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SHOCKING PHOTOs: University student turns girl to SNAKE for money in Ng

Around 3pm yesterday, a guy who schools in Houdegbe North American University Benin Republic(HNAUB) was arrested, due to his action of turning a fellow female student to a snake using supernatural powers.
more stories and photos after the cut……

The guys are said to be 100 Level Business Administration Students of the above named University, to cut the explanation short, they’re freshers who wants to make quick money,they want to drive exotic cars, blast un-worked for money as a result of oppressing their fellow students who happened to struggle hard to complete their education. This culprit happened to travel to down to Port-Novo for the rituals according to the arrested guy.

Pictures of two girls were found in the box which contained the snake. The Snake in the box is actually one of the girls that was used,while the second girl’s head had already been chopped off.

It was a girl that stays in the same compound with them that noticed their strange movements and she therefore reported them to the police. Some of their girlfriends have actually been declared missing for some days now but no one ever imagined that they could have been used for money rituals until the moment they were arrested. People thought the girls had done their “crayfish waka” as usual, not knowing that the girls have been used for rituals.
Am so sure that the guys in question did the alleged rituals just cause they wanna be tagged “Big Boys” on the campus. They want to be seen as the “popaholics” driving the latest automobiles, wanna use all sorts of electronic device (Iphone, iPad,BB10, BlackBerry Porsche e.t.c). My advice as usual for girls goes thus “If he doesn’t live on his allowance from home or some creative and legitimate ways of making money aside yahoo yahoo, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (Sare Kaba Kaba). Else You Gonna be Used One Day.

Home of The Suspected Ritualist

The Box Of Snake



  • Oooh And Sooo says:

    Mi dont understand dis one ya, so me ago wait pon de rest comments!

  • What is “crayfish waka”? I need someone from West Africa to assit me with this article.

  • Me again says:

    Yo know I read these stories all the time about people bei g used for money rituals in NIGERIA I wonder if these stories are real. How the he did they turn a human being into a snake??? It’s just hard to wrap my brain around that level of evil.

  • Belly Bang says:


  • Met says:

    Lalibela is regular crayfish wid di claws

  • Just curious says:

    Morning met and metters yuh kno a late last night mi a read this an me mind run on met an me say met waan see this .a serious ting some people will not believe .i always read the naija gossips and news sites cozca dey soh yuh see real pics an read of evil

  • Just curious says:

    Yes similar to the young lady testimony bible tells us about wickedness in high places .it comes in all forms one other alarming thing dont kno if anyone on this site reads the nollyhoodnews apart from met but what a way the young actors an actress dem jus a dead off its alarming .satan loose

  • Met says:

    yes and the young lady goldie whey a 31 whey dead from a massive stoke jus suh whey day

  • Met says:

    good morning @just curious

  • Just curious says:

    Yes met harvey wey married de whiteman an de next one the actress wey de man wudnt do de ashes to ashes

  • sweet says:


  • Just curious says:

    Good morning met….i been reading fe de past few nights everytime me mek fe drop asleep me see a next intriguing story it noh normal met a bare voodoo a dash an de whiteman wife a talk up

  • Foxy Lady says:

    If he can turn a woman into a snake, why can’t he turn paper into money to get the money he wants?
    Why do people believe stories that are beyond the realm of possibility? If people believe in God then why do they also believe that man can turn humans into animals and all this stuff? *mind boggled*

  • Just curious says:

    Foxy my aunt thought she was pregnant for 9 months all doctor scan say it was a bouncy baby boy it reach 12mknths den 24 mths a frog an him whole family come out me aunty .it was hard to digest cos we come from strict christian family our grand mothers an grand fathers were bishops so we kno dem tings dey but we noh pree dem so until yuh experience or come close to someone who experience you will never accept

  • Just Curious, any speculation on why the doctors were fooled for so long? Did the many sonogram results not show human feature for the presumed chid that was in her womb?

  • Foxy Lady says:

    So she was pregnant for 24 months? 2 years? And doctors did not induce labor at 40 weeks? And during the pregnancy a sonogram which detects the babies sex and features did not detect a frog? Neither did the doctors who must perform certain examinations to ensure the baby is not afflicted with down syndrome or anything else that could be problematic and somehow this bouncing baby boy turned into a frog? Lord help me!

  • lisa rich says:

    im wit Foxy Lady… im lost for words, Lord help me too…

  • Just Saying says:

    Hey! Campus boys…. what kind embarrassment be dis now.

  • Vistors says:

    You think story is crazy visit you tube and type TB JOSHUA DELIVERANCE . You see some crazy evil in this world .

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