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Lava mi waa know if this picture is recent? If it is a mussy di longest relationship yuh eva hold ina yuh life hayyyyyy di French Ambassador to Hennesy …from yuh nuh get di man yuh mus get di Ambassador to the drink whey him love doe? Killa seh him nah tarry suh yuh scurry…a doe wrong yuh chile…What is your profession yah now? An how yuh neva wink tuh wi seh yuh name call pan Squeeze? What a man love tall ooman :nohope:

btw the sender seh dis ”

Well Well Taneish well fling it up pon dem! Killa how you feel seh she lef you for a white man oooo I cannot manage!! Taneish who this now the Italian or the french ambassador? waaaiiiieeee”


  • Riches says:

    dah kiss deh look awkward bad, lava is a highclass whore, mi wudnt call har very brief stint wid Killa nutten, she jus did a pass time

  • England says:

    leave the girl alone…she a do wah she affi do fi survive and live the high class life…as long as she nah thief and kill nobaddy…

    nuff woman a sleep wid man weh nah give them dime. if some a unuh did get the chance fi deh wid a rich and famous unuh woulda tek it…even fi tek care a things financially, den cut wen the house dun build…mortatge paid off and family taken care of…suppose a dat she a do…If she mek a mistake a fi her business…. look how much woman affi sleep them way up.. fi live a comfortable life… she is not the first and wont be the last…a fi her business so mi nah look pon dem.

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Ratings cuz at least she f—s UP not DOWN!
    Di Yt man no bad lookin at all. So cyan wrong her in ANY area :2thumbup

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I see this as a step up for her… I mean, in my book Bounty is bottom of di barrel. More power to her. :thumbup

  • Brightlight says:

    I don’t wrong her either.

  • Riches says:

    Brightie an Cindy oonuh gud o, whore a whore, f#$kin up doesn’t make u better than the one who f down, @ England this girl epitomise high class whoredom an oonuh a condone it because of who she target smrh, d worl nuh level mek a did smaddy else

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is the first assumption is that she is with this man for money? Maybe initially, but when you are treated well you have a tendenacy to fall in love that person. And its not who you love its who loves you.

    He is not shy to show affection and ownership in public so theres no question of “if” they are an item. More power to you girl. I say we all upgrade to great treatment. I know some of y’all tired being treated like she, and still nah reap no financial benefits.

    I see you Mama! Get your love life!


    @Riches, tank u, same suh it go…Same way she did a pass time wid killa, a same way killa did a pass time ina har hole!! pleeze, pussy she a sell juss like every ada whore. Me nah knock har hustle but STATE IT FOR WHAT SHE IS.. SHE IS NO BETTA DAN DI LOW BUDGET WHORE DEM…KMRCT..

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Let me be categorically clear, if dis gyal yah f– di mad man pan di streets a Kingston she would have F- UP from Bounty Killa, i.e. MY point is not dat shi f== up becuz shi f— a white man, MY point is shi f=== up cuz she is NO LONGER f=== Bounty Killa, who no well thinking smaddy who is a female or have love fi females should want even for di vilest of females among us. Unuh mussi figet seh Bounty is a bwoy weh beat him baby madda to frazzle den lock har up inna di trunk a him cyar, went on partying an neva tek har out til him reach home, suh unuh gweh wid unuh damn foolinish from roun ere.

  • Ms. D says:

    but why would Killa care is the bigger question..unno figet couple pages back Killa a kiss up him Fiance…him memba bout har or the rest of them for that..The bottom line is she f– till she fine smaddy whey can mine har and har lifestyle.,..its been done before and will continue to be done a suh it guh around the world…

  • Riches says:

    Cindy u nah get the thing straight, i did not intimate that u were implying that becuz is a white man she effing up, i am saying whore a whore dat is all mi a seh, u obviously have contempt for Killa dat is besides d point

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I have contempt for Killa & all men like him, hell I have a cousin like Killa who used to beat the shit out of his women (who wouldn’t heed the warnings of other family members) & I abhor him just the same as I do Killa – so yeah, I have contempt for Killa. And I accept that u weren’t referring to the man’s ethnicity.

    All that said, I’m neither the madam/pimp nor the trick for this girl so I don’t know if she sells her body or not or just dates/sleep with various well-to-do men for the fun of it, but if she feels this is the man for her & he treats her right, be her whore or slut, y shouldn’t & what’s so wrong about anyone saying more power to her? She could still be running around from pillow to post with the Killa’s of the world, athletes etc still making a “whore” out of herself, however I’ve been seeing her with this man from last yr, so I say more power to her be it sekklement or settlement as long as shi stop running around. I don’t have time for the perpetual condemnation of women for the same things men get “bigged” up for. Once dem a mek a change more power to dem.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Cindy yu damn right Up! Up! Up! De amount a herpes allegations me read yah bout bounty killa..! A woman a f— and nah beg a gal or bwoy one faden is one to be left alone because ‘hoe’ a do fi har self.

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