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Cops arrested after prisoner escapes
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 6:05 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Four cops have been arrested in connection with the escape of a prisoner who was recaptured at the home of a policewoman in St James Sunday.
The prisoner, who escaped the Freeport lock-up in Montego Bay late January, is wanted for several crimes in St James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

The policewoman was subsequently arrested.
The Anti-Corruption Branch and St James Police are investigating the circumstances leading to his escape and the involvement of other police personnel.
The three other arrested cops are from the Westmoreland Division.

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Hi Met,
I was catching up on some old groupies that we love so and thought whats going on with Rebecca ? Looks like she found some one new. So me with my fass self set out to see who this young man is. So his name is Edson Buddle and he’s a footballer from NY who plays for Colorado Rapids, but his daddy comes from Jamaica. Age: 31 Salary:225,000 USD( Thanks Wikipedia). He looks real loving to her and luton’s son. Well groupies, this is how you do it. tax and tear the right way. Congrats Rebecca.





















Title: wah me people wicked so when you help dem

Message Body:

Mi ask her to pay mi two hundred every two weeks she say she don’t have any so I should do whatever I want, mi take her to court they give mi ten thousand dollar and the only thing mi want is the seven thousand dollar. She was crying saying that she going to lose her house so I lend her the money because I have a house and I wouldn’t want someone to have to money and don’t lend mi but people like Angie angel will make people don’t lend money because when then get it them forget a borrow them borrow it. Tell mi if a no red eye and wickness that.
Read the paper you see what the marshal say him say her red truck was there anyone who know Angie angel know she drive a red truck she send her god daughter a minor to go talk to the marshal who is childish pay mi back and stop hide you go sell you house and buy a next house before you pay mi back pay mi back and stop hide because hiding nah go help you anyone that don’t like it can help her pay mi back see mi phone 786-xxx-xxx7 call if you have mi money help her pay it because mi need my money now mi clam for seven years is like a Beg mi a beg her for my money after she tell mi to call her she change her number look pon all the paper them mi take her to court mi get the judgement and she still no want pay mi she think se powerful but I don’t care mi just want mi money







Through forgiveness, I am free to live a full and joyful life.

If in the course of my day I accumulate resentments, it is like picking up rocks and putting them in my pocket.

If I collect the rocks and hold on to them day after day, month after month, I feel the burden grow.

When I refuse to let resentments go, I am weighed down by the hurt and anger I carry.
Forgiveness means looking beyond behaviors.

Without condoning hurtful actions, I accept that each of us is doing the best we can in that moment. The truth is that we are all children of God and nothing can diminish or change that.

As I release the belief that I can lose my good or lose my power, I let go of the negativity weighing me down and I forgive. Freed of resentment, I am ready to love others, to laugh and to live joyfully.
Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone.–Mark 11:25

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