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Cops arrested after prisoner escapes
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 6:05 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Four cops have been arrested in connection with the escape of a prisoner who was recaptured at the home of a policewoman in St James Sunday.
The prisoner, who escaped the Freeport lock-up in Montego Bay late January, is wanted for several crimes in St James, Hanover and Westmoreland.

The policewoman was subsequently arrested.
The Anti-Corruption Branch and St James Police are investigating the circumstances leading to his escape and the involvement of other police personnel.
The three other arrested cops are from the Westmoreland Division.

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  • front row seat says:


  • front row seat says:


  • Met says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Mek mi iron dis sheet out lol.

    They need to stop spreading this lie about prisoner escaping, because all they are doing is tarnishing the work & efforts of the police members at the Freeport station. This prisoner was turned over to 2 officers who lied to the Freeport police that they needed to transfer the prisoner to Sav for a court case. Therefore, escape has no place in the explanation for what happened. If it did, then they should also discipline the Freeport police too.

    The police woman (another Jezebel of the force it seems) is the lover of the criminal who “escaped”. It was she who orchestrated with the 2 other police members to spring her man. My question is y would they do that for her?

  • Bebe says:

    Das why people lose respeck fi police inna Jamaica. Policewoman all breed fi big gangsta and war wid him babymuma an she leff di force an run weh go a farin. Dem need fi check demself an see sey a dem a meck crime cyaan go dung. Civilian a tief, police a tief, civilian a raper, police a raper, civilian a gangsta, police a gangsta, civilian a murdera an extertionist, police a di same.

  • Met says:

    yes cindy press it pres it lol

  • Missy says:

    Jamaicans r so quick 2 fight against some none important stuff y aren’t they bonding 2 gather 2 fight against these corrupted police officers… Met I was in JA the other day I was staying in spainishing town the same nite that I arrived the police killed an unarmed man threw him in the back of there truck and just drove away met my heart dropped because it happen rite infront of me they just popped up out of no where ppl came out asking wats going on then all of a sudden the place was swamped wit soldiers telling ppl go back inside long story short the following week the news reported that the young man had died and how he was a wanted killer they reported that this young man died the nite of the news report and how he died in a shout out I couldn’t believe when I was leaving the family was crying 2 the police 4 his body the police told his mother that they won’t be having any service because the threw away the body… Met if I heard this story from someone else I wouldn’t believe it I’m still in shock up to know they can’t say y they killed this young man…

  • Met says:

    missy the jamaican police are the worst

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Missy, we try to fight against corrupt police, but when we fight openly they find a way to kill us & nothing comes from it. Youtube this: “Police Brutality In Jamaica Island Of Music And Murder pt 1” & u’ll see a story about a guy called Kentucy Hill. His story is the one that gave me full understanding & appreciation of what JFJ stood for. Fighting a corrupt police force is not black & white, especially when u have a family to consider.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Missy, we try to fight against corrupt police, but when we fight openly they find a way to kill us & nothing comes from it. Youtube this: “Police Brutality In Jamaica Island Of Music And Murder pt 1” & u’ll see a story about a guy called Kentucy Hill. His story is the one that gave me full understanding & appreciation of what JFJ stood for. Fighting a corrupt police force is not black & white, especially when u have a family to consider.

  • Missy says:

    My family r from JA so I here stories but 2 experience it first hand I still can’t stop crying for this young mans family… 2 me they r assassins wat is the country’s prime minster doing about this y aren’t the ppl getting 2 gather and fight against it… I’ve heard of ppl paying officers as Lil as $100 us 2 kill ppl they have problems wit and its well known in these community’s… It’s sad met

  • Missy says:

    Cindy Royal I understand now… But it just hurts my heart

  • Anonymous says:

    Greg big up yuh self you make history again. Real Taylor made galis

  • EYN22 says:


    In most cases the Police is justified in killing some of these rudeboys on the spot… apologies for that! In most cases they know who the trouble makers are and the Justice System just keep returning them to the streets to reek more havoc on innocent Jamaicans. Before you start condemning our police officers (yes, some are corrupt to the core), check on the background of the person that was killed in front of you. I guarantee he was no saint.

