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Title: pregnant or not pregnant

Message Body:
Met please help I’m having a problem with my good friend she says shes pregnant but I don’t know why my intuition telling shes not being truthful certain things just don’t add up, she cant even tell how far along she is and it gets me really upset I need help…..should I confront her and tell her I don’t believe her or should I leave it be, have you ever been in this situation and it turn out the person was indeed pregnant,I don’t want to come Icc as a jerk if shes really pregnant


  • Smh says:

    Sender seriously, why is this upsetting you?

  • desiree says:

    pls r u serious……………………………all u hav to do is jus wait mus show sooner or later lmao

  • smdh says:

    Mind your damn business,you have too much tim
    e on your hands.smdh

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Sender might be the purported baby daddy, which would explain why sender is so upset. The point that have led me to this conclusion is the sender doesn’t want to ask the relevant questions because sender doesn’t want to “come Icc as a jerk”. If sender was a mere friend then sender would just throw out the questions without such reservations.

    Now sender, if u r the supposed baby daddy, you better ASK THOSE QUESTIONS soon. Our intuition/gut feeling/instinct should NEVER be ignored, because for the most part it’s clearly telling us something that our eyes r blind to (I call it God’s little whisper to steer us str8).

  • Observer says:

    mi did a guh ansa dah man ere but chu em seh “met please help” mi naw seh nutten, met please help em ooo :shutup:

  • Met says:

    well mi kinda understand yereso…………. if she pregnant or not its not a big deal………. but as ur friend if she lied about being pregnant , something is wrong so you can cut that friendship off

  • LUNDUN says:

    u know a weh cindy seh mi dida go seh, mi pick up seh is di potencial baby daddy a ask diss question.

    all i can say to di sender is to ask her to take a pregnacy test. buy di one weh can date di pregnancy. tell her since she don’t know how far long she is, diss pregnancy test can give her a good idea.

    another thing u can do is tell her on her next doctor’s visit u would like to be there. if he acting funny ova u attending, then there goes ur answer.

  • soap opera says:

    count your fingers papa it might not be yours.

  • Met says:

    soap u know mi neva think of it suh mek mi :tkp *tears*

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Another theory I have is based on the personal experience of my uncle, him woman & har fren. Him ooman who did distress an run weh him good good baby madda an move in, used to get bunn by him wid har good good fren. Suh wen di fren breed fi him, shi cudda hardly seh who di baby daddy was an did tek weh harself from di area, an den tuh England neva to return til di boy was grown. lol Suh sometimes wen yuh fren breed fi yuh man a suh dem behave.

  • ClassyBlackChic says:

    Sender go buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy take it to her house and ask her to pee on it. then u will know. but pregnancy is something thats coming anyway so u just wait.

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