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Afternoon let me tell u somethings about this refugee here in canada mek r fren gi r man
this girl is a silence bitch and freak act as if shes all good n a saint who thinks she can fool people claim she married to man a jamaica and we cant see any proof but only him she can fool seh she na nuh more man cause him goodly fool fool to from she a go school so she tan shes a great pretender a walk round inna ontario like she good u wah see r oan the mall more i dont know how she do it but me rate r to fi mek 1 man feel hes the only 1..things that men wld do woman lol lol any man she deh wid nuh fi have nuh more woman but she but she wah more than 1…..deh ova ya a hide before she try sort out r self the youth who she deh wid seh she love r belly to….morewhile after him done [email protected]#$ it she cock up start pin the man she ave a ja like all is well lol lol….. lol afta she run weh come ova ya so long and all she ave the man dem nothing to show………..not a good look do better ur a woman for christ sake u cant be here in canada either n be sexing
men n not getting ur papers ur joking control u hormones man…..thats it for now

19 Responses to MAN COURT EJECTION

  • REDBONE says:


  • LUNDUN says:

    sender, i am not one to cuss u guys cuz without ya’ll, we won’t have any suss.

    but can u plz try harder next time to send in sum PROPER suss? cuz diss no mek it.

    as far as mi can see, this is non-suss.

  • Observer says:

    an she has 2 men what is it your concern?

  • marlet says:

    mi nuh see the point all now waste mi few mins kmt

  • posh says:

    Lol look like dem jus wa buss r secret wah she being hiding guess uno affi jus read it goood cause a that me did affi do
    but if a so n u deh a farin a f— around try get u papers fi tru

  • simone says:

    A ow this ya pic look so like smaddy pan mi fb looooooool this serious
    mi kno r to fart lol use to live a pmore to but a long this ya gal ya sneekin ñ r mada eva a pick up fi r

  • biggy says:

    Lol lol she on mi fb too then after she a nuh good gal lool

  • bossy gal says:

    Den pupa jesus nuh saranson this who use to…u kno wah mek mi tek up mi foot inna mi hand n run ya dwllllllll

  • Met says:

    hi……u alone mek al 9 comments..are u kidding me?

  • Observer says:

    :ngakak :ngakak multiple personality disorder is running rampant now man or it contagious

  • Met says:

    zervah mi nuh tink dat disorder bad yasso like ina di post lastnight…is like dem plan fi tek wi fi fool

  • THMF says:

    LMAO so met you saying BossyGal/Biggy/Simone/Posh/Marlet all share di same DNA? Wonda if dem have a Masters Degree in Psych too like Silent/sandra/keke?

  • Met says:

    thmf a nuh silent alone…di whole crew lastnight…but dis one a get whey and a come back like she fresh to the scene and mi sit back and a watch her..come on now man

  • Observer says:

    mi sehhhh dem undaestimate wi intelligence like dem tink is a hurry come up site dis

  • Dwrl says:

    She a do good if she have two man, guess she took sender share lmfao

  • Dora says:

    Hehehe :ngakak larx met man y yuh buss d personssss dem looks like dem ave a wul heap did fi seh n nutten!kmt

  • Oooh And Sooo says:

    Met yo run de ppl and dem out a here quick to rass!

  • munchy says:

    Lol maybe them jus wah full up the page……..but this a stale news still who nuh know bout this ya gal ya nuh bawn yet who a hide a suck dung canada n gwan like she a saint loool. A weh day me see r a 1 restaurant to eenuh

  • murasaki..lazy fi sign innnn says:

    woieeee, den met if yuh neva seh feh, I wouldnt have guessed is the same person making those comments although it was atad bit fishy that all of a sudden ebreybody know the girl….dwl.

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