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dear met

hey met i hve a quest for u…hve u r anyone tht u know as ever taken prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant…my fiance and i wanna hve a bby and am thinking about taking prenat vits wud be good but i need a second opinion…… even though on the bottles tht hve read it say’s take before during and after u get preg…but am still a bit effi so i wanna know what u think r ur metters plzzzzz tell dem nuh cuss mi…going to see my doc but i just wanna hear what u guyz think……………feelin hopeless


  • Mix up says:

    U can take dem before pregnancy. It’s a good source of vitamins because it has everything we need as women in 1 pill.

  • MissMention says:

    I would take them. Guh research on the net, etc etc… I doubt they would hurt…. But sender, why yuh feeling hopeless? Sound like yuh have more going on than juss di vitamin question…..

  • ***** says:


  • Brightlight says:

    @MissMention I was going to say the same thing. Why she feel hopeless about something simple like this?

  • countrygirl says:

    You can take them before but definitely try to take folic acid pills will trying to conceive.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    It’s mainly the folic acid in prenatal vits y it’s also recommended b4 pregnancy sender. Can’t remember exactly what folic acid does, but it’s important (u can look it up). Prenatal vitamins is good for you overall tho.

  • Joggle says:

    I take prenatals as my regular multivitamin, not sure if it has anything to do wid fertility. Are you worried about getting pregnant?

  • Yoruba girl says:

    Prenatal vitamins are good it has all vits except for c, and the easy way to get pregnant is to take birth control and stop after a month or so .

  • Pudding pop says:

    Feeling hopeless? Weird* have you been trying to get pregnant and may be infertile?
    Do you think taking prenatal vitamins will help?
    Am just trying to figure out why you’re feeling helpless.

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    Prenatal vitamins is not good to take regular if your not prego…its good crush and put in your conditioner…take regular vitamins with extra folic acid….

  • miss-$tullesha says:

    That Dr Oz seh

  • Saucy baby says:

    Sender it is best to take folic acid pre pregnancy which would help with neural tube defects of your fetus.

  • fabulous69 says:

    Morning met and every one…the reason why i said i was feeling hopeless is bcause we hve been tryin for a couple of months now and nothing as happen…and tht can be depressing at times…

  • Met says:

    morning fabulous..were u on birth control before?

  • Smh says:

    If planning your doctor will prescribe you prenatal months before and continue to take them while breast feeding. Otherwise you can purchase fine the pharmacy.

  • fabulous69 says:

    met i tried it once when i was a teen and it made me really sick….and i hven’t taken any since

  • Met says:

    fabulous get a check up by your gyn first to make sure everything is ok

  • Cindy Royal says:

    @ Fabulous – Have u & ur guy been to a doctor for a check up on both of u? Such as basic health check, check of both ur reproductive organs, std/sti checks etc. Pregnancy is tricky, it could be something & it could be nothing at all y conception isn’t happening. I say start with a medical check up.

  • fabulous69 says:

    @ cindy we did and everything ok but i guess its not our time as yet….i just wanna say thank u all for the positive feedback i really appreciate it

  • Foxy Lady says:

    @Fabulous, as previously stated, prenatals are always a great source of vitamin and it is recommended to take them even prior to pregnancy.
    If you had previously been on contraception, conception will take some time. You probably need a complete gynecological check up as many women unknowingly have fibroid which can be problematic in conceiving.
    Also, believe it or not, while two people can both be fertile, together they may not able to reproduce.
    Still with all the above, we are in the day and age of alternatives so while it may not be effortless on your part, it’s not hopeless.

  • fabulous69 says:

    thanks foxy am a go back and do another checkup just to make sure everything pluge in and notten nuh pluge out………………u guys give me so much hope thank u again

  • Just Saying says:

    Prenatal vitamins won’t increase your chances in trying to conceive. However anxiety, stress can induce delays in ovulation. So don’t just focus of your physical health, mental health is just as important.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    @ Fabulous – also remember to relax & not stress out – I know it may be hard, but remember stress affects our whole being in many adverse ways. I can tell u about a former coworker of mine who tried for yrs (yes years) with her husband & just couldn’t get pregnant. Finally they gave up on having their own biological child(ren), started the process of adopting a child, in the middle of it she got pregnant. Just like that, with no effort at all. She told me she felt it happened bcuz 1) the child being adopted was the blessing & 2) bcuz she gave up on ever having a child & therefore stopped stressing about it, the 2 factors just coupled together & allowed her to become pregnant. She got 2 children (her adopted child & her baby) in one bundle.

  • Smh says:

    I was on pills for years and was pregnant right after I stopped taking it. All depends on the persons body. I took prenatals as prescribed for 3 months before I was pregnant.

  • Sexy L says:

    Sender it sounds like you’re having a problem trying to conceive. All hope is not lost. I was diagnose with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (it would have been hard to get pregnant, if any at all). There are supplemental vitamins that you can take to aid the process. I too was having a problem getting pregnant and tried many different medications from the doctor for 3 years. I decided to do some research to find a natural supplement and came up on Fertilaid ( I started taking it 5 months straight and realized that it helped in so many ways. I moved seeing my period once every 3 months to every month. Now I’m 8 and a half months pregnant and I honestly think it was because of those supplements. You can check it out. Read the success stories about it too.

  • fabulous69 says:

    @cindy i do get stress especialy of thought tht i might not be able to hve kids :(

  • Met says:

    With Jah ALLLLLLLLLLL things are possible …

  • fabulous69 says:

    @sexy thanks am a google it and see what it say

  • fabulous69 says:

    met i talk to god everyday about what’s goin on…and i know one day he is gonna see me through….thanks alot met u hve big help

  • Met says:


  • Jules says:

    @ Fabulous Dem seh if you have sex wid a pillow under your hips and stay dat way fi about half and hour afta ejaculaiton it help u chances of conceiving. Anyways, everything happens in its own perfect time..maybe your baby juss nuh ready fi come in di world yet.

  • Sammy Sam says:

    Afternoon Met & Metters!

    Hi Fabulous ! Also try to track your cycle and see when your the most fertile. You can track it on your phone by downloading apps that will track it for you and tell you when your ovulating
    or you can google “tracking menstrual cycle and ovulation” and find lots of website that can track it for you as well.In the meantime just pray bout it, leave it to god and have fun trying to make one! Best of luck my dear because babies are such a blessing!! :kisss

  • Sexy L says:

    @Fabulous…..You’re welcome.

  • miss lee says:

    fab, u can check out i used the fertilitea, fertilaid, fertilecm, and geritol. i also tracked my body temp n used ovulation test strips. finally succeeded after almost 2 years. good luck.

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