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7 Responses to DI AFRICAN DEM ON IT

  • adwa says:

    maybe i missed something. weh di african dem deh? it sound/look like a str8 dancehall video. di man all a big up usa, london, and jamaica girls. den african a mek song an nuh big him owna gal dem? please say it isn’t so. anyway nice song/vid :)

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Bap bap bap nija boys at it metty.

  • Met says:

    yoruba :hammer

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Yes metty

  • FACKING LOL. Uno a mad, Jamaica all day everydayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.chi chi ching chingggggggggggggg!!!

    If he is suppose to be an African singer no need to steal people’s music to that extent. It sounds like when these now a days artist trying to be rappers- wack as hell.

  • peerniceness says:

    Mi na care weh na badi wan fi seh it sound good and Reaaaa fi one african!

  • Jah strong says:

    Everything unnuh see Jamaicans wid unnuh want it
    K’more hail from St. Thomas JAMAICA. Me n him grow up together. Go on you tube or google the name. Not a Nigerian (nothing wrong if he was but by fact he isn’t)

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