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I will be releasing more information on this dude Richard Talbert. The previous post was a warning, and no one understands why I put this dude on blast before.

Richard Talbert is a MAN WHORE and a LIAR. He cannot keep one woman, and he is very abusive and dangerous. I am not the only one who felt his wrath, and I feel I need to warn you females out there to not date this dude!

More details, and pictures to come….. keep posted!!!!!!!


  • Foxy Lady says:

    Most black men do not keep one woman and that will not stop women from dating them. Most men are liars. When relationships end or when the men do not wish to have relationships with females that give up sex and expect more, then women feel hurt and get vindictive.
    Unless this sender has something of substance to add besides her feeling used, then she is the one on blast and not the dude. Sending in his picture saying he has a lot of women, just means women want him and nothing else.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Sender, yuh send in the 1st story and it was saying neither 1 nor 10.

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, take comfort in knowing that no one on the outside is going to date him, you are safe, we are safe, the world better, rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! :cool

  • Belly Bang says:

    Man inna jail and ah di 2nd ting yuh send weh nuh carry nuh substance. or ah time yuh want fi guh cook up someting??

    :cool Cause if yuh come wid nuh fairy tale Snow White bullshit bout abuse and mi nuh see nuh police report and medical certificate from doctor and pictures etc etc, mi ah guh be th 1st one fi bawl out bullshit.

  • Don’t say that most black men cheat or keep multiple women. A lot of black men–men in general–keep more than one woman. When it comes to lying don’t believe the hype, I do believe that women are worst than men. Men may lie more; however, a woman’s lie is usually deadlier…

  • Foxy Lady says:

    And I’m not sure that men may lie more, women’s lies are more thought out and strategic so they are not as easily detectable as men. Men are very simplistic with their lies so they are transparent and they never seem to cover their tracks so they get busted more often. While most men cheat and lie, for black men, particularly Jamaican men it’s the custom.

  • I have to laugh because I totally agree. Some men lie even when there is no benefit. While a woman might say, I am pregnant–you are about to become a father!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    This person have a zillion charges against him and is looking at life in prison just on the Kidnapping/Hostage charges. Why would the sender be so concern about other women dating him? I think the sender is psycho.

    More Information
    Name: Richard P Talbert
    Date of Birth: 09/04/1986
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Booking ID: J201218341
    Date Booked: 08/12/2012
    Age when Booked: 25
    Charge Desc: 1
    Charge Description: KIDNAP-RANSOM/HOSTAGE
    Charge Desc: 2
    Charge Description: CONSPIRACY
    Charge Desc: 3
    Charge Description: CONSPIRACY
    Charge Desc: 4
    Charge Description: KIDNAP-RANSOM/HOSTAGE
    Charge Desc: 5
    Charge Description: AGG ASSLT W/DW-BI
    Charge Desc: 6
    Charge Description: AGG ASSLT W/DW-BI
    Charge Desc: 7
    Charge Description: UNLAW POSS WEAP-HANDGUN
    Charge Desc: 8
    Charge Description: UNLAW POSS WEAP-HANDGUN
    Charge Desc: 9
    Charge Description: UNLAW PURPOSE-FIREARMS
    Charge Desc: 10
    Charge Description: UNLAW PURPOSE-FIREARMS
    Charge Desc: 11
    Charge Description: AGG ASSLT W/DW-BI-RECKLESS
    Charge Desc: 12
    Charge Description: UNLAW POSS WEAP-OTHER
    Charge Desc: 13
    Charge Description: UNLAW POSS WEAP-OTHER
    Charge Desc: 14
    Bond Amount:400000.00
    Bond Amount USD: $400,000.00 USD Convert Currency

  • TIGHTNESS says:

    But is it okay for women to knowingly accept the cheating and the lies? when did it become the norm for people in a relationship to lie and cheat? what is the point of being in a relationship? where did it begin and where does it end?… it really is a serious matter.

  • Nookie says:

    mi still a wait fi di rest a picture and evidence weh di sender claim she have… if she do have anyting fi show.. mi nuh wrong har fi put bwoi pan blast… I mean this is what MET is for… so leave di girl and mek she talk har mind if she have someting fi say @Belly Bang

  • TIGHTNESS says:

    Not all men cheat… especially not all Jamaican men. Majority does, but not all.

  • SENDER says:

    @Belly Bang he’s not in jail anymore, and i’m not buying time to cook up anything… like i said before.. keep posted.

  • DASHOUT says:

    GOOD EEEEVLING MET!!….Me really a keep posted pan dah Met here

  • STARBWOI says:

    mi see dah ute ya a road eehnuh… Jersey di bredda live

  • Anonymous says:

    Stacious stay good….as usuall…..

  • Dwrl says:

    No matter how much you warn women still ago date and breed feh him why?? Because they feel you are nobody until the man start shit on them also, then they claim they make mistake … warn dem, beg de, f— him be us they will

  • SENDER says:

    @Dwrl mi agree wid yuh… putting this man pan blast nah stop no woman from date him… a better she seh she a put him pan blast fi embarass him and draw him out dats all

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Senda, are you the cause of these charges? Cause yu obsession is really looking suspicous. Mind yu mek de people dem post him bail lose dem money because yu a provoke de man!

  • Really??? says:

    Sender you are reaching hard and wide….. Met you know I’m a regular so let me dash out because you always say we no partial…..

    I know dude personally grew up together from Yaaaddd and still link up to today… The man run in to some trouble end of last year, some man run in on him, him hold one give it to him proper had a weapon ….so he’s going through the legalities all the things I just stated clearly listed above …

    The thing is what does that have to do with anything, sender honestly if you have issues with the dude addresses it with him. If you can’t come to any kind of resolution and you feel slighted MOVE ON!

    If there is a story though tell it and come correct but don’t come with no malicious intent…

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mi want him addy, him # (all 6 ah dem) and him foot size, cause this yah man ah look like mi replacement fi Marco :ngakak :ngakak

    Sender, seh man deh ah road, so Sender, if yuh see him and ah gal ah drop foot inna dancehall, dont get bex or approach, cause mi nuh back down from confrontation suh easy, HOOOOKAYYYYY!! :travel

  • Met says:

    mi pick up har agenda so she will not have not one more ting fi se bout this man here…

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