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An elderly woman visited the tax office in Jamaica this morning, in order to pay taxes on a property that she has lived on for over twenty years. After handing her payment to the cashier, the woman was told that the taxes on her home was already paid by a couple.
The woman, who had forgotten her receipt for the prior year was in possession of her original land title. . Worried , she went to the Jamaica title office located on Ardenne Road in Kingston, where she told the clerk there what had happened and showed her the title of the land she owns.The woman was told by the clerk it could be a mistake and it has happened before, however inside sources from the tax office are said to have said that fraud is being committed by individuals allegedly inside the organization. The person went on further to say that these individuals prey on the elderly who seem to have no one in charge of them.

Seemingly a title was printed and taxes were being collected and paid for the same property from the other couple as well as the elderly woman.


  • Jules says:

    People who prey pon the weakest amongst are nothing but scums of the earth. Di pickney dem wah deh a farrin and all odda pawts, unno fi know how unno parents business a guh, check een pon dem regla cause some a unno lef dem up to di wolves.

  • Observer says:

    yuh c y ppl fi get scrutinize b4 dem get certain wok

  • Met says:

    teef dem be

  • Observer says:

    im telling you smh

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi wah kno weh some ah dem ah goh tell God seh

  • Chocolate says:

    Real evil dem

  • Anonymous says:

    This has been going on for a very long time and it is not only the elderly that these people defraud. They also prey on the returning residents who buy homes or have homes built by certain developers. There is one development that I know about that the Developer/Builder built a large number of highend homes starting about 15-20 years ago, yet most of the homeowners cannot get title to their homes for over 15-years. The story is, the land (many acres) was “captured” through theft and other things, with insiders inside of the Tax Office. Now, a large number of these Returning Residents (95 % from the UK) have since died and technically, they heirs have zero claim to these homes, since their is no marketable title. The Developer/Builder is major drug trafficker from way back and a couple of years ago, I boat registered to him was seized by the Cuba government, when it drifted into Cuban waters and various guns found on board (Haiti Gun for Drugs Trade). The individuals were then sent to Jamaica, arrested (including the Developer/Builder) where the case was adjourned sine die. :)

    Some of the crooked Lawyers in Jamaica are a big part of the fraud. There are many thousands of property in Jamaica where the taxes have not be paid for many years and these are the ones that the crooks target by way of insider information from the Tax Office employees. If you pay up the back taxes and can show you had “control” for X number of years (7-years I believe), you can legally claim ownership of property.

    Maybe this elderly lady was behind paying her taxes and the person(s) who started to pay her taxes assume she was infirm/dead.

    That is why sites like this dangerous to the status quo, since you will unlikely see stories like these in the Jamaican Press or the names of the thieves.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    They do it to acquire the person’s property. The act that governs land acquisition states that u can acquire property (not yours) by paying the taxes every year for a specific period of time. After which you can apply to National Land Agency under the guise that the land has been abandoned by the owner (especially if the owner do not pay taxes), & that u want ownership of it. It costs money, but not as much as it would cost to actually purchase the land. The only hindrance to these con artists may be time as our red tape lengthen the process. I have a cousin who is trying to do that right no with my great grand parents property, but we leave her to it.

  • ... says:

    Met…you’re a danger___________ :ngakak Anonymous :sungkem

  • LadyWoW says:

    wait dem pay di people property tax and a tek ova dem home…ohh no dem tings gwan in merica all di while enuh, but it have to be back taxes. not just suh

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yes, they pay up the back taxes & start making the regular annual taxes from their, & I think (I don’t remember for certain), but in 5 years or so they can request ownership from the government.

  • Taliban says:

    @Cindy, it is 12-13 years.

  • Met says:

    dotty a dat mi si :hammer

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Thanks Taliban. So after the 12-13 yrs of paying the taxes, how long after requesting ownership of the property r they actually granted ownership?

  • Taliban says:

    They apply to Attorney General not National Land Agency, there is definitely a long process involve. becuz they would have to make should that no relative for the property is alive.

  • Taliban says:

    So it would have to advertise in the newspaper for a period to see if anyone would come forward to claim the property.

  • Anonymous says:

    The adverse possession rule does not only require that you pay the taxes, but be in control and custody of the property for that period (12-years). The problem is, if there is no one to dispute/contest the fact that you “occupy” the property continuously for those 12-years, the person can get away with quite easily. From my understanding, it is becoming very difficult to use adverse possession to take other people’s property in Jamaica these days. BTW, a lot of large property owners acquire ownership that way in the past.

    Here is an interest case:

  • fashiondoll says:

    Anon…U r right on target. It is not only individuals who can do this. I worked with a statutory body some years ago and whenever they were buying lands especially in rural areas for development, if the owners cannot be found after a specific time, the government become owner of the land.

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