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Woman, 23, found ‘having sex with a pit bull terrier’
Last Updated: 24th February 2013

POLICE in Las Vegas allegedly found a 23-year-old woman having sex with a PIT BULL.
Kara Vandereyk was found naked in the front yard outside her house by cops responding to a tip-off.
A report in the US claims she continued fondling the pooch after officers arrived on the scene and approached her.
Police said the woman appeared to be on drugs and could not remember her own name. She informed them she was bipolar.
Vandereyk was booked on a charge of open or gross lewdness.
The dog was handed over to animal control officers.
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  • LUNDUN says:

    there u go, she was high on drugs, woulda f— anyting weh cross har path.

    just happened to be a pit bull.

  • Oh Dear says:

    oh wow.

  • milikeit says:

    The pitbull wind up filing rape charges against her.

  • She a di real dolphin–as weh Killa seh, she we slap man dog or gal…

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor pitbull! Now dem a go spade him before dem give im up for adoption. lol! Not anadda chance fi im in dis life, women or dogs!

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Shi harself fayvah Pit Bull…..

  • Jules says:

    From mi a likkle pickney mi hear bout white ooman a JA and dem tings yah. Dem time deh mi neva believe dem tings deh cause dem tings was just so beyond di realm of possibility. Now a story like dis buss every rass week and mi realize seh dem tales mi used to hear from yawd were no lie.

    Inna situations like dese suicide is a healthy option imho. If mi haffi ketch to dem yah level mi will drink di cyanide and free miself. Cause when u going to touch anodda specie dere is no coming back fi u.

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