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With the recent resignation of popular radio broadcaster R— from L– Radio, new information about B—, a product that the former broadcaster refused to endorse has emerged. A Biochemist who holds a PhD in Biochemistry and who requested to remain anonymous, stated that the product is just a combination of B-Complex vitamins, with some herbs like garlic. He further states that you can get products with pretty much the same ingredients for under $30, and questions why would anyone buy that product at the price it is being sold for. In his own words he states that ” there is absolutely nothing special about B— and I find it disturbing that they would charge customers the prices they charge.

Our source has been reliably informed that many of the B— testimonials are fake, and many of these persons claiming to have seen these great results from the product have never even used the product it is alleged. One prominent entertainer from Jamaica, told our source, that while in New York on vacation was approached by CEO D—, to do a B—- testimonial for money, the entertainer who sports dreadlocks said he refused the offer, and in his own words, he say, ‘ me bun dem kind a tings deh”. One broadcaster on the same radio station 93.5fm, who had no problem revealing his identity told us, that he has said it repeatedly on his radio show that S— is the Bernie Madoff of the Caribbean, and that he capitalizes on those that are least informed and on the elderly, and everything that he has brought to the airwaves to this day is to scam his own people and rob them of their hard earn money, he vows to continue calling him out until he is behind bars.

R—, joins a long list of other persons who have worked at L– for a short period of time and who had a problem with B— products and prices, those persons include R–, B— and G— to name a few.

30 Responses to MI NAH SEH NOTHING–

  • Joggle says:

    mortgage scam and scam concoctions???? smh
    real ppl a NY know fi deal wid him wid a long stick

    dont know the white girl him de wid now but used to see him with model Jaunel Mckenzie

  • Anonymous says:

    “One broadcaster on the same radio station 93.5fm, who had no problem revealing his identity told us, that he has said it repeatedly on his radio show that S— is the Bernie Madoff of the Caribbean….”

    What is the name of broadcaster on the same radio station who had no problems revealing his identity ??????

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Thiefing Sleaze 4 bottles of Biolife $400 u is a wicked wretch

  • 2cents says:

    long time he is a scammer, from mortage, car dealership, credit repair, biolife, immigration lawyer.

  • Fyahwife says:

    Meeeeeetttttttt mi can’t breathe …..di ninja up a top wid di loupe magnifier a kill me :hammer

  • FireBrand says:

    @Tawkchuet….wha yuh seh squeeze get a new name SLEAZE? Mi like dah one deh!!…LOL

  • Babytee says:


    Di man have him own website… I go on it to buy the same thing Squeeze is selling as B-. On his site, 1 bottle of Life Plus is $32.95…. On Bio__ site it is $249.95!!!

  • Met says:

    mek a go look

  • FireBrand says:

    I know for a fact squeeze is a con artist. I have witnessed the call center operation and it is definitely a bait-and-switch operation. They tell you a price on the air (without ever revealing what individual products really cost) and then add in all types of additional charges when you purchase it. As for whether or not the products really work, I have no idea but I know they are WELL overpriced.

    Just talking to the man in person you immediately get the sense that squeeze is up to no good. Napoleon complex X 1000!! Can’t understand how someone with the power he has would use it to defraud his own people, whom he knows work very hard, sometimes at menial jobs, to earn a living. Worse part about the whole thing, the man already filthy rich wid a rass mansion a CT. and about 10 luxury vehicle including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari etc. Guess him just wicked to him own people for the sport of it.

  • Mr Magnificent says:

    Napoleon complex likes to exploit Caribbean nationals who don’t know the American system. There is lots of legal options that consumers can use to deal with him like the federal trade commission , FDA and New York Attorney Generals Office. I myself filed a complaint against him for having nonstop telemarketing calls to my phone. I know the troll is reading this wall. Just know that its only a matter of time before justice is served and there is no amount of money and lawyers that can save you . Here are some links that people should check out

  • Babytee says:

    Magnificent, thanks for those links because as soon as Raga leave, the number that I used to listen the show with all of a sudden start get pure Biolife calls!!! And even though I stayed on the line and removed my number from the call list.. They are still calling!!! :marah

  • strawberry says:

    Omg..mi glad unnuh bringup dis day me an mi duttie soon to be x huzban a drive an mi call fi gi a coment to wha him wuzz advertizin..ppl di teef dem nuh stop call mi phone every damn day..mawnin noon an nite..teck mi aaffah u call liss pleezz sleezz yu tooo raahtid teef..ppl drink bitters fi cure diabetis or pressure dont buy dat foolishniss..damn teef.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Just Saying says:

    Here is another gimmick he pulls. You know when he says he is throwing in 6 free bottles of this or that… guess what it be them tiny sample size bottles. I was shocked when a “lifer” showed me the free bottle size, notice he never mentions the size when advertising his so-called specials. He is so shady it’s scary.

