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A St James woman who allegedly beat her husband’s ex-girlfriend and held her captive had her bail extended until June 5 when she appeared in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Twenty-seven-year-old Latoya Farquharson, of a Spot Valley address, was previously before the court on January 23 for assault occasioning bodily harm, committed against Santana Bowen, and had been offered bail in the sum of $250,000.

Allegations are that on January 19, Bowen – who is reportedly an ex-girlfriend of Farquharson’s husband – was invited via text message to visit her ex-boyfriend’s house at Rhyne Park in St James the following day. However, when she arrived there she was confronted by the defendant, who beat her all over her body with a broomstick.

Farquharson then called her friends to assist in beating Bowen, following which the complainant was locked inside Farquharson’s house and forced to wash the defendant’s clothes and clean the floor with her own clothes. She was then beaten again and released three hours later, after which she made a police report that subsequently led to Farquharson’s arrest.


Yesterday, clerk of the court Orrett Brown revealed that Bowen had turned down offers to settle the dispute through mediation.

“I have had discussions with the complainant’s mother, and she told me that the complainant is not interested in mediation,” Brown told Resident Magistrate Sheron Barnes.

“We will have further discussions and see where it goes,” said attorney-at-law Dalton Reid, who represents Bowen in the matter.

Meanwhile, Farquharson’s lawyer Adrian Dayes asked for additional time for him to receive statements in the case from the prosecution.

“I wish to have a mention date for statements in the matter; we have had discussions,” Dayes advised the magistrate.

“The matter is set for mention on June 5,” RM Barnes declared to Farquharson.


  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    she too outa order…i hope she get jail time, people just dont think before they do things…there is more than one way to skin a cat, but yet we always choose the wrong way….seet deh now she wah pay money fi mek case go away…she brite bad

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not saying she deserved to be beaten but she should have known better too. If the text even came from the man’s phone, why she gone to his house and know he’s married? maybe they are still in a relationship.

  • Anonymous says:

    a so u beat matie

  • DH says:

    beat her ass yes, she must still a deal wid the man

  • Anonymous says:

    so a she use the man phone text the girl and invite her over. i dont think is the man.. lock up her claat and di fren dem to, mek she pay u a ole heep a money.

    Original goodas (soon log in)

  • Anonymous says:

    If the wife is the “Ex” what claim she still have on the man

  • Observer says:

    a suh yuh duh up a gyal..duh dem uppppppppppppp :ngakak

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    It seems the husband and di ex still a mesh..but why not beat the husband..if him did tek him vows seriously

  • LadyWoW says:


  • Nom de plume says:

    Mi undastand crime of passion but this a more crime than passion. di wife have all right fi upset but mi caan support she and har friend dem a lock up and torture the odda girl that is wrong wrong wrong, on the other hand if she did ask dem fi help hwich she might very well need fi beat the husband, mi woulda support har and just maybe she would have escaped jail. I appreciate the court trying to do their best with the limited resources available to bring a speedy conclusion to the case but I honestly dont think mediation is appropriate here. An experiance like this can have long term mental effects on the individual.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    What a man woman. Jealousy is one of the most potent emotions capable of robbing people of every ounce of common sense. Invite her over to beat her and then enslave the woman? She needs to be disciplined.
    So this chick had no idea the man lived with his wife? Bright for showing up even if she was lured in the ambush.

  • LadyWoW says:

    she is an idioot gyal. di wife acted out of anger. I think she was very creative. Overboard, but creative- outside of the box :cool

  • Cindy Royal says:

    But if me get text, wedda from my man or ex-man fi visit him house weh him live wid him wife mi wudda really deserve a beaten, cuz dat wud be stupidity at its peak.

    Anyway still, di judge dem need fi stop waste ppl time bout mediation (which can stretch out) an try di damn cases weh come in front a dem. Di ooman suffered di beaten, an shi nuh wah no mediation (which is really money fi har pain), clearly all shi want is justice cuz anuh everybody can be bought, suh dem fi try di case an stop waste time. No wonder ova 400,000 cases a languish inna wi justice system kmt.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yuh know mi deh yah a read it mi fren an wi deh yah a lawf cuz while wi hear bout wife beating mate, di house cleaning ting new new dwl. Dah wife yah guh hawwwwdddd! Mi a gi har a flatline _____________________________________________________________________________

  • ... says:

    i cyaan move past the title!!! :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Cindy Royal after reading your last comment I went back and read the post not realizing the girlfriend is the ex and not the wife, so I agree

  • Met says:


  • ... says:

    Mate is a blasted eediat, lol i don’t condone violence nor beating of mate but why u gone a di people dem yaad? fi har eye too dry cause a so she woulda brite an gone inna di ooman yaad under the quiet.. Waapen Ms. Metty Thursday a gwaan good. Thanks much!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Anony, mi nuh tink matey was an ex enuh, I think shi was very much a present side piece fi di man an dat’s y wife deal wid har.

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Mi nah blame the ex because mi dont know the contents of the text..this wife is a pyscho gyal

  • Cindy Royal says:

    A psycho yuh call har Ispy? Mi doe even know weh fi call har actions, but di fren dem weh come help har beat di girl, now dem a di real psycho, cuz at least wife have a motive.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Met, the girl is a dam idiot. Me get a text from a guy wanting to come visit me, this is an ex and in the text he asked me for my address, so I tx back call me and I’ll give you directions. He responded that he wants to put the address in his GPS. All now me nuh respond. First off all, my radars tell me is a woman want know my address, second, if it’s him, mi nuh want my address stored in ur GPS suh yuh woman or anybody else can come straight a mi house. The next morning he called and asked me why I didn’t send him the address and I told him my views on that and he laughed and said, “I forgot who I was dealing with”. Me nah tek no check ina dem serious times here.

  • Addicted says:

    Lmaooo .I love her. This matey too dam bright whether the text came from the man or not she should never go to the matrimonial home.
    All who licking out against the wife probably know they are on the matey status list .
    I am a wife before God and man and if a bitch bright enough to come to my yard ,then she is deserving of a bust ass.
    I am dying at how she put her to work, dam right you can’t want have fun fun all the time with the man and don’t help with some of the work.lmaooo

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