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  • Real says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Good morning good morning good morning TGIF mi ago beat two juice later n dash out di ting like a tarpaulin lmao.
    Now to the business at hand is how the wata back a him dutty so him live side a the ever glades? :takut scary Mo u no scared alligator inna house alligator inna wata below di house ma gawddddd

  • Belly Bang says:

    di man seh unno cant stop him flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………..hence di picture wid the flowing river :bingung:

  • Anonymous says:

    Morning All, first or second floor condo next to a sewage canal. WOWs

  • Brightlight says:

    @Real ____________________________________________________________________

  • Remember seh a di Gully Gaad wi a talk bout. Him wanted the closest thing to a gully look–lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    him heart jus as DUTTY like the wata in the back ground

  • Brightlight says:

    Metsy! Jamaican ppl R D BEST! I don’t know where they get their talk from. Nobody can diss like jamaicans! I am DWL at these comments!

  • Met says:

    brightie di story nuh drop yet a soon write it …u nuh ded yetttttttttttttttt

  • lord have mercy......................... says:

    my god……….how im so show off imagine the burger embassy man deh behing the iron gates and im deh a road a act like say nothing no wrong, mavado mi nah lie one time mi use to masturbate to yu voice but no more to rass, mi cannot stand the sight a yu no more, yu bruk mi hart…………..

  • Belly Bang says:

    weh Julian deh????

  • Met says:

    ping :hammer

  • Anonymous says:


    yall are the bset

    gullyside !!

    Vado obviously been directing his new pictures on instagram to jmg and all his haters and naysayers

    a the airport , at all star weekend and bere tings, rick ross and bere celebrity pics

    gwan vado – enjoy it all while it lasts !

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    Rich an inna condon but all mi si ah crusty vada ah pose near swamp…show di condo nuh…

  • Riches says:

    Morning Met and metters prep rite out @ lord have mercy_________________________________________________ bout use to masturbate to im voice. Mek iron face gwann im soon get all a weh im a luk fah ole wicked

  • LadyWoW says:

    U mean fi tell mi u lef from Jamaica gully fi come live near American swamp

  • Fyahwife says:

    Gully god a kill me

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi Granny always say SHOWOFF BRING DISGRACE. Thats why it always nice to be humble because the humble calf sucks the most milk. Some of mi people dem we never learn or get it and will always forever be oblivious to the true. Bwoy vado you luddy bad. Such a waste.

  • met! how mavado still d a road?

  • I swear says:

    Yo jah kno how can so much negativity be in one place? Unu neva happy fi nuhbady yet…..the man nah rob or walk and beg him ave a honest livin. And reppin JA and look how unu a shit on da nigga! No sah……unu need some lamp oil and sea sand fi clense unu dutty nasty badmineded ways!!!! Is like unu jus a pray pon di man down fall……some a unu pon yah nuh ave dry shit…..di man have a rass house a JA …….same way unu pray pon Flippa downfall but God a listen and hear di wol a unu…….FIRE WID FIRE……..EVIL WID PRAYER!!!!

  • Met says:

    yes oil expert

  • Anonymous says:

    @ I swear how did you arrive at the conclusion sey we are badminded because if I remember correctly base on what I have read so far about Mr. Man and his many dirty deeds/actions he himself seems to be very badminded, unscrupulous, underminded, wicked, cutthroat, dishonest, dishonorable, immoral, unconscionable, unethical, unjust, unprincipled, just to name a few. His actions alone speaks for itself so dont come over hear and make it seem like sey people a make up stories about him. You live by the sword and you shall die by that same sword. Oh and as for the house him have a JA me hear sey a only one room finish. That dont seems like anything to be badminded about someone and their unfinish home. As for the oil sprinkling ting, you may want a get a different kind something that may tun him dutty ways around so that he can learn how to be an asset to the human race/JA instead of being a liability and cause shame and disgrace on our homeland. Oh and please tell him to go get some education and learn fi read and write.

  • Saucy baby says:

    No we not praying for it, we just sprinkling holy water for him because he is very wicked! You lucky bout honest, how honest he was when he take bread out of the other entertainers mouth by making them unable to travel. Go play in some traffic!

  • Anonymous says:

    i agree wid @ i swear

    is like unu cyah wait fi hear some bad news

    why we cant be happy and wish good for people ?


    like unu thrive on negativity

    so what if di man hype – if u did bawn a gullyside and now living the vip lifestyle u wouldnt hype to !

    shit i’d be too happy and woulda live my life to the fullest and not try to humble it down and play quiet fi please people

    unu stay too bad

    gwan Vado !!

  • Saucy baby says:

    That is not house, it come in like he is renting a one room in foreign because only one room ready. Did you forget?

  • Anonymous says:

    @ saucy baby – whe your one room deh ?

    whe your mansion in the sky deh ?

    where is your condo by the swamp water ?

    unu too f—-in evil i swear

    black people – smh

  • Anonymous says:

    @ saucy where your house deh ?

    whe your one room deh ?

    whe your mansion in the sky deh ?

    whe your miami condo beside the swamp wata deh ?

    send met your title !

    unu too rass evil n yes BADMIND

  • Anonymous says:

    tha a man made lake in florida

  • LUNDUN says:

    gwaan ya vado

    a u seh f— up everybody else while u alone climb to di top

    gwaan inna u condo weh u can only show di walls and di doors yaaa.

  • denies says:

    Me like Vada new baddy getting nice and buff foreign food agreeing with him.

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Who cares him need to go take care of his kids stinking boy

  • Shawty says:

    No Name @ it again today no sah anonymous go get an identity and a name rgd open and waiting on u, dem heart dutty dutty up bad bad bad, nobady no want wah ado have cause him soon loose it all GOD stronger dan d devil all day every day

  • MURASAKI says:

    @ anon since ur close to vado, just prips an tell him to calm down and stay out of the spotlight for some time now. on the streets ppl caan stand him.

  • Saucy baby says:

    @ Anonymous of course there is a title behind my name and I didn’t kill anyone nor bad mind them for it. Hahaha poor you defending Movado community dick where everyone is free to ride….

  • Saucy baby says:

    And if you know what good for you this Friday evening in here you would just cut your eye pass my comment them you hear and galong bout your business. Further more identify your self and then I would address you, until then go suck a cock!

  • Socialite says:

    Dwlll the view is stunning! Mavado yuh large heheeee

  • BROOKLYN says:


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