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  • Real says:

    met mi rate yu ……………mi rate yu…….

  • Met says:

    no rate di senders please so dem can send on..Lalibela thank you

  • Real says:

    big up laliebla …mi neva did a go watch it but like how it deppon yah o mi haffi come een and watch and rate

  • Real & Met, much love; however, the editor [Met] has the final say. Therefore, I thank you much the same for using your discretion to make this post :)

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Mi really cyan get rid ah beyonce to rass lol. All day dem ah play it pon HBO smh. It was a decent documentary but i dont see what all the hype is about. Mi nuh like how ppl worship her like she is some type of goddess. I mean the girl is talented but ppl go too hard talking about her like she is a saviour. Mi jus nuh like di false idol ting!!

  • @Good Girl Gone Bad, within reason, I see where you are coming from. I am not the biggest Beyonce fan. however, my take away from the documentary is that this girl is a hard worker and I I think that is the differentiation factor. Especially when compared to the Maya and Ashanti, et al…

    With that being said, celebrity worship is a big no no…

  • Real says:

    well shi work hard,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but mi a wander y shi a gwaan like di fada neva do nutten good and a him push ar

  • good girl gone bad says:

    Yes lalibela thats why i believe it was decent because she work very hard. U can tell she is about her business and mi cyan knock any woman weh handle har business. I was really trying not to buy into the whole pregnancy business because she shouldnt feel like she have anything to prove. And dem playing it all day is jus overkill to me. The worship ting nuh mek it. There is only one God and mi know him nuh name beyonce.

    @real mi believe she seh di fada teach har di business and har work ethic, etc.

  • Ahh, “…my first child with the man that I love.” The operative reference is, [with the man that I love]. Hmm

  • Real says:

    mi watch di first forty minute and it look like it shoulda air pon regular tv …………shi a confuse mi

  • @Real, yuh can’t vituperate on regular TV and it is all about who is willing to pay for the production and all associated cost.

  • Real says:

    oh I guess

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as working hard. Janet works hard and many others, so does Kelly Rowland. The difference is, Beyonce was handed superstardom by people in high places, the same way her husband and Kanye were. Are they talented? Very, which is the reason why a select few have been ‘selected’ to lead the gullible, lost masses in the direction they want them to go.
    Notice when Beyonce came out with ‘single ladies’ in the bodysuit, all the lost females started wearing bathing suits and bodysuits out to the club?

    No matter how talented you are, your music does not get repetitive airplay unless you are amongst the chosen. Nobody makes it in this business based on talent alone. Trust me, I know.

    One of the most talented rappers is DMX, he however, has been black balled for speaking out against the industry, another one is Lauryn Hill. You will never again hear them being played every 5 minutes on the radio. That’s how it works.

  • Real says:

    u know …kelly nuh get nuh recognition and it like dem create di grp fi she succeed and den shi meet di husband and him have di right fi jus get rid of the father

  • @Foxy Lady, you are dead wrong–dead wrong… Especially for the examples that you outlined…

  • She’s lying and im not buying it
    I honestly cannot stand beyonce!
    i Just love the last part how she is shown in a shadow with a big ass belly and asss
    dem feeel sehh ppl a idiot to special effects why she neva show di belly without the shadow wtf i dont care what no one want to say bout privacy everybody know u a f— jayz suh u nuh must breed weh ua hide it fa it makes no senseeeeeeee like oprah said yesterday “YOU TOOK IT ALL THE WAY” Shes a lame and im annoyed with the lies after lies it is her businesss but damn dont come on the TV and make no f—in documentary ah chat to u rass self pon computer like who does that beyonce think we stupid or what just like how we nuh fi quick fi believe magazines we cant quick fi believe u either . It is jayz child for sure but nuhbodi cya telll mi nothing she had a surrogate mother i also believed she did have a miscarriage and i think she cant have kids thats y she did it but cuz she so private she nah go tell ppl that …. she speaks so retarded while she a chat to OPRAH it just pissed me offf wen she a go roun di bushes waste of hr she nuh address ntn yet .. all she neva go a d awards but she come on tv wid half her body a show neck to chest ah chat f—ry listen to me di gal was never pregnant to begin with

  • MURASAKI says:

    Wouldnt it be that shot bomb if it ever turned out that she never gave birth to her baby? Couldnt be….after all this video, then she must have…

  • Real says:

    fi ar labour did damn good …because shi seh natural birth…..but wen mi si di curler dem seh whooiiiii………….wen mi did inna labour di only ting lef fi mi pop off a mi colour lmao mi neva wah feel nutten pon mi body

