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History Month–Little Know Facts:

At about 35,000 B.C. a group of African Chinese; later known to us as the Jomon, took this route and entered Japan, they became the first Humans to inhabit the Japanese Islands. Later, another group; Known to us as the Ainu, followed.
Oddly Indians were Not part of this group. Today, their genes can still be found in 40% of modern Japanese, as well as Mongolians and Tibetans- Past and Present Kings & Queens’s – This Photo showing is a group of Tibetan [email protected], their heads are shaved and these are (African inspired) wigs. For more research contact David Park (director of books, maps & manuscripts at Bonhams) IBHM


  • Brightlight says:

    We were first.

  • 35,000 years before Christ is 31,000 years before Adam, BUN KING JAMES AND BUN A WHITE GOD!!!!!!

  • Let the truth of the black race be broadcasted to the masses… The Japanese weh a flock di dancehall are just trying to get a sense of who they are…

  • Jules says:

    Right now there is a small group of African descended people who live in India, dem speak Hindi, wear saris, and live like the everyday Indians and they have no clue how they got to India.

    The Mongolian women dem braid up dem hair in some intricate designs similar to how some of the early Africans used to braid theirs. Plus Chinese history tells of a small group of African people who lived in China during the dawn of their history..they were small people, like pygmies.

  • ShaunPo says:

    You guys really need to check out Hidden Colors 1 and 2 which teaches us about how great we are as black ppl and what the white’s did as far as stealing our knowledge and freedom it will blow your mind in all most every way possible, real talk. All of those Asian country at some point or another, past or present, have or had native ppls and they’er or were black ppls. I seen native Chinese ppl that look just like the Bushmen of Southern Angola, truly unbelievable and Educational at the same damn time.

  • Jules says:

    I made a mistake. It’s not Mongolian women who do the braiding, it’s Tibetan women.

    Also a lot of the words in Japanese sound a whole lot like Nigerian words..even the former name of Japan, Edo, is also the name of an area and tribe in Nigeria.

  • ok says:

    asians look african. notice the full lips and wide nose and slanted eyes. those are african features. check out Runoko Rashidi’s work, it will blow your mind!

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