  • Barbie says:

    Mi love ragga bu mi couldn’t badda wid d bio life in mi ears every damn second so mi stop listen it.

  • Jules says:

    If u eat two mango, likle callloo and couple orange u a get di sed ting as wha inna…Mi seh Jamaican ppl kill mi how dem always a jump pon health bandwagon. I never figet when di noni craze did teck up di place..dis tinking sitten ppl swear by and di sed ppl dem nuh look no healthier afta drinking dat nastiness, some a dem look worse off to rahtid. But at the end of the day, it is very amusing to

    In truth anybody can set any price fi dem product, I caan seh di man a con artitst chu him set fi him owna price, a feem business dat. Anybody can set dem price, but not a soul can force my money out mi picket fi buy dem tings.

  • Anonymous says:

    That man is a crook!! I remember my mother asking me to order the bio life for her on Gill Bailey radio show he was charging $99 for 6 bottles, when I called in the man took my mother info then told me it was $169.00 including processing and handling. SO I told me hell no, how it jump from $99 to $169 . He said he will drop the price to $139 I said no thank you and never mind.. Can you imagine my mother called her and said someone try to take gas from her debit card in the amount of $60, the first time it went through the other 3times he try declined. They said the person who try to get the gas was in CT and you see Firebrand said the man have a mansion in CT.. I knew it was that dog shit.. I dont understand how Gil bailey have this crook on his radio show..

  • Anonymous says:

    How the hell did he take my mother info and get gas God knows but the bank said the person made a card from my mother info..

  • Met says:

    anonymous dat a easy ting fi di credit card people dem find out


    Him tink him would get away wid it damn scammer

  • Trinity says:

    The biochemist can act as indignant as he pleases, he’s really not really complaining as the orders for more product continues to come in! Yes they are way over priced, but his ass is getting a cut from it as well!

    I got a sample for my mother. The sample claim to bring down blood sugar/ eliminate diabetes. She drank the prescibed amount and when she woke up the following morning and check her blood sugar, the reading was 200! She was so sick and it took her days to get it back down! So NEVER again!

    Mr, Firebrand you know de tings dem!

  • ... says:

    Met wah mi did a tell yuh! a $9.99 or less dem get it for & the markup is craaaaazy. dem too wicked

  • Trinity says:

    I stated in the original Squeeze/Raga thread that Biolife are regular vitamins that you can buy at the vitamin shoppe for under $30.
    Biolife is just preying on innocent people who have no clue. These people have ailments and want desperately to feel better. They hear advertisements for something from one of their fellow Jamaican/Islander and believe that this person wouldn’t lie or con them. Its such the opposite of that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Squeeze, is betta yuh guh juggle! Dem woulda know wah fi do wid yuh innah di streets. Damn teef and scamma. How yuh fi wah own up di man name and radio show? Yuh want a G Butt innah yuh friggin head. Try help people from yuh heart instead of owning them with yuh pocket. I leave yuh to the ole whoring gal dem weh yuh love run dung. Yuh betta work pan a cure fi weh dem ah guh gi yuh ole nastiness.

  • Anonymous says:

    The man is juts an educated hustler. Have nothing negative to say about him. He is doing what they are doing from the pulpits to the back rooms of Congress. Don’t know if the products work, but he is just trying to make it in a society that have a wide array of hustles. We are responsible for our own actions, so if we get conned or hoodwinked, its not the barer’s fault..

  • Jules says:

    Met, u never get no offer fi promote di Biolife pon u site?

  • Mowt Hamassy says:
  • LadyWoW says:

    da Bernie Murdolf of the Caribbean – I love dat the title fit him rass. Mi reaalyyy cyan tek no more nes about squeeze enuh…Dis man is the lowest of the low

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi glad him Never get my hard earn money SHAME SHAME. Ppl stop believe in too much chemical, mi granny live nuff year an Nuh tek Nuh pill are drink mix up juice

  • oh lawd says:

    My mom ordered this product. I had a Doctors appointment today and i wanted to end all speculations with this product, and so i brought the bottles to show him (my Doctor) HIS EXACT WORDS WERE DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!Also he began to show me literature on it…it is NOT FDA APPROVED also spelling on product label is as if a child wrote it nothing good abt this product BADDDDDDDDD NEWS PEOPLE..MET PLS MAKE SURE YOU POST THIS we need to be educated on what we put into our bodies

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