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6 Responses to GRIEF GAMBLING?

  • only a white person can use the defense weh she use and get weh wid dat..bout grief and brain tumor.and no jail ..

  • if a black person made such an attempt the prosecutor and the judge would say, “N!&ga please…”

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Gambling is nothing to joke with. It is just as serious an addiction as crack cocaine. In the same way a crack head will sell their soul and rob their mother, the same will a gambler. People handle sadness and grief in different ways and the same way in which a person will take comfort in consuming alcohol or drugs or seek an escape from their current intolerable circumstances with any other addictive property, gambling is no different.
    There are those of us who are mentally equipped to face the tiger and move on, there are others with addictive personalities so I cannot discount the above theory.

  • Foxy, I totally buy into the science that is used in this lady’s defense. It is just that the common man/woman would not usually have the luxury to use such a defense to justify one’s lack of culpability…

  • Foxy Lady says:

    A homeless man stole $100 and was sentenced to life. A Wall Street big shot stole billions and was sentenced to 6 months in a country club. We will never escape the racial and socio economic disparities that are evident in the court of law.

  • LOL, I remember that one. Society will always trample the voiceless individuals who dwell amongst us…

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