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A 30-year-old man, Ayo Fatumbi, has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command for indecently assaulting one Olaoluwa (not real name) by forcefully having anal sex with him.
The crime was allegedly committed by the accused and one Ade who is currently at large on Thursday, January 24, at the residence of one Bolaji Adedayo on Gbadebo Street, Mokola area of Ibadan.
Crime Features learnt that on the fateful day, Olaoluwa’s mother sent him on an errand and was intercepted on the staircase by Fatumbi and Ade.
He was allegedly dragged into Adebayo’s room, who was not around then, after which his assailants brought out a knife, threatening to kill him if he would not submit himslef to their demand.
They were said to have pulled off Olaoluwa’s clothes and took turns to insert their penises in his anus to have sex with him. After they allegedly had their way, they were said to have threatened him again that they knew his school, warning him strictly not to tell anyone.
The bubble burst on Sunday, January 27, when, during Sunday School in the church, a woman noticed that the seat of Olaoluwa’s trousers was stained with blood as he was bleeding from his anus. After much persuasion, Olaoluwa opened up to the woman and narrated his experience to her.
He was immediately rushed to Jericho Hospital, Ibadan where he was treated. The medical report indicated that “there are two noticeable tear (laceration) in the 6’oclock position of anal verge”.
Fatumbi, who said he was married with two children said he was forced into the homosexual act by another man, Ade, whom he met through another friend. He, however, said that he only hugged the boy.
According to Fatumbi, “I knew Bolaji on January 9, this year, through my friend, Busayo, whom I used to carry with my motorcycle which I use for commercial purpose. I met another man, Ade, through Busayo again, on Wednesday, January 23. Ade is also Bolaji’s friend. Busayo told me the guy was living in Akure. Ade asked for my number, saying that he would be calling me to take him out anytime he comes to Ibadan.
“The following morning, on Thursday, Ade started calling, asking me to come and pick him to a place. Shortly after, Bolaji also called me to go and pick a bunch of keys that he forgot at the place I took him the previous day. I did not meet the person and I told him. He asked me to go to his house to wait for him. Ade called me thereafter and asked me to wait for him at Sango so that I could take him to Iwo Road for his onward journey to Akure.
“We went together to Bolaji’s house and met his wife. She gave me the key to a room where I sat on the rug, charging my phone. Bolaji called me and said that the person I wanted to collect his key from had come and I should go back. I went to the backyard where his wife was washing to tell her but by the time I returned to the room, I met Ade with Olaoluwa in the room.
“What I saw shocked me because they were in each other’s arms. Ade asked whether such had not been done with me before and I said no. I wanted to go out but he said I could not, threatening that he was a cultist. Ade dragged the boy onto a mattress behind a seater and had sex with him. After he had finished, he called me to come and take my turn.
“ I held the boy, I could not do anything. Ade shouted at me to put my penis in the boy’s anus but I said I could not do it. Holding a knife, he also threatened that if we should tell anybody, he would kill us. After a while, he asked me to get up and the boy left. As I was leaving, Ade asked me to take him to Alakia area. He threatened me again and I promised not tell anyone.”
However, 38-year-old Bolaji Adedayo, in whose room the crime was allegedly committed, confessed that though he did not join Ade and Fatumbi to indecently assault Olaoluwa, he was also into the practice until about a year ago when the man he was dating died. He revealed that he dated the man for two years, saying that they met at a party.
Adedayo, a father of two, said he was introduced to homosexualism by one Gbenga while he was in school and he continued to engage in it even after marriage. He revealed that Gbenga would hold him in a hug and would caress his (Adedayo) penis until he would ejaculate. It was a different style with his late partner whose name he gave as Tayo. Adedayo said he used to put his penis between his partner’s inner thighs until he would attain the height of sexual pleasure.
He said he had been trying to stop the habit but it had reduced from the way he was participating actively in the past. He added that his pastor was aware of his habit and been praying for him so that he could stop. Adedayo also told Crime Features that his friend, Busayo and Ade were also into same sex relationship.
The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Clement Adoda, confirmed the story when contacted.


  • Real says:

    dead dem

  • EbonyLolita says:

    My God & My LORD! A wah kinda nastiness a gwan?!! Now if di man bottom neva did bleed he woulda DEAD with that secret! Jesus it look like every stage inna life yu haffi pray b/c the devil is looking to DEVOUR!

  • Observer says:

    the coming of the lord is near…

  • Anonymous says:

    Ruling “Not in My Cabinet” JLP politician suspected of buggery
    According to the Jamaica Observer on February 23rd 2011

    A Jamaica Labour Party politician has been charged with buggery.

    Police report that the politician and another man held down a man at his St Andrew residence and sodomized him. The injured man reportedly made a report to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) and was examined by a medical doctor.

    The doctor reportedly found that the male victim had signs of sexual trauma and filed a report with the police.

    The politician was questioned by CISOCA detectives and is still in custody along with the other accused man.

    Read more: HERE

    Of course by now we know it is, none other than Mr. Garnet Reid caretaker for South West St. Andrew for the ruling Jamaica Labour Party, a post on my sister blog Gay Jamaica Watch had hinted to it with was forthcoming from sources close to the happenings. Pity the Observer was afraid to publish his name. Oh well such is politics in Jamaica. In a post from the series The Line in The Sand for the JLP installment 6 the story was briefly looked at, here is an excerpt:

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