    When you have the courts letting out people on bail, who are before the courts for multiple murder charge, only to have them kill others while out on bail, then you will understand why police have to resort to “on the spot” execution (some call it extra-judicial killings). What is funny, I don’t see you commenting on the hundreds of “on the spot” execution by thugs who murder innocent Jamaicans daily, including women and children? I guess its only when thugs get killed you have a voice.

  • Missy says:

    Eyn22 I’m not hear 4 a debate any sort of killing is wrong weither it’s a criminal or police officer… First off I live in East New York section of Brooklyn, Ny I attend my monthly community meeting wit the 73 and 75 precent my Ex-Husband was a victim of gang violence he was killed infront of me and our 5 children so when u talk about having a voice and speaking up about violence trust me I’m a very known activist in my community so plz dont go there and yes I did look into this young mans back ground and he was killed because they mistaken him 4 an individual that is wanted in that area and even after this man was killed and they identified the rite person they was looking 4 the behavior was still unexceptable and 2 lie about the events of the killing and on the nite in which it happen y cover it up if this was a so called rude boy or gun man which every way u want 2 justify it… And this young man in question was hearing impaired and was shot in the back 18 times which 7 of the bullets hit him in the head and u say that’s justifiable…. And as 4 tht young man who killed my husband he didn’t serve any time because of the lack of evidence and he and his family still live within the area that I live so should I just walk down the street and shoot him and say eye 4 an eye… No because I believe in Good and wat he did will not go unpunished… Met sorry 4 my outburst on ur site

  • LadyWoW says:

    Good Morning JMG Family,

    Now I am curious is this a step in the right direction to get crooked cops of the streets or are they looking for a scapegoat for this man so called escape.

  • Met says:

    Missy not a problem at all

  • oh,well says:

    @EYN. You had me until you started shading Missy. What is the world coming to when people cannot comment on police or judicial corruption. I, for one do not want any authority employing anybody who goes off of their basic instincts. It may seem an impossibility in Jamaica where governmental, judicial,educational, religious,familial thus societal corruption is the norm and is expected to be swallowed without critique; but you are really in 2013 castigating somebody because they expect our betters to act better than Joe Public? I really do feel that as Jamaicans/JamaicanDescendants/members of the Jamaican diaspora that we will suffer some great karmic backlash. Too many of us are of the “the end justifies the means ” mentality. We should lick out at corruption from our betters. What is the point of trying to raise a child one way only for that child to be released into a society where too many people appear to condone corruption in the officials who run and serve the country? I may sound ole timey and naive, but you condoning the police “tit for tat” attitude aint right. The police have got to be better than the general populace. And if not, they have to be brought to account.

  • Met says:

    one ting mi haffi seh……………. when does the police really and ever kill a real bad man?

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    EYN22 I do concur with you. “Spanishing” town???? tapping me fingers cause how can any Jamaican make dat de mistake. When since ‘spanishing’ town don’t have a gang insurgence til all sodomy a gwan inna recuriting…..kmrt. Again, EYN22 I do concur cause all de innocent dem can neva witness fah, but the angel gangsters always have 100 witness to dem unjust death.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Phantom u make me laugh :ngakak, but I don’t think Missy is here a lot from the shock she suffered at what she saw, so that may explain the error.

    Nowadays we Jamaicans just say “oh well” when police shootings occur cuz as I always say, police lie (it was a shoot out) & community ppl lie (him did innocent like baby Jesus) & the truth is most law abiding citizens (such as myself) have no problem with gun men being brought down by the police, whether they were strapped or not at the time. Jus suh it guh.

  • teacher says:

    greg you a the best! not even kartel can pull off dem ting yah.

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