  • Foxy Lady, here a some of the wholes in your argument:

    1. Without much promotion, DMX out sold and out performed Jay-Z in all tangible regard. DMX’s singular problem was that he was addicted to opiate [crack, cocaine, et al]…
    2. Janet Jackson’s career was handed to her because she is a Jackson and she worked extremely to maintain it for as long as she did. The reality is that her time has passed…
    3. Kanye against all odds survived a life threatening car accident to become a entertainment juggernaut. Kanye’s differentiating factor has to do with his vast scope. He is not myopic like most musicians…
    4. Jay Z, against all odds, he is here with us today. He was not able to get a production/distribution package to commensurate his talent/contribution; therefore, he created Rocafella Records. He grew tired of rappers not being compensated for wearing/promoting the popular clothing lines of the day; hence, Rockawear Clothing. It is because of Jay Z’s steadfast dedication why he is here today…

    Beyonce has beauty and sex appeal. However, if not for hard work and the right support structure, we would not be talking about her today…

  • gf says:

    First of hailings jmg meters. Had to sign in on this. I didn’t watch the documentary not interested already know what she is coming with. B is so predictable and one dimensional. First of she was handed stardom on a silver platter. Her father is an executive for a record label hence Destiny (beyounce) the product. Things get out of hand and she decide to cut ties with daddy hence Mrs Carter. She is not no private person she boring like. Everytime Kelly start get likkle light she come out with something then all heads turn to her. That baby has nothing for her. Hence the looks of the father. Surrogate and jayz sperm equals jayz baby. If she did want fi prove it was her baby. There would be footage of every month of ups and downs of that pregnancy. As a blogger said only a shadow of her with the belly. Beyounce you are rich if you choose to have a surrogate that is your business but talk the truth man. Pregnant stars hence, Mariah Carey, Whitney, Brandy, Amber Rose. Beyounce tek ppl fi fool kmt on to the next

  • miss lee says:

    i am still trying to figure out the point of the documentary being done for the public if she is so private. if its nobody’s business y go thru all that? gosh, i would have learnt something watching a lifetime movie than the documentary.

    lalibela, i agree she should have just ended the sentence with “my first child”. maybe there is more she wants to say, but saving it for another documentary.

    fashionpassion, notice how only selected footage have dates. wonder who is the person in the one with the special effects, because they hardly showed the face without all the hair in focus. if she trying to dispute the rumor, forget the special effects and show head to toe.

  • Because her fadda cheat pon har madda and breed a next gal, beyonce have like a 3 yr old bredda, she mussi tek di madda side. so it go.

  • Observer says:

    Foxy and passion thanks so much for your insights :thanks2 @ miss lee she private when needs arise n har follower dem is so naive is like bey a mary, ivy a jesus an jay a not evn joseph yet a fi em sperm mi c inna ivy yei dem i caw tek it

    >>>BOWING DOWN TO THEM<<< nuh mek no blastid sense caw all joseph did still hav some say in bringin jesus to the manger :nohope

  • why can’t me as an individual like [email protected] observer? what’s wrong with being a beyonce [email protected] observer?

  • Foxy Lady says:

    I absolutely love this thread. I don’t need to say another thought that hasn’t been expressed. Thank you bloggers.

    Only person I disagree with is Nile and he apparently missed what I was speaking of. But well stated guys, all of it!

    Hey Zervah!

  • Observer says:

    EYN read agen an den c if yuh wi ask mi di same question

  • Observer says:

    foxy >>waving<< :)

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Metters first trimester mi don’t even want nyam a piece a bread ,much less fi a shake up mi kin suh . Plus when yuh just a breed your pregnancy is not shown in the lower ab as how mi si dah belly deh. And to say 3 weeks to go and di belly look like 4 months mi just don’t know , a wata pump in that belly ooo and har face look like when u have allergy and it swell ! A beg sista b nuh tek wi fi poppy show !! And the Oprah interview really frighten mi !!! Neva know b cyan put a simple sentence together.

  • Ryce Cake says:

    Mi ah to give Beyonce props. Not only as a talented pop artist , but as a strong black women, mother, wife , and business women. You been on top and won’t let nobody drag you down. To many get a little shine, sum fame. no money then you never hear from them again. Brittney, Jennifer,and Christina can all go away and come back and the world embrace them. But when we get strong black men & women that keep are image in the media , we say were tried of them. We’re not getting another Whitney, Micheal, Bob, Etc…. again! So when we have them appreciate.

