia pon di riddim…… yh dem lyrics 2 explicit but dem only havin fun and i hope dem keep it as such, jus fun.

    my advise 2 dem is continue learn unnu books fi always have suhn fi fall pon, and change up unnu style an sing bout wat y’all wud need in life as yuh grow into big men.. money house car land, mek mama proud.. guns an violence an suck pussy f— batty not necessary bcoz a it mek whole heap a GROWN MEN/ DJ’S couldnt fly and go places bcoz dem singing/ dj-ing bout battyman an suck pussy.. everybody have dem beliefs an be proud a it, but dont put a wall ina unnu way

    whether or not unnu look up 2 karetl or whomever kartel never start his career a sing dem f—ery wey him a sing now, an dats di kartel mi did love because him have chunes galore wey neva did a pre pon certain tings..

    kids are the future an a hope dem start from now fi look 2 a better one..

  • Tsk Tsk Tsk says:

    LMAO!! talented for real! just a little concerned with the lyrical content though. I hope they are doing well with their studies!

  • concern mama says:

    no wonder 90% of the universities have females enrolled every youth want to be a dj. hope is not class time cause so many of them lingering around.

  • COCO says:

    bwoy dem talented bad ,,,but the expletives

  • TALK MI MIND says:

    its a shame yo weh dem a do outa class talented but too much gun n baby killing talk

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