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Title: three times a star ” artist / producer ”

Message Body:
can u imagine the headache the woman a feel yah now when she hear seh de man
deh pon video wid next hear say seh hospital almost pick har up.. dat artist/producer did only a look something from de woman. Mi hear seh him tek everything him coulda get him hands pon all har business and lef because him find a new opportunity (white foreigner )… Him nuh stop walk an brag how him new gal a gi him money fi spend nuff .. a nuh de first this video a come out, it did out 4 years ago WHEN HIM WAS A DANCER and him runway from stony hill when people find out seh a him. That time him did live wid a man and some form a jealousy and the man buss the video up deh. a police hav fi save him rass from dem nuh mob him. now him a par wid artist like him big. de amount a man weh him did deh wid caan count. A hope the white gal know seh a somethin him a look fi tief. i hope the other woman can pick up the pieces an move on.cause dis man a swing both ways an a trik both man an woman. wha inna dark must come to light

15 Responses to RIDDLE SHE AND NOT ME???

  • Observer says:

    Good morningggggg Metty and Mettyers…happy Monday :peluk

  • LUNDUN says:

    a which dancer use to live a stony hill jmg reporters?

  • Fyahwife says:

    :salahkamar peep in fi see if di riddle solve

  • Simonebarbie says:

    ding dong/chi ching ching maybe.

  • A must chi chi bcz ding dong no have he woman already

  • Nom de plume says:

    A wonda a who dis now. Yuh know mi nuh sorry fi nuh woman who pick up wutliss man and mine dem only fi find out seh dem gay. You get what you pay fa an the only way mi a pay fi f— is if me decide mi go to woman cos dem worth it. so any bwoy weh waan my things betta have a deep hole fi me dig out cos nuh ask if him nah gets f—ed.

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Nom de plume *shaking hands with you*, that’s the first telltale sign of a battyman. Any man wey si dung and wait pon woman fi har tings is a battyman, maybe him not a practicing battyman but as the right man come along and offer him tings him gone.

    Pure weak man out deh wey more feminine than woman and the woman dem so freaking desperate, insecure and lack self worth.
    Any man wey expect a woman fi guh work and bring money come gi him is a bitch and that woman deserve anything shi get.
    No mercy for stupid bitches!

  • CCB says:

    A de one weh name 3 star or 360 , him call himsef Shel-k now as a artist and producer.
    a him use to live a stony hill.Me hear bout it. him a go round with a white gyal now from Russia , claim seh she a violinist and singer.

  • bobettflirt says:

    o lord i know him. me hear bout that from last week,me inna hair salon an hear him a tell somebody bout the white girl and har money. him dont look gay but them say him is. such a waste.

  • cooligal says:

    Unu mean Shel k from Shel k production…rass what a mix up. Him was a dancer fi true.

  • skool girl says:

    that dude aint shit… him name 3 star more like try too hard to be a damn star if u ask me. Thats why they catch his ass a cock up pon grill like gyal doing the nasty. I swear fr the first day me meet him my spirit got a bad vibe talkn bout how him shoes a real gators and they cost 20k. Me and my 2 cents start do the maths there and then cause how cud a lickkle careless dancer bwoy afford those luxuries and never work a day inna him life…. SMH @ these closet boys.

  • LadyWoW says:


    :2thumbup :2thumbup

  • Anonymous says:

    It sad because none of us would want that to happen to us.a lot of men now are just gready and nasty.they are bisexuals and its hard to tell. you have to be careful who you date now a days . any where the money is thats they go, theywant things without really for it. “If you want man,stay with man. if you want woman then stay with woman” and stop swinging from limb to limb. i hope both women wise up. The white one may not mind this kind of behaviour.

  • naaaa says:

    unuh need fi google him….him name shel-k , him company name MagzRecordz/ Shel-k
    Production.him claim seh him a produce song fi mi breda

  • Anonymous says:

    But how the sender seem so happy the lady is in pain? WTF?

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