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Title: Is it ok to marry for financial gainig?

Message Body:
I have a friend who will be getting married in a few weeks but he’s affraid that the lady is only marrying him for what he has (big house, big car, money ect). I have the same feeling as him to be honest but dont know if I should say it to him or not. I am also friends with his partner & know the type of person she is (always gold digging) and when i came outright and asked if she was sure she wanted to get married she said that it’s only because the man is good to her child & helped her when she was down. She doesn’t like going out clubbing with him or anything like that as she thinks he’s not cute enough for that. I really would just like to hear what u all think. I’m hoping that she’ll grow to love him and that it all works out for them .

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  • Belly Bang says:

    come outta di people dem life, ah dat yuh fi do :ngakak :ngakak

  • Fyahwife says:

    U have a Fren ???? :games

    Anywho……….. Him no know bout prenup

    him feel so bout har but him still a put ring pon it doah him fi loose every dime

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Mawnin Met & Metters!
    My girl….. Mind yu business! Just b/c it wasn’t love at 1st sight doesn’t mean it will not end up being LOVE. As long as she’s faithful to him then her reasoning for being w/this man is NO concern of yours. My mother told me “Stay out of ppl’s love lives. They hate each other today and YOU tomorrow”

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Oh no, I hate those damn gold diggers to “friend”. As a good, nice an decent girl myself tell ur “friend” with big house, big car, money etc to leave that gold digger & holla at a girl who (like me) he definitely won’t need a prenup with :maho

  • LadyWoW says:


    Mi nah look senda u feel like u deserve him more. Send him on to me, I wont break his heart. But mi would bruck him foot and run, mi wouldnt tarry and married him. Nope not me

  • Anonymous says:

    Look How many times women cuss man bout dem ugly and wats not then end up wid dem, and nothing no nice like dem in di end. Senda need fi low di ppl dem. Dem a big ppl who can tek care a dem own business. Obviously senda gat fi har yie dem pon di goods too!

  • Mr Magnificent says:

    Its NOT ok because it shows how much of a idle wutless bum a person is. Get a job ,education , ambition and some pride.

  • Shawty says:

    Well if he knows shes a gold digger and still gonna put a ring on it he cant complain bout nutten if she take the gold and run

  • The sender is no friend to the man who is about to get married. You know the full intentions of the female and if you are not going to to keep it real, take yourself out of the equation.

    I don’t know of a single soul who would get into a relationship if there were not prospects of gaining. Relationships are all about quid pro quo–both parties are expected to help each other and gain simultaneously.

    It is not always a monetary transfer; however, money is often times the biggest motivator. The man is functioning like he is living in a bubble though…

  • goodas says:

    MET I really don’t know enuh but to how the sender start mi believe say she did deh with the man and a him ago get married….idk…unno nuh kill mi

  • Nom de plume says:

    Sender love is just a word. and anyone who can speak can say it, what is important is how that love is translated, in his case care and kindness towards her and her child, and in her case gratitude. The same people dem who love talk bout him/she love/dont love are the ones who haven’t got a clue about said love.

  • Jules says:

    Is only more recently that people are marrying for love. Marriage has and was always steeped in security and family alliances. As long as the woman treat the man well and defends his interests, it is perfectly fine for a woman to marry a man for security.

  • talkthetruth says:

    @ Ladywow no I dont look at him in that way to think I deserve him more, he’s like a brother to me. And @ Anonymous no love, mi no ave mi yie pon him goods. My man have him tings as well (not boasting) & mi ave mi good job. It’s jus that he’s my friend as I said in the start & wanted everyone opinion as to if I should tell him or not.
    Don’t get this thing twisted please & tanks

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