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19 Responses to ONLY 20

  • HONEY says:

    Morning Met…them girls yah look like the twins from Teachers Pet…

  • Met says:

    dem same one..good morning..nasty nasty

  • HONEY says:

    Them likkle gal look like them never get no attention when them a grow cause mi nuh know why them seek attention in the most nasty ways….DISGUSTING them look like them more than 20,sick stomach!!…With the duttiness them galang with,them worse than the dog weh wlak coronation market.. :marah

  • LUNDUN says:

    why oman muss disgrace dem self so?

    den dem wonda why man treat dem like dirt

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Yuck a dem is Wat could really happen to dem as children meck dem come so no morals no pride self esteem just low life bitches

  • Anonymous says:

    This is saddest thing I every seen. Low self esteem is a hell of a thing. 20?!!! :hoax2

  • Met says:

    yup….sad thats what it is

  • Foxy Lady says:

    My daddy never hugged me and wasn’t present in my life syndrome!

  • Fyahwife says:

    A squirt or piss dat …. Di Monday ya no normal at all met :nerd

  • Enter your name.... says:

    Foxy my dad never hugged me, he died when I was a baby. I had no male around filing his shoes but I did not turn out to be a WHORE. I’m sorry to sound mean but these girls are WHORES!! Damn disgusting!

  • Enter your name.... says:

    Their parents must be devastated and broken hearted.

  • dem parents (well dem mother, mi sure) PROUD a dem…..mi did have dem pon mi FB n when mi see how dem mada a big dem up n a seh nuh watch badmind people mi did SHOCK!!!

    plus mi see 1 pic wid 1 a dem weh dem a seh a dem mother show it to dem….she was on a pole (yu kno dem clothes line pole deh?) a swing roung n her mada a seh she kno she did a go tun a stripper from she likkle, proud ass parent if u ask me

  • MeTTY ah weh the rass ah gwaan bout yah??!! mi no deh yah 2 day and the dislike button gone!! THANK YUH!!! but metty why yuh mus do mi so…mi half blind enuh..weh mek yuh hafi blur out the video?? Cho yuh nah gwaan right fi mi ah at all tidday!! Gimme me the link fi the GROWN folks like mi self :salahkamar

  • Hey metty and another thing, mi ah read up ah top deh all the naysayers…look here ,beg yuh put MAN ONLY pon the post cuz dem gyal jus ah squirt dem nah do nuthin wrong inna ah fi me yeye :matabelo

  • Anonymous says:

    whos dem madda? if a feme dauta dem dat i would be so ashamed!!

  • Enter your name.... says:

    Pause the video at :15 and you’ll see the twin up top with a dildo in her mouth shoving it in a next gyal pussy. Not sure if its her sister tho. But I know both twins on this vid, one is wearing dark weave and the next one blonde. What a set of nasty bitches!!!

  • Jules says:

    A bare ooman mi see inna di audience suh dat says a lot to me. Mi not even like male strip clubs suh mi caan even imagine a watch ooman spread eagle fi entertainment.

    Fuss time when wi did a grow no likkle girl dream of ending up doing something like this as an asuld. Now wid di easy access to porn and di pickney dem a seet fram dem likkle nuff likkle girls dream is to be a porn star or a stripper. Strippers a get dem own reality shows now, some being well paid and crossing over into mainstream entertainment. Nuh shame nuh deh pon dem tings yah again. Some a dem come outta decent homes wid no history of abuse or nutten and still aspire to sex work…signs of di times!

  • Fashiongoddess says:

    LOL wait….they are only 20??? mi caan badda. I dont knock a stripper but damn have likkle pride nuh and stop be so damn bold face wid it nuh. by the time dem reach 30 dem body done done DONE

  • Anonymous says:


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