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(Reuters) – Two major Chinese military websites, including that of the Defense Ministry, were subject to about 144,000 hacking attacks a month last year, almost two-thirds of which came from the United States, the ministry said on Thursday.

This month a U.S. computer security company said that a secretive Chinese military unit was likely behind a series of hacking attacks mostly targeting the United States, setting off a war of words between Washington and Beijing.

China denied the allegations and said it was the victim.

It has now provided some details for the first time of the alleged attacks from the United States.

“The Defense Ministry and China Military Online websites have faced a serious threat from hacking attacks since they were established, and the number of hacks has risen steadily in recent years,” said ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng.

“According to the IP addresses, the Defense Ministry and China Military Online websites were, in 2012, hacked on average from overseas 144,000 times a month, of which attacks from the U.S. accounted for 62.9 percent,” he said.

The comments were made at a monthly news conference, which foreign reporters are not allowed to attend, and posted on the ministry’s website.

Geng said he had noted reports that the United States planned to expand its cyber-warfare capability but that they were unhelpful to increasing international cooperation towards fighting hacking.

“We hope that the U.S. side can explain and clarify this.”

The U.S. security company, Mandiant, identified the People’s Liberation Army’s Shanghai-based Unit 61398 as the most likely driving force behind the hacking. Mandiant said it believed the unit had carried out “sustained” attacks on a wide range of industries.

The hacking dispute adds to diplomatic tension between China and the United States, already strained by Chinese suspicion about Washington’s “pivot” back to Asia and arguments over issues from trade to human rights.


  • milikeit says:

    China, the Asian pivot is being done to contain your rise. You have over a billion people, your the second largest economy in the world, your expected to surpass the US by 2018-2019, your a wealthy country and you need oil and technology. In other words, you, China are a serious threat. So, what do we do about you buying up all the resources in Africa and South America. Is this a peaceful rise or a hostile one? The jury is out but for now we must keep a close watch on you. However, you have more of threat inside your country from the middle class than you do of your enemies. People want more freedom,

  • Met says:

    they sure do…u know all some basic sites china mek di regular people cannot open….they are always up to no good

  • LUNDUN says:

    milikeit do u believe everything the u.s says?

    they are the biggest hypocrites and wants nobody above them. they make up stories to cast a bad light on those that they see as threats.

    i believe the u.s hacked first and china just retaliated.

  • Met says:

    bout hacking..they love to hack all when a nuh important things

  • Met says:

    lundun no sah mi believe a china first dem dangerous like dat and mi a seh dat from experience… trust mi..they hack any and everything is like a hobby fi dem regular citizens

  • LUNDUN says:

    met i know they hack, remember the chinese don’t play when it comes to technology.

    i also know that not even facebook can be accessed there. but the u.s is a nation that loves to spy and be in the know of what their enemies or those they feel threatened by are up to.

    they try to get the information at any means necessary, so the u.s is no way innocent and maybe didn’t anticipate that china would be so persistent with their cyber attacks, but i still feel the u.s kicked it off.

  • Met says:

    lundun mi jus a try tell u seh u doe haffi badda di chiney fi dem trouble u ..whey day memba dem hack di new york times website and maybe dem neva know di findings would lead back to china so a dat now dem a talk bout us first………….all when a di us first ina my eyes a dem first lol

  • milikeit says:

    Please substitute you’re for your. This damn android phone. Lundun, i don’t believe everything the US says. However, i do pay attention to all the market data, which shows what the Chinese are buying and helps to give me an idea of what they’re up to. I see the Chinese protesting (falung gung, Tibetans that can’t practice their religions, persecution of christians who subscribe to the Vatican). China’s efforts in Africa can benefit the continent, so long as they play fair. We all know what the US is about, it’s the enemy you don’t know about you have to waych carefully

  • Anonymous says:

    the tech guy in my office come fr china, him bad no banana trash. him all show me how fi come pon JMG and no mek me boss know….

  • LUNDUN says:

    met u no easy lol, di chinese dem bored cuz dem no have fassbook or instagram fi pass di day.

    so when dem deh work and bored, dem just start hack lol, hacking is the fassbook fi di chinese

  • milikeit says:

    I like this topic, when i get back in the office, i will elaborate a lil more.

  • Met says:

    lundun dem have dem own facebook ting it name mebo

  • milikeit says:

    4:30 and just got back in the office. I guess this topic stale out. All right, mek me si weh di batty injection woman video a deal with. lol

  • Met says:

    stale no sah

  • milikeit says:

    Met, I’m like u, I view the chinese with both eyes wide open OO

  • Met says:

    milikeit dem dangerous and a di culture mek dem stay so… mi jus read a follow up article…dem have universities whey dem have computers set up fi do internet spying dem nuh easy

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