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38 Responses to A WHA AH GWAAN?

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mi watch the video pon youtube awhile ago. The concept is great but wrong wrong wrong bong use of the flag in that manner. They could have used another angle instead of burning and trampling the flag and still keep the entire concept intact.

  • Isn’t the commercial depicting a flag being accidentally burned, where dude is attempting to mitigate the fire? Dude’s being misconstrued, causes mass protest and a riot with more Jamaican flags being placed on display…

    What’s the big deal–where are the German speaking Jamaicans or anyone speaking German for that matter, who can outline that this is not a protest against Jamaica or her flag?

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MET me getthe irony a d video entwined with the song in the back ground, ppl unu no need fi tek evrything out a context aal the friking time – if dem have dunce like dem ya a in a politics whe caan get the irony of the video wha dem expect me country economy fi b like??? OMG GOD BLESS JAMAICA WITH THESE NUMBSCULL POLITICIANS MEK DEM NO TALK BOUT D BUS FARE WHE RAISE %120 D OTHER DAY

  • PPL busineSS says:


  • Babsy Grange need to shut up and go work with the government fi find ways to further promote Jamaica. Find solace in the fact that Jamaica is getting a lot of international attention for being cool and hip.

    Use dat a go sell some music, jerk dis and dat and beer inna Europe

  • Real says:

    mi personally neva like di video ..I think it was kind of insulting, however mi nuh wah hear weh BABSY STRANGE A SEH …because shi nah do nutten fi ppl yu haffi reach like usain fi dem pay u nuh mind ….a lot of street children and others have a lot of potential ….di only thing weh Jamaica nuh have a GOOD LEADERS

  • MISS-$TULLESHA says:


  • Stop being so thin skinned–the burning of the flag was not done out of deceit. Notice, the flag was on the wall of a non-Jamaican establishment. The flag got caught on fire and out of love for the flag, the individual attempted to salvage the flag.

    This individual’s actions were misconstrued in the commercial itself–hence, the mob and massive protest. We don’t need to protest for real–instead, we should celebrate the acknowledgment of out culture. The song of choice was selected because it is a popular reggae song and it is nice to see our culture being embrace on that level.

    Stop with the hyperbole; if we continue on like this, others won’t want to work with us or seek to embrace our culture.

  • MISS-$TULLESHA says:


  • MISS-$TULLESHA: Chinese and American flags are usually burned out of anger. Other than our alleged contempt for homosexuals, Jamaica and Jamaicans are usually loved and embraced worldwide.

    I promise you that our triumphant olympic display has a lot to to with the visibility that we are being afforded and unless we are being treated in a negative regard, we need to embrace the center stage spotlight.

  • @Lalibela yuh mean de flag got caught on fire ? yuh realise is a commercial ? so a act dem act ? so dem haffi actually light de flag fi film de commercial ? so de flag didnt “got caught on fire “.they really really had to light it in real life to make it appear that it “got caught on fire”in the commercial..a hope you dont believe that was a real demonstration

  • Saturn ( is a German music oriented chain store, reggage is popular in Europe; hence the use of the old school reggae song. The restauranteur is depicted as an avid reggae fan so consumed by the good music. So much so that he got caught on fire while cooking.

    His beloved flag [symbolic of his love for reggae and the Jamaican culture] was inadvertently caught ablaze and unbeknownst to him, his attempt to salvage his beloved flag, caused mass upheaval and a full fledged riot. Which was only contained when a massive Jamaican flag was draped on the side of a prominent building.

    Again I ask, seriously, why the fuss? Context and understanding of such means everything. Celebrate our cultural acceptance and function like we aren’t assine… If not, outsides won’t want to experiment with our culture…

  • They are not doing us any favours. They’re just using our popularity to sell their goods. The flag should never be burned. It should never touch the ground, even worse stomped on. It is an ad they are actors. They could have come up with another strategy to use Jamaica’s popularity without defiling our national emblem. The ad was entertaining but disrespectful. Dem jus a use JA fi line dem pockets.

  • adwa says:

    i thought the video was actually a demonstration of germany’s unabashed love and admiration for jamaican culture. color me ignorant, but i don’t see what all the fuss is over. while the flag in question is being burned, it is replaced by even larger flags and numerous protesters showing their love for jamaica. i really didn’t find it disrespectful at all. to the contrary, i’m glad that outsiders have stopped viewing jamaica as some “murder capital, third world nation” and are beginning to embrace it. but maybe i’m wrong….who knows!

  • realthing says:

    I know no harm was meant but y didn’t they burn a German flag? This is why Paul Bogle was hanged? so we can have our flag stepped on and burnt? If you don’t stand for something you fall for anything………….. the vw was ok, now this flag burning….whats next? since Jamaica is now the big advertising marketing strategy. choooooo nuh f—ing bun me bloodclaat flag a dont CARE WHO DAH GUY.

  • realthing says:


  • LOL says:

    I think alot of people missing the core point…. the production company that did the Commercial could have come up with a better idea where no flag would have been burnt or stomped on… Its important for us to recognize not all promotion is good promotion just like how not all money is good money… if Jamaicans accept this AD as something positive then it speaks volumes as to the respect we have for our flag…

    How can we go from our flags waving high at the Olympics to our flag being burnt and stomped on in a Commercial for a foreign company that never felt it necessary to contact a representative of the Foreign Ministry or Tourist Board and say “Hey Do You Think This AD Is An Appropriate Depiction of your country”.