  • Observer says:

    yoruba lef di ppl dem idol a madda mary ooooo

  • @observer Read and I am asking you, why can’t people be excessive fans of beyonce if they so chooses?

  • Real says:

    hi guys I am back mi nuh know weh dat deh interview i…but they said the father never want her with her husband and as the husband come een ar attitude change…cause shi look like she worship him….so him did a flop yes flop and him encourage ar fi audit ar fada and se di man teef 2 mill…like really den if him teef a wah?? look how him teef spot light give she…now she a gwaan like a di husband bring ar

  • No real beyonce puppah cheat wid one of her employee and breed di ooman and dey so it stawt fall apart

  • Real says:

    well i dont c how dats a problem ….wen it was said he has fathered two other girls beside kelly …while married
    …and shi e inn a di interview se a long time shi wah done it

  • It was said but not confirmed this new baby did innah court and dna did involved and dem time of the alleged other children beyonce never popular.

  • Anonymous says:

    i love beyonce to death but honestly speaking mi nuh c wah d rass she reveal everything still private everything look well edited n polished……. wat i get from dat doc is her life, relationship is perfect n we all now dats far from the truth

  • Observer says:

    suh it luk like yuh neva read suh mek mi ask yuh dis mi did tel yuh nuffy be a “excessive” fan mi luv furthermor a “obsessive” yuh wah seh weh pawt inna mi comment seh yuh nuffy obsess??? yuh nuh gwaan obsess but c yah mj obsessive fans dem did drapp ded wen em ded n all ppl duh was bury dem suh carry on pls an tenks

    real yuh hav time a beat ur gum ova mary, joseph n jesus an all di followers

  • Anonymous says:

    Met between d oprah show n d documentary mi nuh learn nuttn, nuttn at all everything still private so d documentary really neva mek no sense….. she mentions things now n again but she naa elaborate pon it wah d sense? mi say all mi a watch d sittn mi a wonder weh d secret deh she a open up bout weh d niceness deh? bere fart! dat documentary beyonce basically a promote herself cause all mi c a PERFORMACES pon stage…….. bla bla bla Mrs Carter tour is near so beyonce was just promoting herself

  • You did exactly what I wanted you to do observer cary on madame bull cow. I think I’ll head to my beyonce shrine in my closet fi go worship LMAO.

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Beyonce SUCKS!!! De Camel SUCKS!!!!! lucky Met have restrictions cause I would mek a future prediction on SUCKS!

    Observa Good call pon yu closing line @ 8:50.

    FANS don’t bother argue wid me ME MORAL COMPASS STICK WHEN IT READY…kmft pon waste a space poor people who idolize fkry.

  • Real says:

    WELL i am not a fan or anything …i just dont get her ..and she shows how perfect she is;…………and how excellent of a husband and life she has….I will concentrate on the women who are living a nightmare ……I gained nothing from this documentary …….except the rich get richer and the poor poorer…oh and that she really cant speak

  • Ryce Cake says:

    Beyonce did what she dose best, keep people guessing. Between Oprah And HBO she most have made millions, and didn’t even tell us anything we didn’t already know. Very smart business women!

  • truth will set you free says:

    @ real true true words….. but a suh it guh ! i was reading a little story about how she even went as far as naming the baby after one girl/singer weh jay z was really in love with ( blu cantrell ).. i was also watching some things on youtube about how much she was involve in that illuminati stuff and her super bowl performance was one of her many involvement….. if she can’t have a baby that shouldn’t be anything to lie about and i still believe that jay z is the father of that boy that they say is his because just like how blu ivy look like him that’s the same that boy look like him too

  • Real says:

    well that is his child…thats y everybody avoid saying his first child….and dat trini girl is a pretty girl ….di picknee look jus like him ….shi to much into ar self;….and it look like shi haffi worship him fi keep ar place …and shi a him wife ..di bday toast was pathetic like shi a gwaan like a him gi birth to ar …..two crazy inna love

  • Theresa says:

    Mi agree wid Anonymous! The documentary was one big infomercial for Beyonce’s upcoming tour! She didn’t tell us shit much less confirm no belly! Mi tiyad ah har now man kmt

  • Observer says:

    a wah duh eyn it luk like mi eat yuh birthrice :ngakak bout bull cow clearly yuh naw eat enuff food but doan blame mi fi yuh misfortunes n lack of body weight caw mi nuh eat cow mi onli specialize inna fowl :maho

  • LalaBoom says:

    I still dont think the pregnancy was real…other than that Beyonce is talented and a hard worker same way but too devilish for my liking

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