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  • sweet says:


  • Our hero Patrice Lumumba–here is a man who lived and died for his convictions. A man who did not bow to Europe and those who did not have Africa’s interest at heart.

  • Anonymous says:

    jesus what a wicked set a ppl There is always be a black man to plot with the white man against another black man. So sad

    Great man.RIP

  • Colonial powers were a wicked and a heartless bunch. They are 100% responsible for the ills of modern Africa. All Africans who were for Africa were either murdered or marginalized to a point of no worth…

    Patrice Lumumba if he was given an opportunity would have led the Congo and Africa[Alkebulan] by extension out of the backwardness and doldrums of colonial rule.

    Leopold II–of King Leopold’s Ghost fame–is a monster who orchestrated the raping of the Congo and elsewhere in Africa.

    Jamaicans should take note and know that it was these very Europeans and Americans who truly decided the fate of Jamaica. Then they have the audacity to regard us as being violent and backward…

    Shame on the Mobutu and the Seaga types from the post colonial world…

  • Ramm says:

    Who is this person?

  • Which person?

  • rain says:

    a hell of a freedom fighter. Big up Met fi the lesson bout a serious man with a purposeful life

  • Met says:

    I feel so good when u guys watch these documentaries………….mi struggle fi find good ones all the time

  • @Met, I just hope that more would provide their commentary. We have been given an opportunity to get exposed to new references in addition to re-enforcing old references–kudos to you as usual!!!

  • Met says:

    Thank you Lalibela

  • one2tree says:

    they kill all these notable ppl- how dem no kill castro yet. like ‘viva cuba’
    castro reign right near 50 yrs in usa backyard…how comes???

  • one2tree says:

    same so dem pple here must spread de Gospel Of GOD, instead, dem plunder, kill, destroy & slave de pple of Colour.
    no must satan dem ???
    how u no post up nothing bout de metorite dat fall inna russian?

    inna yur life time- u ever see anyting like dis before??

    u ever hear say someting from out de sky fall to around 33,000mph & only cause over 1000 pple injured ???

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, think on dem tings here

  • DFDR says:

    Yes Met big up urself keep up the works, as you know the real truth is not taught in schools, colleges or universities it is all hidden, we have to search for it to overstand our past to better our future and someday restore the glory of Afrika and the people of Afrika..
    Big up IMHOTEP one of the wise men of modern science a true great black man from Kemit/Egypt before it was invaded and raped.
    Hi Lalibela

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