    Saturn is not out to let JAMAICA look good SATURN is out to make money just like any corporate company…

  • Agree to Disagree says:

    I don’t see the issue here, I saw nothing negative, in fact I felt quite proud that once again Jamaica/Jamaican are seen as trend setters, cool, hip and fun, please god don’t let our idiotic so called politicians say a word, we need all the positive advertising we can get tourists equal money for the country, considering our emorous debt.

  • Belly Bang says:

    Mi glad mi did mek mi tawk and wait and see if ah mi one did feel suh…. :cool

  • ms crimson n cream says:

    i hate the commercial u ca give us a cup a milk thn when we bout fi drink it u box it inna mi face kmt…idc wat good they meant the lil bad cover the positive if it was us tht burnt thr flag they wouldnt find it amusing or commercial worthy
    bob marley would be turning in his grave if we accept dis as a good representation a we likle island…they cudda do it another way without stepping on the flag,if him did wet it wid water it wudnt bun me suh..KMT!!

  • Adwa, I don’t know what’s wrong with my people. Entertain parody and satire–if the ones were to watch the other commercials that were made by Saturn, then they might get the point.

    The whole premise of these ads is centered around clueless fanatics and in the case of this ad, the chef is a fanatic old school reggae lover who while cooking was rocking to Barington Levy when he got caught ablaze…

  • Germany fi gweh cuz dem pussy deh a try style wi.

  • Bigz says:

    Any NATIONS. Flag burning is a disrespect period !!!! In humor R not.

  • MURASAKI says:

    This begs the question, if any act is deemed disrespectful and illegal BTW, does the fact that the intention is comedy or satire erase the nature of the act?

  • LOL says:

    some of you may not know but there are hundreds of banned commercials floating around on the internet….

    So if this one is to be banned it would not be the first a over zealous video producer or creative director has been shut down for going over board.

    The flags of every country should be respected… and call me uptight but i just dont find someone stomping on my countries flag funny…

  • EnglishPasserby says:


  • MURASAKI says:

    some ppl who are in support if it claim it will be good exposure for Jamaica…but careful when you start selling your values, no good can come of it..

  • MURASAKI come this has nothing to do with one’s dilution of the sale of one’s values. This ad is about satire and parody.

    There is nothing disrespectful about the ad. If this is offensive, I hope you all don’t watch fiction based movies…

  • MURASAKI says:

    Especially when it comes to national symbols and people’s reaction to it satire is a very thin line to trod. Personally I dont find it funny or respectful, and some will agree or disagree with me based on how they view these symbols. The association of burning a flag, and stomping on it to me means disrespect and contempt for a country. Whenever I see protests or war documentaries they do this very same thing to show contempt for a country. Done in jest or NOT or not this action should never have been done.

    I happen to live in Europe and I know what people think about Jamaica, wake up, not everybody who say yeah mon , listen to reggae or have dreds actually like Jamaica….

  • MURASAKI if it were a literal action, I would agree with you and true, Europeans don’t want to be apart of anything that they can’t gain or exploit.

    However, relative to this ad, I emphatically and respectfully disagree. Please know that I am very grateful for your feedback. There is no protocol that dictate that we have to always agree.

  • MURASAKI says:

    Agree to disagree Nile

  • MURASAKI says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    i don’t like this ad, it’s in poor taste and when something is burning, your first instinct is to pour water over it, not stomp it out.

    i don’t find it funny and i don’t believe i’m over reacting either, when are we going to take a stand against some things that are plain disrespectful instead of saying its funny for fear of looking like we are angry and finding fault?

  • Belly Bang says:

    Yuh nuh hear seh wi fi grateful cause it ah gi wi “publicity” ….people forget that Dudus did gi wi publicity too…

  • sussister says:

    i personally never realize is so many ppl slow until dis commerical… the man accidentally set the flag on fire. and went outside to out it.. ppl came to demonstrate about, the entire media and Germany gov upset that they burning a Jamaican flag. obviously bcus they love jamaica,, babsy just mad ja getting so much shine and is not her party reigning.

  • MURASAKI says:

    accidentally set it on fire…lol…you do realize that this was a commercial right? for a german based electronic store that is usually found in eastern europe, right. Why didnt they burn a Bulgarian or Hungarian or Romanian flag to show how much they loveeee these countries since that is where their customer base is? The fact is Jamaicans are easy targets cause wi we sell out wi soul, scratch dat, cause Im sure no penny will come to Jamaica, we will give you or souls and piss on the grave of all our ancesters who fought to have those symbols mean something.

  • Anonymous says:

    People the company does this all the time to make fun of cultures. What they are saying is that we are very pompous – think much of ourselves, and think we have global significance. They are also saying that we are quick to fight and start war. They are used to ridiculing cultures in their ads – don’t be fooled: Check out previous ads they have done.

    and also

  • Anonymous says:

    Sussister – you are the slow one. People can make a fool of ou and you lap it up think it is praise.

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