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Met dis gal yah guh JA and inna dance a big up the ppl dem man, mi say when di man watch di dvd a bare cuss him a cuss and a dunn har bcs him ooman aguh seet….All night di man pass har inna di dance not even a cranberry wata him neva buy har!…why dem fi guh JA and flag out dem pussy pon man whey nuh want dem?

7 Responses to JMG MAN COURT *WINK WINK*

  • Observer says:

    senda yu a di nexx matey *wink wink* :nerd

  • Shawty says:

    Deadin @ flag out them pussy pon man

  • Anonymous says:

    pretty girl none the less….don’t worry someone will own you up

  • Dwrl says:

    Hahaha a think is HAR pussy get the flagging and you man never spare no rod :hammer

  • Fun says:

    Could it be that she was just ineed of some JA sex & choose that man ? Isn’t it common courtesy to thank all client/ customers? Therefore she used the dancehall media to thank her client/customers… the video!!

  • peachyklean says:

    Senda sound very desperate to put up di girl. She look good to me. Women need fi findd some betta to do than try scandal other women. Same lie you get she too

  • strawberry says:

    Anuff adem guh a ja fi f— it seems like di mandem upya nah gwaan wid nithing at all.same ting big face samantha duh an big up man pon fb an di man wife seeit an nuh stop dunn har till bout 10 more man whey shi a f— seeit tuh an a dunn har ..bottom line if yu man nevva f— har she cudnt call him name suh chat tu di man tuu.

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